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Historic Bhagyalakshmi Temple at Charminar , Hyderabad Under Siege by MIM Leadership

Temple decoration in 2011

The Sri Bhagyalakshmi Temple is an ancient temple, located adjacent to the Charminar. The city of Bhagyanagar, viz today’s Hyderabad was named after Devi ( Goddess)  Bhagyalakshmi. This fact has also been established by famous social historians like Sri Suravaram Pratapa Reddy and Sri Biruduraju Rama Raju.

In the past, attempts have been made to destory this temple under the leadership of the MIM ( Majlis party). The MIM leadership of Hyderabad is a continuation of the Razakars and they have nurtured the ambition to eliminate Hindu traces from the old city of Hyderabad.

There is a planned propaganda by some of them, stating that the temple is a new construction and was constructed in 1979. This is just to confuse the people. What happened in 1979 is as follows..

Attacks on temple in 1979 : In 1979, there was a siege on the Kaaba ( Mecca) by one Muslim group which wanted to take control of the Kaaba. In protest of the attack on Kaaba, the MIM called for a bandh of Hyderabad on Nov 23 1979.

As is always the case, any disturbance of Muslim symbols worldwide leads to attacks on Hindus and other non-Muslims in Bharat. In this case also, even though the Hindus were nowhere connected with the takeover of the Kaaba, there were attacks on Hindus and the Hindu temples. The temple adjacent to Charminar, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Mandir was attacked and desecrated. The Muslim fanatics also set fire to Hindu shops. As usual no action was taken on the rioters. The inaction of the government to take the rioters to task, emboldened them. Report

However, due to pressure from the Hindus, the then Chief minister,Sri Marri Channa Reddy, agreed to renovate the desecrated temple and the same was done. Subsequently, the puja in the temple was re-started.

Therefore, to say that the temple is a new one and was constructed in 1979 is completly false.

Special Decoration during Festivals: It has been a practise in the temple to have special decorations during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dushera and Deepavali. During the fortnight preceding Deepavali, lamps ( diyas) are lit and women in large numbers come to the temple. This has been the practise since many years.

This year also, preparations were being made. The temple had some repairs and the temple committee had taken up the renovation work. There was no expansion of the temple. Yet, the MIM party leadership who do not miss any opportunity to create communal disturbances for the sake of their vote bank, complained stating that the temple was being expanded. They also claimed that Charminar was being destroyed and holes were being drilled etc..They started spreading false canards and photographs to suit their agenda. They then went about gheraoing (encircling ) the temple creating tension in the area. Thousands of Muslims came in and therefore the Hindus also gathered in large numbers to face any potential onslaught.

It is clear that the photographs being circulated by MIM are false since the ASI officials themselves indicated that there is no damage to the Charminar ( ref : The Hindu Nov 7th 2012). The hole being shown is at best the ventilation on the walls of Charminar. ( photo attached)

On 4th November night at 1 am, over 3000 Muslims gathered as the police remained mute spectators. They pelted stones at public and private properties. In the rioting, three police vehicles were damaged, an ATM and a super market were completly damaged. ( Refer TOI report on Nov 6th, 2012). The irony is that in addition to attacking the police, Mr.Asadudin Owasi, who is the MP from Hyderabad lodged a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission (lead by Mr.Nissar Ahmed Kakru) , stating that the police was harrassing Muslims ( Ref: New Indian Express Nov 6th ) !! …

The fact is the reverse. It is the Hindus who are being arrested by the police for demanding that the temple be allowed to be renovated.  Photograph of police manhandling the protestors, esp the women can be seen.

It must be noted that MIM wields high power in the city of Hyderabad wherein they have 1 MP, 7 MLA’s and 43 corporators. In addition the mayor is from MIM party. Yet, it plays the victim card. The media reports, “Voicing concern over increasing incidents of communal violence and inaction of the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh, the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) Monday warned that it would not hesitate to go against the government “.

What does the MIM mean by going against the government ? They are the government in Hyderabad !

Temple currently without any shelter

High Court directive :  On 5th Nov, the High Court gave directives to the State government to maintain status quo in the temple as of 30th October 2012. This basically means we must have the shelter that was earlier ( it was removed for renovation). Yet, the same is not being allowed. The temple currently is without any shelter for the bhakts.

The government of Andhra Pradesh is under siege by the MIM. The police doesn’t act against the rioters.They care two hoots for the court. The ruling party MP supports the rioters against the police. In such a situation, what options do the Hindus have ?

It is the duty of the Hindus to protest this injustice and urge the state government not to succumb to the power of goondas.

The Hindus must participate in large numbers in the protests being organised by the Sri Bhagyalakshmi Devalaya Parirakshana Samiti. We need to spread the truth far and wide esp to our friends and family members.

“Hindu Bhaav to Jab Jab Bhule Aayi Vipatti Mahaan, Desh Toota, Bhai Khoye, Mite Dharm Sansthan ” ( Whenever we have forgotten our Hinduness, we have invited great calamities. We have lost territory ( like Pakistan & Bangladesh), lost our brethren and our great institutions have been destroyed.

Let us think, suggest and ACT on how to arrest this cancer of fanaticism which is destroying the social fabric of Bhagyanagar.


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News Update as on Nov 12th:

On Nov 11th 2012, The temple authorities were decorating the temple with flowers. Alleging that the temple was being expanded with state support, the MIM corporators tried to storm to the temple. They were arrested while doing so and subsequently released in the evening.

On 12th Nov, Sunday :

Mr.Asadudin Owaisi of MIM announced that they are withdrawing support to the Congress party due to its anti-“secular” policies. Case of pot calling the kettle black !

Swami Paripoornanda was arrested while attempting to go to the Sri Bhagyalakshmi temple to offer prayers. The temple is still out of bounds. Section 144 imposed in the area.

Update on November 15th:

Thousands of bhakts thronged to the temple on Deepavali day braving the restrictions.  Vehicles had to be parked close to a kilometre away and they reached the temple by walk crossing various police check posts.

Letter to Editor in The new Indian Express by Retd IFS Officer, Sri Sarvotham Rao – Published on 16th November 2012

“I remember visiting the Bhagyalaxmi temple at the Charminar as a child along with my parents during Deepavali. At that point of time, the temple appeared ancient. I am now 85. I can therefore confirm that the temple has been there for a long time. ”  End of letter

Update of Nov 16th

Thousands of Muslims congregated to offer Namaz at Mecca Masjid near Charminar. Subsequently about 2000 of them attacked the police. The police retaliated with lathi charge and tear gas. The MIM leadership is successfully gaining mileage from a non-issue. They will now claim that the Muslims were attacked by the state for no fault of theirs. Mr.Asaduddin and his brother Akbaruddin are both instigating gullible Muslim youth. The Muslim youth have to realise this.

Update 21st Nov 2012:

The Hindu (?) Newspaper published a news article stating that the temple did not exist 60 years back and published a so-called photograph ( which looks more like a painting). It is a pity that the newspaper is indulging in creating another issue now. The issue of whether a temple existed s Or not is not what was being debated. The core issue was that the temple was being expanded and was destroying Charminar. This was clearly negated by the Archaelogical survey of India.

Nov 22nd – Congress Gen Secretary, Sri G.Niranjan questioned the authenticity of the old photo as published by “The Hindu” and restated that the “Maata shilakaram” was an old one, which was damaged in 1979 and therefore a temple was constructed to protect it.


Nov 26th :

Article on niticentral.com –

Bhagyalakshmi at Charminar is a legal temple