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What Common Citizens Can Do ? Lessons From Pulwama ( Telugu Video )



Strength and Awareness are the only deterrents – Lessons from Pulwama

Arnold Toynbee writes ‘ What is Pakistan ? it was the first successful step in this 20th century to realize their ( Muslims) 1200 year old dream of complete subjugation of this country.’ 

Inspite of all its internal issues, Pakistan continues to harbour the dream of defeating Bharat & the Hindus. The video of the terrorist who was involved in the suicide attack in Pulwama has been shared extensively over whatsapp. While it is clear that he was the mimic & the voice was someone else’s, the words are important. He wages war on Hindustan the home of whom he calls as Mushriks ( polytheists )  & gaumootra drinking persons which is obviously the Hindus. He also accuses the Muslims who have either befriended the Hindus or are not practising Islam rigorously.

As expected, many TV channels ran debates on the dastardly act of terror. While there were many baying for revenge, there were some saying that talks are the solution and so on….

In the midst of one such discussion, one person who claimed to be a Kargil war veteran said that we must investigate why the local-bred person became a fidayeen. He spoke about politics etc but strangely did not fix the problem on indoctrination. Jehad is a world-wide phenomena but the apologists brush away the core issues of indoctrination of Ayats from the Qu’ raan stating there are bad people and good people and terror has no religion etc… . When it was happening in Bharat, the world ignored . After 9/11, US woke up and now Europe too is awakening to this grave danger.


The sentiment in the entire nation is baying for revenge & the Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi  has given an assurance with our support, the strongest action will be taken and that he has given the forces a free hand to do so. Lets hope & pray the government lives up to its promise.

But an important Question is what the common person must do ?

A few To Do’s

  1. Eternal Vigilance is the price of freedom. Awareness is a common responsibility. Awareness about what is being taught in the so-called schools of religion of peace
  2. Question the apologists. There are many who would want to brush away any discussion regarding what causes radicalisation – The points of indoctrination etc. Do Not allow it be brushed away.
  3. Have open discussions on issues concerning the entire nation with friends irrespective of religious affiliations.  After all the national security is paramount and everyone is a stakeholder in it.
  4. Educate family & extended family members who have for long not been exposed to the perils and thoughts of these ideologies camouflaged in the guise of religion.
  5. Read some important books on these subjects – Quranic concept of War, World of Fatwas, Calcutta Quran Petition, Understanding Islam through Hadis, Jehad or the Doctrine of war.
  6. Some people are bound to say that ” My friends are not like that”. ofcourse they are not ! But, they don’t matter because the mobs or fidayeens who attack are not governed by your friend But believe what the version of the mullah / moulvi. Therefore, believe what the so-called “religious teacher” is saying, because that is what matters.
  7. Support the armed forces ( including paramilitary ) by whatever means possible.
  8. Devote a few hours daily to connect to other members in the society esp youth and sensitise them on aspects of national security.
  9. Get into small groups in locality & have Raksha samitis.

…And Next year lets pray that we as a nation still remember 14th February for the sacrifice of these Veer Jawans and not for some fictitious saint who has been marketed by the consumer goods companies !!

Ofcourse the State is there to protect us but a Strong society is a bigger deterrent !

  • Ayush Nadimpalli

An excerpt from the Quraanic Concept of War by Brig S.K. Mallik of Pakistan 

” Terror is not a means of imposing decision upon the enemy; it is the decision we
wish to impose . . . .” Malik’s divine principal of Islamic warfare may be restated as
“strike terror; never feel terror.” The ultimate objective of this form of warfare “revolves
around the human heart, [the enemies] soul, spirit, and Faith.”56 Terror “can be instilled
only if the opponent’s Faith is destroyed . . . . It is essential in the ultimate analysis, to dislocate [the enemies] Faith.” Those who are firm in their religious conviction are immune
to terror, “a weak Faith offers inroads to terror.” Therefore, as part of preparations for jihad, actions will be oriented on weakening the non-Islamic’s “Faith,” while strengthening the Islamic’s. What that weakening or “dislocation” entails in practice remains
ambiguous. Malik concludes, “Psychological dislocation is temporary; spiritual dislocation is permanent.” The soul of man can only be touched by terror.”

It was Nehru Who Ordered to Celebrate his Birthday as Children’s Day!

Why do we celebrate Nehru Jayanti as Children’s Day? We have a ready-made answer with a punch quote of Nehru already on hands: Because Nehru was known for his love for children and was fondly called Chacha Nehru! And Nehru once said, “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country”. Here goes the narrative which has been established in the public domain over the years. According to the popular belief, after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1964, it was unanimously decided to celebrate his birthday as Children’s Day in India.
But the reality is something else. It is a widely held misconception that November 14 is celebrated as Children’s Day after the death of Nehru. Reports and documents suggest that Nehru’s birthday was celebrated as Children’s day in 1955! Who did issue order to celebrate Nehru’s birthday as children’s day? Indeed, it was declared by the then Prime Minister of India, none other than Chacha Nehru! Interestingly, it had nothing to do with children or Chachaji’s eternal love and affections for India’s young buds. It was merely a public relations exercise, organised to please his Soviet Union masters Comrades Bulganin and Khrushchev who embarked on an India visit during that time.
Organiser Weekly, dated November 21, 1955, came out with a stinging editorial, penned by the then editor and stalwart journalist KR Malkani, targeting Jawaharlal Nehru for misusing the entire educational machinery to build up his dictatorship. Comparing Nehru’s humbug with that of Adolf Hitler, the editorial states, “Preparations to celebrate Pt. Nehru’s birthday and the Russian leaders’ arrival have set us thinking. It has been said of Hitler that he built up his dictatorship on the devotion of “Hitler Youth” organisation. It is well known that he assumed dictatorial powers without much amending the Weimer Constitution, that most perfect of democratic instruments. We must confess that the above preparations remind us of the “Hitler Jugend “, Organiser hit out at Nehru.
“For three weeks now, the entire educational machinery in the capital has been put out of gear. Since a number of students from every class in almost all the schools has been out rehearsing and re-rehearsing their allotted role for couple of hours every day, tuition has almost ground to a halt,” the editorial said.
The editorial condemns the repeated child rights violation occurred in the name of Children’s Day celebration as truckload of Delhi students, both boys and girls, had been daily transported to Kutub Minar ground for lessons in drilling, smiling, garlanding, clapping and shouting slogans!
“The official explanation is that they are observing Children’s Day. Wasting children’s education for three weeks is a rather wonderful way of celebrating Children’s Day. Nor is it clear why Pt. Nehru’s birthday should have been particularly selected for observation as ‘Children’s Day’, Shri Malkani wonders! “If any living dignitary’s birthday has to be celebrated on a national scale, the only right and indeed obvious, choice would be that of Rashtrapati’s,” he says.
The visionary journalist raised his concerns, asking whether the annual birthday celebration of Nehru continues into perpetuity, that later turned out to be true. “Also, is it the idea that ‘Nehru Jayanti” should be observed as Children’s Day forever hereafter? Or the Children’s Day chance with every incoming Premier’s birthday?,” he asks.
Interestingly, the editorial puts forth another suggestion that the right day for Children’s Day would be Krishna Janmashtami that birthday of the great child of all times-Sri Bala Krishna. Apart from Organiser, On November 14, 1956, The Times of India reported the Children’s Day: “Nearly 100,000 children assembled at the National Stadium today to participate in a Children’s Day rally, which coincided with the Prime Minister’s 67th birthday celebrations.” This is a new variant of the invisible colonialism which Nehru warned against, in his ‘Discovery of India’. It is high time to review and reexamine the readymade answers cooked up by so-called Nehruvians, for our frequently asked questions including, ‘why do we celebrate Nehru Jayanti as Children’s Day?’

Owaisi Party MLA Waris Pathan forced to apologize for Hailing Lord Ganesha

In this video, Waris Pathan says, ” a few days back, few words rolled out of my of tongue for which I have asked pardon from Allah ! …and what are these words,”  Ganapati Bappa Moriya”.

Asaduddin Owaisi’s All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) has gone all guns out against its party MLA Waris Pathan for chanting ‘Ganapati Bappa’ at a mandal in Mumbai. Waris Pathan represents Byculla assembly constituency from Mumbai.

He keeps saying again and again that I am a human being and seek pardon from Allah. He asks for “dua” so that he may get forgiveness. The MLA would not have asked forgiveness if he wasnt sure that it would impact his votebank. Doesn’t it have a wider message than the point that radicals have pressurised him ?


Refugees in their own country -Mizo Reangs in Tripura

Over 60Bru 100 Mizo #Reang janajati (tribal) families , estimated to be 50000+ are living in relief camps at Tripura-Mizo border since 1997. They are known as the Bru community.


In the video below, they share their heart-wrenching saga of how their homes were set on fire, women raped, hounded out of Mizoram for resisting conversion and being #Hindu. Today, they have no identity cards, getting birth certificate is a challenge. Safety of the girls is a challenge and they are married off in teens..

Bru 2

They need a life of #Swabhimaana instead of only depending on grants and doles, else entire generations would be lost. #VanavasiKalyanAshram , ISKCON and a few other organisations are doing their bit but it needs a concerted effort by the Mizoram govt and Central govt to work out a permanent solution to this. #HinduHumanRights .

In this video interaction, some of them explain the circumstances in which they had to leave their land and their current plight.