Malikappuram: Another divine movie from South based on Sabarimala

Author: Viswaraj

Malikappuram – a Malayalam movie based on Sabarimala, starring Unni Mukundan hit the screens on 30 December 2022.

As per “Bhootanatha Upakhyanam”, a hindu epic that tells us the story of Lord Ayyappa, Malikapurathamma is none other than Lalita Tripurasundari Devi herself.  

The Goddess who is described as “Manja Mata” in the book, was consecrated next to Shri Bhutanathan (Ayyappan) by an acharya from Salapura. This divine act was witnessed by Rishi Agastya and Maharshi Parashu Ram, as mentioned in the 15th chapter of the same book.

The movie Malikappuram portrays the innocent yet true devotion of a young kid for her beloved God Ayyappa.

Malikapurathamma who is considered and worshipped with equal importance and devotion as Ayyappa Swamy, leaves us with a ray of hope that the Malayalam film industry is slowly but surely coming out of the eclipse that had affected and subdued them for long now.

Big salute and thanks to the honesty and uprightness of a single man, Unni Mukundan who always stood for what he felt as right. The theme of the film is a mesmerising one and nobody should forget that lakhs and lakhs of devotees of Lord Ayyappa came to streets to extend their support and defend the traditions of Lord Ayyappa when the same was challenged by the ruling Kerala Govt.

Do catch the magical moments and glimpses of Sabarimala on the big screen. This wonderful movie by Unni Mukundan may turn out to another Kanthaara from the south.


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