Rising Bharat Swadeshi News Feed: October 25th 2020

  • Startup in Bharat by Bhartiya
  1. Amidst COVID-19, this farm-to-table startup is helping farmers earn more with cloud farming

Key points:

  1. Bengaluru-based farm-to-table startup Orinko aims to make farming more sustainable, predictable, and profitable for farmers with the use of technology while keeping in mind the consumers’ needs.
  2. Having grown up seeing the issues besetting the agricultural landscape, Vikas Mittal and Ankit Agarwal, Co-founders of agritech startup Orinko, decided to improve farmer’s quality of living.  With Orinko, the co-founders aim to revolutionise the agritech landscape and improve farmers’ quality of living while building credibility for end-customers.
  3. Finally, in October 2019, Orinko was incorporated as a full-stack agritech fruit and vegetable (FnV) startup and became operational in February this year.
  4. “We work on a unique model that addresses the farmers’ needs, as well as that of the end customers when it comes to fruit and vegetable produce,” Vikas Mittal, CEO and Co-founder, Orinko, tells YourStory.

(Your Story, 25 October 2020) News Link

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