Historic Bhagyalakshmi Temple at Charminar , Hyderabad Under Siege by MIM Leadership

Temple decoration in 2011

The Sri Bhagyalakshmi Temple is an ancient temple, located adjacent to the Charminar. The city of Bhagyanagar, viz today’s Hyderabad was named after Devi ( Goddess)  Bhagyalakshmi. This fact has also been established by famous social historians like Sri Suravaram Pratapa Reddy and Sri Biruduraju Rama Raju.

In the past, attempts have been made to destory this temple under the leadership of the MIM ( Majlis party). The MIM leadership of Hyderabad is a continuation of the Razakars and they have nurtured the ambition to eliminate Hindu traces from the old city of Hyderabad.

There is a planned propaganda by some of them, stating that the temple is a new construction and was constructed in 1979. This is just to confuse the people. What happened in 1979 is as follows..

Attacks on temple in 1979 : In 1979, there was a siege on the Kaaba ( Mecca) by one Muslim group which wanted to take control of the Kaaba. In protest of the attack on Kaaba, the MIM called for a bandh of Hyderabad on Nov 23 1979.

As is always the case, any disturbance of Muslim symbols worldwide leads to attacks on Hindus and other non-Muslims in Bharat. In this case also, even though the Hindus were nowhere connected with the takeover of the Kaaba, there were attacks on Hindus and the Hindu temples. The temple adjacent to Charminar, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Mandir was attacked and desecrated. The Muslim fanatics also set fire to Hindu shops. As usual no action was taken on the rioters. The inaction of the government to take the rioters to task, emboldened them. Report

However, due to pressure from the Hindus, the then Chief minister,Sri Marri Channa Reddy, agreed to renovate the desecrated temple and the same was done. Subsequently, the puja in the temple was re-started.

Therefore, to say that the temple is a new one and was constructed in 1979 is completly false.

Special Decoration during Festivals: It has been a practise in the temple to have special decorations during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dushera and Deepavali. During the fortnight preceding Deepavali, lamps ( diyas) are lit and women in large numbers come to the temple. This has been the practise since many years.

This year also, preparations were being made. The temple had some repairs and the temple committee had taken up the renovation work. There was no expansion of the temple. Yet, the MIM party leadership who do not miss any opportunity to create communal disturbances for the sake of their vote bank, complained stating that the temple was being expanded. They also claimed that Charminar was being destroyed and holes were being drilled etc..They started spreading false canards and photographs to suit their agenda. They then went about gheraoing (encircling ) the temple creating tension in the area. Thousands of Muslims came in and therefore the Hindus also gathered in large numbers to face any potential onslaught.

It is clear that the photographs being circulated by MIM are false since the ASI officials themselves indicated that there is no damage to the Charminar ( ref : The Hindu Nov 7th 2012). The hole being shown is at best the ventilation on the walls of Charminar. ( photo attached)

On 4th November night at 1 am, over 3000 Muslims gathered as the police remained mute spectators. They pelted stones at public and private properties. In the rioting, three police vehicles were damaged, an ATM and a super market were completly damaged. ( Refer TOI report on Nov 6th, 2012). The irony is that in addition to attacking the police, Mr.Asadudin Owasi, who is the MP from Hyderabad lodged a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission (lead by Mr.Nissar Ahmed Kakru) , stating that the police was harrassing Muslims ( Ref: New Indian Express Nov 6th ) !! …

The fact is the reverse. It is the Hindus who are being arrested by the police for demanding that the temple be allowed to be renovated.  Photograph of police manhandling the protestors, esp the women can be seen.

It must be noted that MIM wields high power in the city of Hyderabad wherein they have 1 MP, 7 MLA’s and 43 corporators. In addition the mayor is from MIM party. Yet, it plays the victim card. The media reports, “Voicing concern over increasing incidents of communal violence and inaction of the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh, the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) Monday warned that it would not hesitate to go against the government “.

What does the MIM mean by going against the government ? They are the government in Hyderabad !

Temple currently without any shelter

High Court directive :  On 5th Nov, the High Court gave directives to the State government to maintain status quo in the temple as of 30th October 2012. This basically means we must have the shelter that was earlier ( it was removed for renovation). Yet, the same is not being allowed. The temple currently is without any shelter for the bhakts.

The government of Andhra Pradesh is under siege by the MIM. The police doesn’t act against the rioters.They care two hoots for the court. The ruling party MP supports the rioters against the police. In such a situation, what options do the Hindus have ?

It is the duty of the Hindus to protest this injustice and urge the state government not to succumb to the power of goondas.

The Hindus must participate in large numbers in the protests being organised by the Sri Bhagyalakshmi Devalaya Parirakshana Samiti. We need to spread the truth far and wide esp to our friends and family members.

“Hindu Bhaav to Jab Jab Bhule Aayi Vipatti Mahaan, Desh Toota, Bhai Khoye, Mite Dharm Sansthan ” ( Whenever we have forgotten our Hinduness, we have invited great calamities. We have lost territory ( like Pakistan & Bangladesh), lost our brethren and our great institutions have been destroyed.

Let us think, suggest and ACT on how to arrest this cancer of fanaticism which is destroying the social fabric of Bhagyanagar.


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d. Book – Indian Democracy Derailed by Srikanta Ghosh

News Update as on Nov 12th:

On Nov 11th 2012, The temple authorities were decorating the temple with flowers. Alleging that the temple was being expanded with state support, the MIM corporators tried to storm to the temple. They were arrested while doing so and subsequently released in the evening.

On 12th Nov, Sunday :

Mr.Asadudin Owaisi of MIM announced that they are withdrawing support to the Congress party due to its anti-“secular” policies. Case of pot calling the kettle black !

Swami Paripoornanda was arrested while attempting to go to the Sri Bhagyalakshmi temple to offer prayers. The temple is still out of bounds. Section 144 imposed in the area.

Update on November 15th:

Thousands of bhakts thronged to the temple on Deepavali day braving the restrictions.  Vehicles had to be parked close to a kilometre away and they reached the temple by walk crossing various police check posts.

Letter to Editor in The new Indian Express by Retd IFS Officer, Sri Sarvotham Rao – Published on 16th November 2012

“I remember visiting the Bhagyalaxmi temple at the Charminar as a child along with my parents during Deepavali. At that point of time, the temple appeared ancient. I am now 85. I can therefore confirm that the temple has been there for a long time. ”  End of letter

Update of Nov 16th

Thousands of Muslims congregated to offer Namaz at Mecca Masjid near Charminar. Subsequently about 2000 of them attacked the police. The police retaliated with lathi charge and tear gas. The MIM leadership is successfully gaining mileage from a non-issue. They will now claim that the Muslims were attacked by the state for no fault of theirs. Mr.Asaduddin and his brother Akbaruddin are both instigating gullible Muslim youth. The Muslim youth have to realise this.

Update 21st Nov 2012:

The Hindu (?) Newspaper published a news article stating that the temple did not exist 60 years back and published a so-called photograph ( which looks more like a painting). It is a pity that the newspaper is indulging in creating another issue now. The issue of whether a temple existed s Or not is not what was being debated. The core issue was that the temple was being expanded and was destroying Charminar. This was clearly negated by the Archaelogical survey of India.

Nov 22nd – Congress Gen Secretary, Sri G.Niranjan questioned the authenticity of the old photo as published by “The Hindu” and restated that the “Maata shilakaram” was an old one, which was damaged in 1979 and therefore a temple was constructed to protect it.


Nov 26th :

Article on niticentral.com –

Bhagyalakshmi at Charminar is a legal temple



77 thoughts on “Historic Bhagyalakshmi Temple at Charminar , Hyderabad Under Siege by MIM Leadership

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    1. skandaveera

      That is the method of Baburs and Goris, not Hindus. Now do you know how charminar, babri and thousands of “constructions” came into existence, by demolishing what all?

  2. Prabhu D.

    According to our great grand parents there was no such temple of “Bhagya Laksmi” in Hyderabad during the Quli Qutub Shah times of the 16th century. In fact, Bhagya Lakshmi is name of wife of one Hyderabad Nawab ruling during 1920s.

  3. himanshu singh

    in 1960, when the ancient sacred Mosque Charminar had to be covered with a fence, they first put some stones surrounding the monument till some pakka fence was constructed, an old lady passing by, who was a maid at the nizam’s palace for many years, out of the respect she had for the nizam, she marked one stone with a tilak and said “o god, take care of our nizam” that bloody stone should have been removed immediately, but the people those days were very secular and had respect for every one.. that stone gradually converted into a bigger one and unfortunately, A mother F******G CM of the state Channa Reddy converted the stone with a tilak into a temple.. and as they could not name any Gods / Goddess janma Bhoomi as the whole world knows its masjid e Charminar… he named it after a tawaif.. a dhoban (washerwoman) cum dancer of the nizam times…. bhagmati. This later converted into Bhagyalaxmi……. i wonder when did this new goddess born? she was never born earlier.. there were many other devis and devtas… we had all heard… never heard show bhagyalaxmi is.. whose wife was she? whose daughter? whose mother? which animal does she represent?

    Wonder when will an educated, literate normal human being grow up? we are matured enough to think logically.. how can dogs, pigs, rats, snakes, elephants… and STONES… become your creators? why dont they read Vedas? the Rig Vedas? there are so many clear signs in it that say God is only 1… god Can not be born, created.. or destroyed.. God can not be dependent on any one.. God can not be over taken or over shadowed by any one… god doesn’t need any avatars to prove his existence.

    1. skandaveera

      And you think you acquired all the awareness of Veda and Hinduism, and also commonsense. But your statements show neither.

      “how can dogs, pigs, rats, snakes, elephants… and STONES… become your creators?”

      Who told you that they are? On the contrary, what Hindus know and people like you don’t, is that they see the creator (same eternal principles of creation) in all this, because the creator pervades all. So it is just perfectly logical to worship pigs, elephants, rats, dogs, stones etc as manifestations of the same divine. If you cannot see the difference between worshiping stone as god and worshiping god in stone, then it is you who need to learn the basics, not those you are trying to teach.

      “god doesn’t need any avatars to prove his existence.”

      This is a christian idea and an arrogant one. The question is never what “god needs”, but what *world needs*. Avataras are manifold – arca, vibhava, para etc. Each has a specific function *in the world*. They are not to “prove anything” to you, but because there is a method in which eternal consciousness works in the world through all the beings.

      Not withstanding your abusive tone, you clearly show your bias on the temple issue by using tone of reverence and hate for Muslim and Hindu constructions respectively – “ancient sacred Mosque Charminar” and “that bloody stone should have been removed immediately”. While there is nothing further needed to explain whose talk is problematic, I do a favor to help your “logic” and commonsense. How come Charminar is “ancient”, “sacred” and a “Mosque”? 400 years is no ancient by the chronological standards of this country. How is it that you talk of Charminar as if it is beginning of history and not the times of Kakatiyas who actually built the city, forts and temples? How is it that you comfortably ignore the possibility that just like Ayodhya Charminar might also be built on a vandalized Hindu structure?

      Have you visited Alampuram and Kasi where the temple premises itself has Muslim structures built? I do not see you recommending that they must have been removed, why?

      Because you are inherently an anti-Hindu. So boy, don’t try to invoke logic – Hindu logic for ages could not be countered by outsiders, then they started resorting to other, cheap means – hate propagation, mass murder, distortion etc.

      1. Jaspal Kochar

        Hey Bhagwan, why are morons like you even Hindu. What is mentioned by Himanshu Singh is 100% correct. Go and read Vedas first and if you don’t believe in Hinduism then don’t create it from your own mind. No person with half brain will worship animals and stones and say that they are worshiping the God inside it, dumb.

    2. narinder Tiwari

      Himanshu Singh,
      You are one of few persons, who have no idea about the Hinduism. your mental age is not more then 10 years.
      Monotheistic concept of GOD has brought so much blood shed in history that time has come to get rid away from this concept. One GOD, One book is not relevant in the diverse society. Monotheistic GOD was the creation some very egoistic mind, those don’t want to tolerate the any other version of the truth.
      God can not be created but it can be manifest & if it can manifest once, it can be manifest many time.
      AVTAR is a pure Hindu concept , which was totally alien for the western world till 18 century. Western world could think till ‘messenger’.

    3. Irrfaan Akhtaar

      Muslims are born out of cousin incest i.e their father wed a cousin from the family no wonder you have schizophrenic tendencies.
      Because cousin incest cause Schizophrenia.
      Schizophrenia–>is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by a deficit of typical emotional responses. Common symptoms include auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is accompanied by significant social or occupational dysfunction.

  4. Raju

    All these issues are happening due to vote based polities or so called secularism. One thing is very clear that, MIM is making disturbances in the name of temple as they want to form a new alliance with YSR party by withdrawing support to congress party. So. be careful and don’t get trap in these bad politricks

  5. virendra1984

    Appreciate the Blog post, well built with references. Please bring more history about the temple if you could. Like citations in books about history of southern Kingdoms etc … there must be more references.
    Thank you for the good effort.

    1. arisebharat Post author

      “The Hindu” newspaper has got it completely wrong. Anybody who knows the history of Hyderabad knows that this current temple structure was constructed in 1979 by the Chief Minister himself after the earlier historic “shilakaram” of the Goddess Bhagyalakshmi was attacked. The temple in 1979 was constructed to provide shelter to the shilakaram. Your pre-1979 photo does show the shilakaram ( if you observe the photo closely ). So comparing two photographs- one with a temple and another without proves nothing because no one is saying that this current temple ( as it is) existed then but it is being said that there was worship of the shilakaram of the Goddess Bhagyalakshmi from many decades.

      Secondly, the issue before the court was about the so-called expansion of the temple during Diwali 2012 which was negated by the ASI and not about whether a temple existed there ? So whats the discussion about ?

  6. raju

    dear muslim brothers, you people forgot the fact that navab’s native place is not india., they are persians who came to india and occupied the country illegaly.. Ur so called ‘historic charminar’ was built by such illegal occupants.. But now u muslim brothers are talking about ‘justice’.. Realy shame of you guys..

  7. pleace

    Dear friends u believes make shape with stone and start Puja . i am shore one day u cont see single stone in India because all stone will become Gods. my dear friend god created all humans and animals human can think animals can’t . just think all human wand to go Haven and all are trying to do Puja and Namaj what i am saying prying place must be peace and neat , not to be disturb any other human, just see most of the prying place on the road before it was so small gradually expending because of some few stupid nonsense people of decision we have bran we can think what is right and wrong don’t be sheep followers. followers Jhanda also same thing doing. there is no different both of them. please cooperate and remove all Jhandas and small Mandiers, place it other place and start nothing wrong

  8. Kumaran

    Update on Nov 16 is that post namaz hundreds of Muslim rowdies got down to their usual job – stone pelting, vehicle burning, destruction, physically assaulting police. Well I have been seeing this mob behavior for decades now, first under the guidance of Salauddin and now under the bigger rowdy Asaduddin. Asaduddin is the one who has the courage to talk in support of Bangladeshi insurging criminals and rioters much against fellow Indian citizens – the Bodos. Do Muslims know what would be punishment for such treason in Muslim countries?

    1. MJ

      you should know better what punishment in Muslim countries for bringing temples, even in your home, far imaginable to have next to any Masjid

      1. skandaveera

        But you miss the real point – are you ready to be treated in India the same way Hindus and temples are treated in Muslim countries? If not, why not learn some civility, tolerance, coexistence?

  9. Gopal

    Questions to Islamic people and so called pseudo secular ?

    when Islam Started ? 4 AD (Hinduism is long back even according to records min 50,000 years back)
    Hinduism is Positive , Islam is Negative , why read things below
    1) Hindus love Cow (by killing cow methane generated dangerous to earth and ozone layer)
    cows milk is equal to mother milk.
    cows urine and dung make earth fertile.
    Islam dont like so they like cows .

    2)Hindus read from left to right , so started reading from right to left (always in -ve mode)

    3) Hindus do rounds in temple in clockwise , so Islam do it in anti clockwise in ur kabaa.

    4) we respect women and see god in mother , islam dont respect mother and women(again -ve)

    5)what is 786 ? take the Sanskrit numbers , they represent Om kara.(but u people dont that )

    6)what is black stone in kaaba ? it is siva linga , thats why u people round around unknowingly (in reverse way) but not in any masjid.

    7) Hindus respect Nation and Dharma and serve for country and Dharma , Islam dont believe in nation and people(JIS THALI MEIN KHATA HAI USI MEIN CHED KARTA HAI )

    8)Ayodhya , varanasi , Gujarat (somnath) , karnataka belur temple, mentioned only few demolished by Muslims , you people always construct your masjids by demolishing hindu temples and just adjacent to hindu temple , so that create violence .even in Mantrayla , just beside Raghavendra swami temple you build masjid . India is Huge why to built masjid just beside temples and create violence ?who demolished Budha Statue in Afghan and even recently in UP ?

    9)Quaran is written by Human but not vedas (vedas are 1000,00,00 back when there is no human, written by god)

    10)Hindus love every one and respect every religion and see god in every thing
    and they never occupy others land and convert others , but islam doing is reverse .

    11) who is creating violence all over world ? Hindus or Muslims?
    who is Osama , Afjal, Kasab, ISI , Al quaida ,laskar SIMI , PAK , Bangladesh, MIM
    answer is in front of you , you people are most timid people , dont respect others ,
    dont love, dont respect others .THIS IS WHAT ISLAM .

    Last but not least 90% islam people in India are hindus . if you dont agree then ask ur father ask who is ur grand fathers father name is ? believe he is Hindu.

    Hinduism is Ocean (frog in a well cant understand about that, Kupastha Mandu ka)

    (we respect our mother , mother is greater than god , this is Hinduism , and islam dont like to sing Vande Mataram as they dont love mother )

  10. Hassan

    It’s a misfortune of Muslims that they don’t have strength in police RAF and in politics as a result Hindu police and political leaders allowed Hindus to pray at illegal Bhagya laxmi structure at charminar steps other side putting ban on Muslim to pray at mosque at top of charminar and even convey Salam at chilla Mubarak at back side of illegal BL structure. It’s a democracy and equal law given Muslims the same is follow at Moti masjid Lalqila, Qutub minar. Delhi and all Historical places in India but Hindus constructed illegal temple in Lalqila are allowed to puja and wherever old stone found they r permitted to start puja and construct the temple it’s a justice with other religious people in India

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Hassan, it is unfortunate that people like you are vitiating the atmosphere with these comments. MIM party leaders have successfully made this issue into a Hindu-Muslim issue. When MIM calls itself a secular party, how does an arrest of MIM MLA become anti-minority ? Was the temple constructed in place of a mosque. First, the MIM leaders have indulged in propaganda that the temple was being expanded. When that was proved false, they incited the Muslims to go against the police. When will the Muslims realise that they are being exploited by their own leaders ? When will they stop looking for a punching bag..in this case the Hindus ?

    2. likeanyone

      Qutub minar was a Shiva Temple and contain Hindu structures inside the complex older than the Islamic construction. The mentality of praying inside a minarate and destroyed Hindu temple must fade away from Muslim minds. Muslims can pray anywhere not in Hindu temple complex.

      1. arisebharat Post author

        Likeanyone, are you confusing Charminar and Qutubminar ? Can you clarify ? Maybe you were planning to reply to another of our posts on Qutubminar.

  11. secularBUTHOWman

    don’t speak rubbish ppl its hyderabad and always’ll be hyderabad and its CHARMINAR pride of the city nthng else dont try to touch it HOW can anybody like to bulid their so called whatever near such historic place…………..ppl understan v need 2 realise ts nthng but pure politics.WAKE UP PPL

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Who is trying to touch the Charminar.. The ASI has clearly indicated that the temple authorities have not done anything to the CHarminar. It is people like you who are hell bent on creating confusion and indulging in politics.

    2. skandaveera

      It is easy to call out anything “political”, the difficult part is to be loyal to truth. If Hyderabad is proud because of charminar alone, then it better be ashamed of what all killing and destruction happened before the area came under Bahamanis and then Qutub Shahis – it just goes to say Hindus in particular and Indian civilization in general have not become independent yet. It is you who needs to wake up to see what the problem is.

      Hindus did not seek to replace Charminar, although that in itself would be a different and debatable topic. What they sought is to protect their temple. So understand the issue before sermonizing and accusing.

  12. hyderabadi

    The author might not be from hyderabad,or just a kid..every hyderabad person.wheather its hindu or muslim know ther was no temple at charminar past 30 years ago.everyone hyderabadi saw that people first kept one stone and a statue.and started worshipping and slowly constructed a temple,and that was politically done by some leaders.how can you call it HISTORIC.haha.before following a religion.try to be human first.and tell everyone what you have saw or try to find truth first.do not write what you have listened from someone else which is false.or to protect a religion.i am sure that you are a kid and was not born 30 years ago..BIG LIAR AUTHOR.

      1. An Indian

        Hello Dear Arisebharat,

        I was looking at the conversation above & would like to address a specific query you have with regards to reference that there was no template at that specific corner of Charminar, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/eesh/2448735596/sizes/z/in/photostream/ to view a picture I found sometime back which shows “Gulzar Houz Kaman” in the background of the Charminar confirming that the picture is taken from the angle in which honorable temple should have been on the pillar of Charminar which is on the right side of the picture. I have no idea which year this picture was taken, perhaps, you may be able to reach you to the licensee (Eesh Dewan) of the picture for it.
        Please note that I am not representing any community in particular nor I wish to have a communal discussion , my view point is to add some relevant information found on internet to your discussion in the interest of being a patriotic citizen of this great nation.

        Regards, An Indian.

      2. arisebharat Post author

        Dear “An Indian”,

        We are glad you indicate that you do not represent a community.

        A retd IFS officer who is 85 years old had written a letter confirming that he had darshan of the Bhagyalakshmi maata when he was a child.
        It is also clearly indicated in our article that temple was re-constructed after 1979 when it was demolished. This is a well-known fact and all news items of that time carried the story. The temple of today is obviously not the same as the temple of the past.
        Also, there were photographs which were taken when the temple was demolished in 1979 and before it is re-constructed.
        Regarding the photo you have indicated, there does seem to be a small structure near the corner. In any case, the photo is a long shot and the details do not seem to be clear. There was one more photograph by Raja Deendayal displayed in TV9 interview of the Bhagyalakshmi temple. Raja Deendayal belonged to the 19th century.

        But, these are all side questions : The bigger issue is this.

        As per ASI norms, whenever they takeover a monument as a heritage site, their rule suggests that any place of worship where the prayers are being offered at the time of takeover is allowed. Wherever prayers were held earlier but not during the time of takeover, is not allowed for prayers again. It is clear that at the time of ASI takeover of the Charminar, the prayers were being offered and temple was in existence. SO a discussion about how old the temple is a non-issue as far as the current issue is concerned.

        The 2nd question is this. The MIM claims that it is a secular party. Its MLA’s created a controversy stating that the temple was being expanded and was causing damage to the Charminar. This was proved to be wrong ( all references have been quoted in the article). They then created a rcukus by trying to create communal disturbances and when they were arrested, they made it into a minority issue stating that the government is anti-minority. How did a self-claimed “secular” party suddenly become a party of minorities ? How does arrest of MLA’s become an anti-minority stand of government ?

        Thirdly, over 2000 Muslims were instigated on Nov16th, to gherao the Charminar. There seems to be a larger issue here. The country must not engage itself about the antiquity of the temple…WE need to engage regarding the nature of these MIM politicos and their potential to divide the country and the city of Hyderabad on non-issues.

  13. Gopal

    who built Babri Masjid on demolishing Temple ?
    who built Masjid in Varanasi beside the temple?
    who built masjid just beside Ganesh temple at sec’bad station?
    who built masjid on besides temple and demolishing temples?
    who creating violence all over world ?
    please so called secular people and others who dont know history ,please read he history again and respond and dont talk nonsense on Hindus and RSS.

    Jai Hind

  14. Faheem

    Can some one clarify me how the name “Bhagya Nagar” given to Hyderabad.
    a) one of the Quli Qutub shah’s wife name was Bhagmati
    b) Because of this Bhagya Laxmi Temple.

  15. vidyadhara buddhiraju

    The trouble with monotheism.
    This is a standard trick of monotheism. To butcher the victim and claim victimhood for one’s self.
    Md Bin Qosim attacked and occupied sindh and claims this was simply self defense from sea pirates.
    MIM attacks hindus on the eve of diwali and claims that this is simply civic sense for the preservation of the charminar. It is clear as daylight exactly what the plan is. It is simply one more episode of the eternal monotheist goonda project to demoralize and defeat kaafirs.

    There are monotheist goonda projects like this running all over India. On the eve of every major hindu festival, some monotheist goonda or another will attack hindus and start a riot and quote some idiotic reason other other why he is being pushed to the wall to start a riot.
    One only needs to observe that there are no riots or disturbances before a monotheist festival. So it is clear that the kaafir never starts a riot. It is always the monotheist goonda who must have his fun of hunting and butchering kaafirs any time that the kaafir attempts to follow his own native culture.

  16. vidyadhara buddhiraju

    MIM the Nizam’s Razakar goonda party continuing after India’s independence as a “secular” outfit simply defines and illustrates India’s secularism.

    Organizing parties of muslim goons to blame, abusing and butcher the hindu and then celebrate the broad mindedness of the muslim because he has not yet exterminated all hindus in India. This is secularism.

    This simply goes to show to the fortunate few hindus with vision, what hindus must do. It is the forming of a hindu political consciousness on the grandest scale. To create and promote pagan human rights organizations all over the world.

    And extricate humanity from the filthy depths that monotheist imperialist goondaism has reduced humanity to.

    1. skandaveera

      No, any man with honesty, without the colored-glasses of Abrahamic monotheism, intolerance, iconoclasm can make out that much.

      1. Prabhu D.

        Dear Skandaveera, Hinduism also profess Monotheism. Please take the time to read Holy Vedas without the colored glass of present day Hinduism. Good day.

      2. skandaveera

        Dear Prabhu D,

        No, Hinduism is not monotheistic. I do not see how my reading the Veda (as if I had not already done so) is going to introduce any monotheism. Hinduism is at its core diverse – it is itself a comprehensive system of life that encompasses many religions and many philosophies. Coming to Veda, it is quite emphatically polytheistic, acknowledging several god-forms. Mentioning that all diverse god-forms are but the same divinity does not make the theology monotheistic – I hope you can see the difference.

    2. arisebharat Post author

      …and ofcourse your version of peace is that the butchers must be able to thrash everyone, trample upon their rights, slaughter everyone and the victims should keep mum. There would be no noise and the butchers would have their way.

  17. Malathi

    Thanks for lightning the true facts which was hidden for many years.

    Everyone knows that this is a political drama of MIM for their vote bank politics.But they should realize that by doing this common man is suffering a lot.They said that they are fighting for secularism.Is this secularism?First they should learn how to respect each other’s religions and they are live Hyderabad.

  18. Maverickk

    woa ,u must be living in a completely different dimension of the world that i live in, to report a great contrast of what transpired…..luks like this site is serving is purpose afterall ,so create new heights of a new divide between the communities…..cant u just state the facts and leave the speculation for the readers,instead of feeding ur wishful interpretation of the story .Dammit ,this countrys never growing up if journalism of this sort perpetuates .

    1. skandaveera

      Maverikk, this is not a “journalist” site. This is a blog called arisebharat whose purpose has been mentioned quite clearly in the top. Now if you think protecting Hindu sites is “creating divide between communities” and whitewashing vandalism and temple desecration is “communal harmony”, then you need to correct your fundamentals. BTW journalists are doing their bit in their anti-Hindu propaganda, which you seem to have internalized too well.

  19. saleem

    hahahaa…. I stupid you are…there is no negative comments… here. because the writer himself a communal minded… read the history. And let the people know the fact.

    1. Ashok

      yes while others go and read history, i request you to go and read grammar my dear friend.
      writer has presented the facts as he/she knows and interprets it. you are free to do the same. don’t go about calling names. if this is all that you can write after your knowledge of history – sans any information or reference – then better keep silent.

  20. Bhramaputra

    Please remove the illegal temple from the footpath immediately. You are disgracing Gods by putting them on footpaths and gandi naalis.

    1. Ashok

      Please go and visit the temple once. it is neither on a footpath nor a naali. do not be lazy – do visit if you are in Hyderabad. and there is no extension work going on there. the ASI has given the facts in writing and consequent to that under the supervision of ASI, Corporation Officials and the Judicial Reps only the tarpaulin cover was renovated.
      the MIM wants and excuse to dump congress and align with some other party. the temple controversy is a convenient ruse for it. nothing more.

    2. secular

      well said bhramaputra, small temples and mazhars which can be found in many places in hyd and secunbad on main roads as well, should be removed. Rule of law should prevail in this country and no temples or mazhars should be allowed on roads, or close to any monument.

      1. skandaveera

        And who decides what is “on road” and what is a “monument”? If charminar is 400 year old it becomes a monument? What about the older ones destroyed by those who built up the Charminar? And how did you decide that the temple in question is a “temple on road”? In fact this campaign by MIM is just a continuation of the intolerance and temple-desecration that people right from Babur have been doing in India. So if you are “secular” as you claim, try to bring some tolerance into the Muslim minds.

    3. Gopal

      getting laugh on your stupidity .May be people like you throw your parents as they become old and as they look good at that age. god bless you Bhramaputra

  21. Cool guy

    Lots of comments for such false propaganda. BJP, VHP and RSS are the communal forces that are destroying the country. They build temples just to cause nuisance and disturbance to other sects. We see new temples come up all of a sudden. Don’t you know of such an incident that happened 2 years ago, when they kept dieties in a dustbin near Ring Road.

    1. Ashok

      and you are the shining light of truth?? was this temple built by RSS?? MIM has made a contrary claim (and they are the people who started this agitation in the first place)!! you might want to go and tell them this superb piece of intelligence which only you seem to possess.
      Really deities in dustbins!! and i wonder why you failed to post a link to any news about the same?

    2. skandaveera

      Well you can try to reverse the sequence of history, but it does not happen – Charminar and Hyderabad happen to come as a consequence of invasion, and if you really have the intention of harmony, you would withdraw your claims to the original Hindu sites – right from Hyderabad’s vandalised temples to Kasi to Mathura. It is not that there were mosques and Hindus invaded India – fact is there were temples and Muslims invaded India. Don’t you know this much?

  22. Pingback: Diwali decorations at Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple objected by Muslims of Hyderabad. Why Muslims do not tolerate Temple Bells & Diwali Illuminations? « Struggle for Hindu Existence

  23. Prabhu Deva

    Guys, here is some interesting historical facts about Charminar.

    Charminar, was built by Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 AD, is a landmark monument located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The English name is a transliteration and combination of the Urdu words Cha-r and Minar, translating to “Four Towers”.

    While laying the foundation of Charminar, Quli Qutb Shah prayed: “Oh Allah, unto this city peace and prosperity. Let millions of men of all castes, creeds and religions make it their abode, like fish in the water”.

    A beautiful mosque was also built at the western end of the open roof and the remaining part of the roof served as a court during the Qutb Shahi times.

    The Charminar has been the site of recent controversy. The “Ancient” Bhagyalakshmi Temple was a later addition to the monument site (some accounts state that the temple is not more than thirty years old).

    Though no credible historical data is available – its believed the temple was built obly after the Indian independence and possibly from a rock that broke off the Charminar itself.

    Its extremely close proximity to the Charminar monument has been a cause of concern for Indian Courts, The Archeological Survey of India as well as UNESCO. The Temple authorities have continuously neglected requests from ASI as well as court orders and have carried out temporary expansion work.

    This temporary expansion work has been the cause of controversy, as some believe the Temple authorities with the support of right wing Hindu extremists plans to transform the temporary construction into permanent construction.

    Does any body know the history facts of Sri Bhagyalakshmi Devi ? Please post it for benefit of all.

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Well everyone’s smartness lies in the assumption of starting point of history. Congress thinks the history of India began during British rule, and you think Hyderabad started with Hyder or Sultanate. Fact remains that Golconda/Old Hyderabad was a snatch from the Kakatiyas who built the forts as well as several temples destroyed or made defunct during the Sultanate’s reign. Thus Charminar itself stands as the momumental evidence of how Islam was imposed on the original Hindu kingdom. Many of the constructions, as Ayodhya’s Babri structure proved after demolition, include the remnants of ancient Hindu constructions – a reconstructed temple hardly proves it was never present earlier. Kasi’s Viswanath Mandir as it stands today is definitely new, does that mean there was no temple earlier?

    2. CV KUMAR

      If u r living in Hyd ask ur grant parents they will tell u. When floods came for Moosi river people in hyd saved their lives by staying in trees.(u can see photos in Salar Jung Musum). So many people died. calara spread in city. Quli Qutu Shah went to Bhagyalaxmi Temple and prayed for sake of people. Within few days Moosi river became calm. calara stopped. Then king came and performed pooja and submitted offters to Goddes. One of them is Mukku pudaka to Goddes Laxmi. Charminar is all of us. This temple is older than Charminar. Acutal problem to charminar is with smoke in the minar which is in one of the minors using the muslims. Please visit the charminar and comment.

      1. Prabhu Deva

        Dear CV, According to our great grand parents there was no such temple of “Bhagya Laksmi” in Hyderabad during the Quli Qutub Shah times of the 16th century. In fact, Bhagya Lakshmi is name of wife of one Hyderabad Nawab ruling during 1920s.

  24. hinduexistence


    2. The second photograph displayed herewith this report is taken from the report : In Hyderabad, Hindus are denied to make festival shed at Bhagyalakshmi temple in front of Charminar….
    Posted by hinduexistence on November 4, 2012 [Link: http://wp.me/pCXJT-2vq ] . The interested viewers may get into the original reading.

  25. RamBadHusband

    this is bullshit… very soon the dirt around charminar will be razed down to the ground.. that dirty structure has spoilt the beauty of charminar.. it not muslims vs hindus.. it is a matter of cleaning charminar and restoring it back to its old glory.. every hindu must come forward like every muslim should to raze down that structure and clean charminar and hyderabad…

    1. Ashok

      please be careful about what you wish. respect is a two way street. you cannot go around razing monuments of one religion without risking the same fate for your own.
      you have very proudly named yourself RamBadHusband!! while you are at it please use MohammedPeadophile in your name next time:P

    2. skandaveera

      A Hindu temple is a dirty structure? That shows your level of civilization, your tolerance, your hate levels and stature as a human. Now Charminar and Hyderabad are themselves imposed by the Sultanate on an originally tolerant Hindu kingdom of Kakatiyas. Their temples were desecrated and forts abdicated by the so-called Golconda sultans, and replaced by monstrous structures like Charminar. Charminar itself is a standing monumental evidence of Islamic rowdyism and intolerance.

  26. Nagesh Kallol

    Dhanyavad Arise Bharat for revealing the facts about Bhagyalaxmi Mandir in Bhagyanagar.

    As usual our English media and Pseudo Seculars of Bharat are silent on this issue.

    This incident is not a local issue, Hence Hindus across the border should support Sri Bhagyalakshmi Devalaya Parirakshana Samit for their on going agitation to defeat goondagiri of MiM.

    Vande Mataram.

  27. Raveendra

    Hyderabad is not Kashmir or Pakistan. Hindus should not tolerate any kind of nonsense or bear injustice. They should show true Kshatriya spirit.

  28. chennaikid

    This is quite disturbing. We need to wake up and defeat these communal forces. Along with modern education, we need to educate ourselves regarding our religion, and also in self-defence – martial arts, physical culture, and if feasible – weapons. People blame Narendra Modi a lot, but they do not see how there hasn’t been a single riot in Gujarat after the post-Godhra riots. On the other hand parties like Congress and SP, by appeasing a particular minority community through false promises, not only pander to the extremist elements in that community, but also hinder the modernisation of that minority community.

  29. K. srikanth

    Thanks for publishing this information. In recent times, MIM has became too aggressive. Unless Hindu society collectively put pressure on govt and police, there will not any safety and security to Hindus who are in minority in old city. Normally media is obsessed with minority rights. when Hindus are in minority, they dont even pay lip service.

  30. bhoga rao pappu

    That’s true. The author has rightly put the facts and the slogan that it is only because we Hindus don’t care nor bother to fight the aggressors who are united and less analytical at an individual level. They only follow the tents of their religious leaders. Unfortunately, politics and religion are inseparable in muslims. Hence, it is very tough to realize for a Hindu as to why do they attack. An ordinary Hindu might expect some quarrels in politics, but can never imagine it as a religious affair, and hence being confused as to whether it is a political attack or a religous one, Hindus don’t come forward.
    If only like in Gujarat, Hindus here too can come together and show their strength, can we expect the government to consider Hindus and pay heed to them.

    SubhaM bhUyAt.

    1. indian

      100% false stories to blow fire in the minds and hearts of hindus.false history made.nothing true just holy crap.the author might even know whats true,lol if he have a little knowledge…

      1. arisebharat Post author

        …and what is your reference on this issue. It is people like you who don’t read history, don’t bother to go through the facts and want to just indulge in comments that are a problem. If you had bothered to go through the references given in the article, you would not be commenting the way you are. Ofcourse, that is if you are interested in knowing the truth in the first place.

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