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Vetrimaaran: A Certified Dravidian Stockist Regurgitating Dravidian Stockist BS

There is no shortage for virtue-signallers in Kollywood who function as propagandists for the DMK.

There is actor Suriya Sivakumar who became vocal in the lead up to the 2021 Assembly Elections, parrotting the DMK’s rhetoric on NEET, National Education Policy and other issues.

His wife Jyothika took to virtue-signalling when she said her heart weeps on seeing money being spent on maintaining temples instead of hospitals.

Then came alleged ‘comedian’ Soori who while showering praises for Suriya, said that educating one child is far nobler than building temples or giving money for Annadanam (food served for free at temples).

Needless to mention is Kamal Haasan who has been in this pseudo-rationalism virtue-signalling trade for a long time.

Then there are blatantly anti-Hindu demagogues like Pa. Ranjith, Ameer Sultan and Karu Pazhaniappan, spewing venom about Hinduism whenever there is a mike in front of them.

The latest to get added to this list is the acclaimed film director Vetrimaaran. He is known for blockbuster films like Visaranai, Aadukalam, Vada Chennai, Asuran, to name a few.

While the man may be good at his craft, he is your typical Dravidian Stockist who seeks to separate Hindu identity from Tamil culture. This separation of Hindu identity from Tamil culture to form a distinct ‘Dravidian’ identity has always been the aim of external evangelical forces.

Vetrimaaran: An Agmark Dravidian Stockist

Not many may know but Vetrimaaran hails from a family that owes its allegiance to the DMK. His maternal uncle Ela. Pugazhendi was a 3 time DMK MLA from Cuddalore. It was Pugazhendi who named him Vetrimaaran.

Pugazhendhi’s father Ere. Elamvazhuthi was also a DMK MLA from Cuddalore and had worked closely with rabid anti-Hindu demagogue E.V. Ramasamy Naicker (known as Periyar by his followers) and also with CN Annadurai and Karunanidhi.

So, the anti-Hindu DNA runs in the family.

Vetrimaaran: A Regurgitator Of Dravidian Stockist BS

It isn’t just his family’s inclination to the DMK that makes Vetrimaaran a Dravidian Stockist. Vetrimaaran has acted as a propaganda vehicle for the DMK both on and off screen.

Like this one time, he fanned the linguistic chauvinism lit by DMK MP Kanimozhi who in 2020 claimed that she was questioned and ridiculed by CRPF personnel at Chennai airport for not knowing Hindi.

Just days after Kanimozhi’s claims, Vetrimaaran alleged in an interview that he was insulted by the immigration officials at Delhi Airport back in 2011 when he was returning from Canada.

Apparently, the immigration official also told him “You people are like this…You Tamils, Kashmiris are only breaking this country.”.

That he chose to casually pass of this as a matter of fact trying to draw an equivalence between Tamils and Kashmiris says a lot about his intentions.

He would have done a similar thing in his film Visaaranai where he casually superimposes Tamil identity with LTTE in a scene.

A Tamil Muslim man named Afzal is interrogoated by an Andhra Pradesh police officer who asks “Are you LTTE?”

The beauty in these two instances is that the extrapolations and superimpositions about Tamilians comes from the antagonists of his stories – the immigration official from his alleged real life incident and the police official in the reel life Visaranai.

When the ‘Hindi Theriyathu Poda’ t-shirt campaign was kicked off and given patronage by Kanimozhi and Udhayanidhi Stalin, he was also one of the film personalities to join the brigade.

Even in his films he has peddled the Dravidian Stockist propaganda.

In the critically acclaimed blockbuster Asuran, there is a scene where Sivasaami (played by Dhanush) is made to fall at the feet of villagers by members of the dominant caste. Sivasaami is shown trying to reach the feet of a man clad in black-shirt who asks him not to, indicating that the blackshirt man is a member of the Dravida Kazhagam (DK) started by E.V. Ramasamy Naicker.

The village where dominant caste members live is named (Vadakkoor – northern village) and the place where Dalits live is named (Thekkoor – southern village).

This is the typical dichotomy drawn by Dravidian Stockists to peddle their separatist victimhood propaganda.

North : Oppressors :: South : Oppressed

Vadakku Vaazhgiradhu, Therku Theigiradhu (North is flourishing, South is perishing)”, as stated by DMK founder Annadurai.

In the same film, there is a scene where Sivasami’s family along with many others, are burned alive in their huts similar to the horrific Keezhvenmani massacre. But there is no subtle reference to the original perpetrators of the crime, the apathy of the then DMK government or to E.V. Ramasamy Naicker who refused to condemn the incident and instead justified the crime saying, “Labourers should simply accept the wages offered to them by the land-owners instead of demanding more than what they deserve”.

Vada Chennai which was released in 2018, had heavy anti-development propaganda when the DMK was upping the ante against Chennai-Salem Expressway, Sagarmala, Indian Neutrino Observatory and other projects.

Vetrimaaran: A Coward Of The First Order?

Vetrimaaran in his recent controversial speech stated that art is inherently political and that it was very important to politicize cinema.

Yes, cinema is political and it is through cinema that the Dravidian political parties reaped benefits.

It is important that cinema apart from providing entertainment also educates and enlighten people about things that they should know about.

In that light, will Vetrimaaran have the courage to take a film on the rotten state of affairs in Tamil Nadu where corruption is the order of the day?

Will Vetrimaaran have the guts and the gumption to take a film on the Maanjolai Massacre that happened under Karunanidhi’s watch in which 17 innocent Dalit tea estate workers including two women and a two-year-old child were killed for demanding a wage increase of ₹30?

Will Vetrimaaran have the guts and the gumption to take a film on the horrific murder of Leelavathi, a Communist Party councillor in Madurai who was hacked to death in broad daylight by DMK goons?

Will Vetrimaaran have the guts and the gumption to talk about the casteist venom spewed by DMK leaders?

If he doesn’t even make an attempt to do any of the above, then there is no bigger coward of the first order like him.

Vetrimaaran: A Hypocrite Of The First Order?

Vetrimaaran also said that art is for people and that it should reflect the society which we live in. He talked about ‘erasure of identities’.

“We should handle art responsibly. If we don’t, our identities will be taken from us. Constantly our identities are being snatched away.”, he said.

Vetrimaaran should have thought twice before making this statement.

In his film Vada Chennai, he had portrayed people of (Meenavar) fishermen community of north Chennai as if they were involved only in piracy, drugs, goondaism and crime. He had shown the women folk as lacking decency and using cuss words.

The Meenavar community which includes communities like Pattanavar, Paravars and Sembadavars have a glorious history in seafaring. The Pattanavars are maritime community densely populated in Chennai, Kanchipuram, Cuddalore, Vizhupuram and Nagapattinam districts of Tamil Nadu. They have traditionally been involved in fishing, shipment, navy, and trade. They had served as naval force under various Tamil kings. According to historian Hermann Kulke, the Pattanavars were instrumental in in the organization and exploits of Chozha Navy.

Yet, Vetrimaaran chose to snatch away this glorious history and identity of Meenavars and showed them as uncouth people.

Vetrimaaran: A Cog In The Breaking India Machinery

Speaking at the 26th edition of International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) held at Thiruvananthapuram in March 2022, Vetrimaaran said “Today’s world is divided. Most of us feel that you have to choose – you are either left or right. There is no middle. If you say that you are middle then you are right. So, it is either left of right. So, there is a time where you have to choose.”

The left has always built careers by exploiting linguistic, religious, and caste faultlines. This statement of Vetrimaaran shows where he belongs and what his agenda is. Through his movies and statements he makes it clear that his agenda is to peddle political propaganda favourable to the DMK and the left.

Vetrimaaran: A Filtered Bigoted Illiterate?

In his recent controversial speech Vetrimaaran said that his friend had done a meticulous study on how literature and cinema were in ‘their’ hands (Brahmins), and how the Dravidian movement took over cinema from them.

Well here are some facts:

  • KB Sundarambal who lives in the hearts of millions of Tamils as Avvaiyaar was a Gounder.
  • MK Thiyagaraja Bhagavathar, the first superstar of Tamil cinema belonged to the Aasaari/Aachari (goldsmiths) community
  • The iconic Sivaji Ganesan who ruled the Tamil film industry for decades and helped us visualize Lord Siva, Karnan, Veerapandiya Kattabomman and VO Chidambaram Pillai was a Thevar.
  • Then lady superstar Saroja Devi belonged to a Vokkaliga family.
  • Accclaimed director Bhimsingh who gave hits like Pasamalar, Kalathur Kannamma, Paalum Pazhamum was a Bondil Rajput (a migrated community who settled in then Madras Presidency from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh).
  • Superstar Rajinikanth (originally Sivaji Rao Gaewad) who still rules the Tamil film industry as an actor belongs to a Marathi Kunbi family.

And the list is endless which busts the Brahmin – non-Brahmin narrative peddled by Vetrimaaran who has shown himself to be the typical Dravidian Stockist bigot.

Vetrimaaran also took to expose his cultural illiteracy with his comments on Rajaraja Chozhan “being appropriated as a Hindu”.

The Chozha rulers – Rajaraja Chozha, Rajendra Chozha I, Rajadhiraja I, Rajendra Chozha II, Virarajendra Choza – aestablished Vedic schools all across the then Tamil land. According to the Karandai copper plates, Rajendra Chola I himself studied the Vedas apart from learning horseriding and military skills.

To those who say Cholas are Saivites and not “Hindus”, well the Chozhas not just built and patronaged Sivan temples but also Perumal (Lord Vishnu) temples.

Nanda Chozha built the Azhagiya Manavalan Perumal temple at Uraiyur near Trichy. Chozha kings namely Dharmavarcholan and Killivalavan developed the Srirangam Renganathaswamy Temple.

Alas, the Chozhas didn’t built any mosque or church. So, Chozhas like Thiruvalluvar will be known as Hindu kings who strengthened Hindu spirituality and Tamil culture.

To the argument that there was no Hinduism back then and there existed various sects like Saivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktham, Ganapathyam and Kaumaram, well even Tamil Nadu didn’t exist back then. The region was split as Chera Nadu, Chozha Nadu and Pandiya Nadu. The name Tamil Nadu was not there earlier. Does that mean Tamil people and culture did not exist?

Today, a Hindu who goes to a temple prays to Vinayagar, Murugan, Siva, Sakthi, Vishnu, and every 33 crore Gods present in the Hindu pantheon. He/she prays at Ekambaranathar temple and also prays at Ulagalanda Perumal temple in Kanchipuram. They go to Uchipillayar Koil in Trichy and also go to Srirangam Ranganathar temple. He visits Tirupati and also prays at Kalahasthi. He goes to Palani praying to Lord Murugan and also carries his irumudi for Ayyappa at Sabarimala.

As a fellow director from Tamil film industry says, the pseudo-rationalists are more dangerous and vicious who are hell bent on breaking the unity of this country.

So, Mr. Vetrimaaran, please spare us you regurgitated Dravidian Stockists BS.

Courtesy: The Commune

Women president in Sangh program

Translation of an excerpt from the book Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar written in Hindi by Dr. Rakesh Sinha. Publications Division 2003 Edition.

Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar – Writer Rakesh Sinha. Page 208

He (Dr. Hedgewar) was an admirer of women’s participation in public life. That is why women leaders were invited for lectures in the Sangh’s shakhas and camps. The Akhil Bharatiya Mahila Parishad supported the Sangh’s vision of social reform. Its President Rajkumari Amrit Kunwar and other members, including the Deputy Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly Anasuya Bai Kale, had come to the Sangh camp in Nagpur on 28 December 1937.

This was not the first incident. Even before this, women leaders and social workers working in public life were invited. Congress leader Kamalabai also gave speech at the Sangh’s sakha in Konkan on 21 November 1938.

Similarly, Parvatibai Chitnavis was the chief guest at the annual festival of the Nagpur branch of the Sangh on 9 December 1934. Ramabai Tambe, a nominated member of the Central Province Legislative Assembly, was an admirer of the Sangh. How keen Dr. Hedgewar was about participation of women in the social, political and cultural fields can be gauged from the fact that he was the source of inspiration for one of the oldest women’s organizations in the country – Rashtra Sevika Samiti. By instilling confidence and courage in the women workers who were inspired by the Sangh, he inspired them to lay the foundation of an independent organization form women. Two women’s organizations- Rashtra Sevika Samiti (Wardha) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (Bhandara) were established in the Central Province in 1935-36. Both the organizations were merged in October 1936. The organization imparts ideological and physical training to women.

A note on radical Islamic outfit PFI

Popular Front of India (PFI) is one of the most dangerous and radical Islamic organizations of our time. It’s activities not only  threatens the communal harmony but also create challenges to the unity and integrity of country.

  1. PFI is notoriously known for targeting, attacking, and killing people using hit lists, therefore innocent people become victims of its fanaticism. The recent killings in Kerala of Advocate Ranjith, Alappuzha and Srinivasan, Palakkad by PFI and its frontal organizations are an example of it.

  • In Kerala PFI and its frontal organizations are involved in many politically and religiously motivated attacks and killings. It targets not only RSS or BJP functionaries, even the workers of CPIM and IUML were targeted by PFI in the past.

Abhimanu,  SFI leader at Maharajas college, Ernakulam was stabbed to death by PFI and  Campus Front workers.

  • In 2007, they chopped off the hand of Prof. T J Joseph of Todupuzha Newman College, alleging that he made derogatory remarks on prophet Mohammed.
  • In 2002, eight Hindu fishermen were massacred by NDF, the earlier form of PFI, at Marad Beach , Calicut.
  • Not only in Kerala, PFI is involved in many murders and attacks on Hindus and functionaries of nationalist organizations in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.  The recent killing of a BJP functionary at Mangalore is an example.

  • The prominent leaders of PFI like EM Abdul Rahman, E Aboobaker, and P Koya were functionaries of Students Islamic Movement (SIMI), a banned terrorist outfit.

  • When SIMI was banned most of its workers become part organizations like NDF, KFFD, MNP these outfits merged in 2006 and formed PFI.
  • In a 2012, an affidavit filed before high court of Kerala by the state government categorically stated that PFI is another form of SIMI

  • On 18 September 2022, PFI organized a mega rally at Calicut Beach in which Afsal Khasmi of All India Imams Council given a call to prepare for martyrdom in the fight against Sangh Parivar. He made this call referring to Quran and Hadis. This was an open call for violence from the PFI stage. Unfortunately, his statement got wide spread support on various social media platforms and circles.

  1. According reports within the organization the PFI leaders says that the organization is working on Islamic tenets like ‘Hisas’ reaction or retribution
  1. PFI members have infiltrated all major political parties in a bid to influence the opinion of organizations they joined

  1. PFI workers have also infiltrated the state police department, recently in Kerala state police department took action against some of such officers for leaking official information to the PFI leaders.

  1. According to reports, some police officers in Kerala tried to suppress the investigation against PFI, particularly related to arms training
  1. Women ASI of Kerala police posted at Kanjirapally station, Kottayam district shared a post by PFI leader C A Raof, the content of the same is said to be explosive
  1. The PFI leaders from Kerala were behind a plot to create violence in Hathras, UP. According to available information, PFI leaders got funding from unknown sources.  

Siddique Kappan bail: PFI celebrates the release of UAPA-accused journalist; his friend reportedly threatens witnesses of “dire consequences” 

Kappan trying to mislead Supreme Court? Claim that he worked for reputed dailies is false, say journalists

  1. In June 2022, Assam police registered 16 cases against PFI and its student wing CFI for its connection with Bangladeshi terrorist outfit

  1. When Osama Bin Laden was killed by American forces the mouth piece of PFI in Kerala Tejus called him a martyr
  1. There is a tactical understanding between the ultra left organizations like CPI Maoist and PFI, the human rights organization of PFI named NCHRO is a melting pot of these forces.

NCHRO’s support for G N Saibaba and Varavara Rao is well known.

  1. The campaign against UAPA is another glaring example of their joint venture
  • PFI leaders like EM Abdul Rahman and P Koya met leaders of Turkish IHH, an organization with alleged terror links

  • The affinity of PFI with Muslims Brotherhood and its sister organizations are not a secret when former Egyptian ruler and Brotherhood leader Muhammad Mursi passed away, PFI mouth piece called him a martyr. It extends similar respect towards the leaders of Hamas
  • Tejus, the mouth piece of PFI, also celebrated the culprits of 2001 parliament attack as brave
  • In May 2022 Kerala High Court observed that the PFI and its Political front SDPI are extremists organization’s

  • In May 2022 in a rally organized PFI and its frontal organizations in Alappuzha, PFI leaders used a child to make threatening slogans against Hindus and Christians. PFI district president Navas Vandanam was arrested in connection with this case.
  • In May 2022, PFI leader Yahya Tangal made derogatory remarks against HC judges. He said that the judges are wearing Saffron under garments.
  • PFI leaders are also involved in money laundering activities. The money generated through such means are used for anti national activities and create disturbance in the society. The ED unearthed many such activities by the leaders of PFI and its sister outfits recently. When ED officials raided the premises of some of such leaders in Kerala the PFI cadres created law and order situation to intimidate the officials.

  • In 2007 NDF/PFI cadres attacked Kottakkal Police station, Malappuram to release their leaders, foreign made weapons seized from the culprits

  • According to NIA records Shajahan Valavukandi started an Islamic State unit in Kerala with help of PFI workers in Kannur, Kerala
  • Bangalore bomb blast accused K V Jaleel was a PFI activist
  • Abu Tahir, an AL Qaeda operative, was a sociology student of Manchery Green Valley Academy, Malappuram district run by PFI leaders. Further, his study there was free of cost
  • There were reports that T Nazeer, a convict in the Kashmir terrorist recruitment case, was a NDF/PFI activist
  • Many of the ISIS recruits from Kerala had PFI backgrounds

  • PFI organized arms training in Phulwari, Bihar under the guise of Martial arts training camp. The training was given by trainers from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

  • Anti-CAA propaganda and violence perpetrated across the country was a design of PFI.

  • As per their vision document, India 2047, PFI wants to establish Islamic rule in India
  • PFI men arrested in Telangana for organizing weapons training
  • On 13 March 2022 in a press statement issued after its state general assembly meeting of PFI they said that they have created plan destroy RSS and like minded organizations, it was an open call for violence.
  • Inter state conspiracy in criminal cases involved by SDPI/ PFI Kerala ADGP

The most radical thinkers produced by ancient India

The most radical thinkers produced by ancient India. Each opened a new branch of learning or caused paradigm shifts in prevalent thinking of society-or sometimes- the whole species.

Clarity on chronology-even if imperfect-helps you appreciate the evolution of the Indic intellect

“Whence came this creation?
Did he create it, or did he not?
He who surveys in the highest heaven knows.
Or perhaps he may not know….”
            -Parameṣṭhin Prajāpati~2000 BCE                  
Rig Veda 10.129

“There is only one supreme god. He is Ahura Mazdā”
     -Atharvan Zaratuštra~1900 BCE
        (North west frontier province-Rangha/Bactria)
The first monotheist
Influenced Judaism
Contributive to Indo-Iranian civil war & permanent schism
Destinies of the last two IE tribes diverged forever

“The self is gradually revealed in creatures. Among animals, man is most endowed with consciousness.
-Mahidasa Aitareya, ~1900 BCE
While proto-Iranians chose monotheism, Indo-Aryans chose the path of philosophy.

“We need new philosophies. We need new pramana. We need ahimsa…”
   -Kapila Kardama~1600 BCE
    The beginning of dialectic!
First Dualist
First Ahiṃsāvādi
First Empiricist
Influenced every philosophy since..

“Consciousness has no exterior, and no interior..
It consumes nothing, it is consumed by nothing”
       -Yājñavalkya~1500-1400 BCE
First Monist
Influenced Parmenides, Platonists and Neoplatonists

“The self is smaller than an atom yet greater than the great..
Like the hundredth part of a point of hair divided a hundred times…”
         -Nachiketā and Śvetāśvatara ~1400-1000 BCE
The first Atomists

“Even nouns originate from Verbal roots!”
       -Śākaṭāyana~ 800 BCE
The first grammarian & etymologist
‘Language obeys algorithmic rules’
      -Panini ~500 BCE
The father of linguistics
Direct influence on Humboldt, Bloomfield, Saussure, Chomsky etc

“The empirical is the supreme pramana. Even mental phenomena are products of atoms. There is no afterlife or soul. Live happily.”
   -Lokayata~ 600 BCE
The first materialists
Influenced Buddhism, Greeks and later Chinese writers

“Of what use is arguing about unknowables? Who are these men to claim authority?”
   -Sañjaya Vairatiputra~550 BCE
First sceptic school
Direct influence on Greek Pyrrhonism
“Valid inference is by the syllogism of five pillars”
    -Medhatithi & Kanada~600-400BCE
The first logicians

“The Eye of Truth: Whatsoever is subject to the condition of origination is subject also to condition of cessation. Nothing escapes this. Not even the Atman of the Vedas”
    -Gautama Buddha~500 BCE
The first ‘Existentialist’
The world is still shaking from the aftermath of it..

“I advise: Focus on countryside for agricultural surplus
Allow foreign goods for benefit of citizens
Buffer stocks to control supply
Centralization & standardization
Empire must expand for resources
Give up profit if it harms the public”
                                -Kauṭilya~300 BC
First economic thinker

“Every thought is a wave on the mind. Even sleep is a thought wave. Latent tendencies are born of prior thoughts and actions. Subsidence of thought waves is concentration”
                                    -Patañjali, 200 BCE
The first ‘psychologist’

“External objects are real in themselves”
    -Sarvāstivādins, 200 BCE
                                 The first realist school
“No! Objects exist only as inferred from mental impressions!”
      -Vijñānavādins, 100 CE
                                  The first nominalist school

“All objects, all laws are void and without essence. Religious concepts of Karma, dharmas and Buddhas are ultimately, at best, conventional truths.”
                  -Nāgārjuna, 200 CE
Founder of Mādhyamaka
Preserved as Zen philosophy of China & Japan

“Sphoṭa is the irreducible wave-essence of sound that helps the mind comprehend speech. Language & thought are inseparable.”
             -Bhartṛhari, 450 CE
Sphoṭa Theory of cognition
Direct influence on modern linguistics

“I replace the five pillar syllogism of Nyaya. It must be deductively validated by Thesis, reason, examples of similarity and dissimilarity.”
                  -Dignaga~500 CE
Deductively valid canonical Syllogism
Adopted by all logicians-Nyaya, Baudhas and Jainas.

“There are no universals(such as Jati). Our minds cognize objects by a process of exclusion, rather than inclusion.”
       -Dharmakīrti~ 600 CE
Apoha theory of cognition
The first philosopher to reject the caste system
Ideas of Madhyamaka standards reappear only in 18th century Europe

“We must ensure happiness for all living brings without appealing to supernatural ideas of Karma”
   -Śāntideva ~700 CE
First ‘Utilitarian’
“If a thing is truly infinite, can it really have finite parts?”
       -Adi Shankara~700 CE
Influenced Schrodinger, Niels Bohr, Heisenberg etc

“I am replacing the old logic based on categories with a new one based on epistemology.”
             -Gangesa, 1350 CE
Origin of analytical logic, set theory, ‘reliabilism’ etc.
Influenced the likes of Gottlob Frege,  George Boole,  Augustus De Morgan, Charles Babbage etc.

Twitter Thread by: Joseph T Noony

Communist govts taking over Hindu temples that have greater revenue, says retired SC Justice Indu Malhotra: VIDEO

A video has emerged of retired Supreme Court justice Indu Malhotra alleging that the communist governments in India are taking over Hindu temples eyeing its revenue.

Justice Malhotra who was in state to attend various events, including the platinum jubilee celebrations of the Trivandrum Medical College, was heard making the controversial remark in public.

“They (communist governments) want to take over (temples) just because of the revenue. Their problem is the revenue. All over they have taken over only Hindu temples. So Justice Lalit and I said, no, we will not allow it,” Justice Malhotra is heard in the video that was widely shared on social media.

However, the video was shared with a caption “Non-representative, un-diversified and exclusionary social composition of the SC and HC Judges is at the core of the fault-lines in the Indian Judiciary. Deeply rotten, infested #CastiestCollegium” by a user named UrbenShrink.

Indu Malhotra was referring to 2020 Supreme Court case on the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the verdict of which was delivered by herself and Justice Lalit, who is the present Chief Justice of India. The retired justice paid a visit to the temple and spent a few hours here.

Courtesy: y Indus Scrolls