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NGO Racket – Human Trafficking and Espionage

George Bush

The poor and deprived sections of Bharat are exploited in many ways by the NGO network. These gullible people are placed in the homes of bureaucrats, politicians  and other key places and are used for purposes of espionage for many years. It is a known fact that lot of these NGO’s act on the behest of countries owing their allegiance outside Bharat.

The recent case of Devyani Khobragade and her maid, Sangeeta Richards, throws suspicion on this aspect. The maid’s family was given dependent visa and moved to the US by the US government, two days before the arrest of Devyani. What does the maid’s family know that the US government wants to hide ?

An article by Sri Rajiv Malhotra throws light on the modus operandi on these NGO’s. The book “Breaking India” by him and Sri Aravindan Neelakantan is a must read to understand the various layers.

An article by Rajiv Malhotra in Niti Central written in Oct 2013 highlights this aspect :

Dramatic scandals routinely fill India’s media headlines about some poor victim from a remote area being exploited by upper strata Delhi elites. Yet there is no investigative journalism to uncover the inconvenient facts about certain NGOs that operate what amounts to a human trafficking industry. One reason for this conspiracy of silence is that the traffickers are linked with some politically connected NGOs that make noises in the metros ostensibly on behalf of the victims. In reality the noise made serves to cover up the sinister role of NGOs in this industry that brings Christianity to the remote villages in exchange for maids to Delhi.

The elaborate scheme works as follows. Christian missionaries in adivasi (indigenous, “tribal”) areas offer poor families an inducement that is hard to resist: If the family converts to Christianity, one of its young daughters will be sent as a domestic servant to Delhi or another metro.

The affiliated “agencies” in the metros collect placement fees up to Rs 50,000 per maid from the household that hires them. In between the point of “recruitment” and the point of placement there are intermediaries that “sell”, transfer and move the young, vulnerable person through the supply chain. Money is exchanged at each stage.

The agencies keep relocating the same girl from one employer to another every few months in order to collect their placement fee repeatedly. This disruption adds to the trauma of the young girl. The agency becomes, by default, her only hope of security, and in the process she becomes even more vulnerable to the agency’s exploitation. Delhi alone is estimated to have several thousands of such girls being brought every year. Read the full article at http://www.niticentral.com/2013/10/15/missionary-activity-divides-nation-146233.html

Note : The arisebharat team does not recommend usage of the word “adivasi”. We prefer the word “vanavasi” which conveys the exact meaning of the word.

Christian NGO separates mother from baby for 9 days

Rogue NGO separates mother from baby for 9 days
Yogesh Pawar Mumbai, DNA 
Two-year-old child languishes in remand home as faith-based NGOs in Sangli run amok in the name of curbing flesh trade, target a family of devadasis
A family of devadasis that is trying to lead a life of dignity making quilts and papad; an overzealous, Christian anti-trafficking NGO desperate to justify its funding with some ‘results’; and a bunch of local cops in awe of white skin. Put them all together and you have the absurd tragedy of a two-year-old baby brutally torn away from her mother and kept in a children’s remand home for nine days, probably traumatising the infant for life, and leaving the mother in shock.
On November 4, 2011, in the Gokulnagar neighbourhood of Sangli town, about 350km south of Mumbai, a group of policemen accompanied by an identified ‘gora’ barged into the home of Kasturi Talagedi, 59, and took away her two-year-old granddaughter, Gaurauva, and her 21-year-old speech-impaired niece, Savitri. They had already made up their minds that Savitri was a sex worker and that Gaurauva was her illegitimate daughter. This was their idea of an anti-trafficking operation. By the time Gaurauva’s mother and Kasturi’s daughter, Geeta, 26, came to know what was going on, it was too late — her baby was gone.

Kasturi, who lives next door to Geeta. recounts the nightmare. “My granddaughter Gaurauva was playing with my niece Savitri when the police came with a gora. He pointed at my niece, and without asking me anything, the police dragged her out of the house. They said she was a minor and I’d forced her into prostitution.” Kasturi’s pleas that her niece was 21 fell on deaf ears. “They took the baby too, insisting she was Savitri’s daughter.”
While a speech-impaired Savitri could only whimper, Geeta, who heard the commotion, rushed out of her house begging for her baby. “Seeing a crowd gather, they let me into the police vehicle, but I was pushed out midway and they sped off,” says Geeta.
Kasturi and and Geeta then approached Sangram, an NGO which works with vulnerable women in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention/treatment. Sangram’s Meena Seshu speaks bitterly about the insensitivity of the police.

They got a sign language expert from Miraj town, who insisted that Gaurauva was Savitri’s daughter. The police kept parroting this, though a medical examination established that Savitri had never ever conceived,” she says.
Only when they took the matter to the local court did the police relent, nine days later. “Because of all this, the baby was deprived of mother’s milk. I could feel her ribs when they released her,” says Geeta.
When contacted by DNA, Sangli Additional Superintendent of Police Digambar Pradhan, who conducted the raid, admitted that an American working with an international anti-trafficking group had accompanied the police team, but refused to divulge the name of either the American or his organisation. “It is our duty to respond to any complaint of trafficking in minors and take action,” he said.
But how can the police just take away any random woman’s baby based on some NGO’s complaint, without any evidence of trafficking? Admitting to the goof-up, Pradhan says, “We were very vigilant because we didn’t want
the child to be with the wrong person.”
Seshu points out that many faith-based American organisations that are flush with donations obtained in the name of anti-trafficking work are sending workers to interior towns like Sangli. “These NGOs and their volunteers suffer from ‘targets’ and get ultra-aggressive in their approach,” she says. According to Seshu, the number of such foreigners in Sangli (Maharashtra home minister RR Patil’s home district) has risen sharply in the last five years. “I’d like to know why they’re here. Will I be allowed to do anything similar in the US when I’m there on a tourist visa?” she asks. “Instead of asking these questions, our police only seem too keen to hobnob with the goras.”

Source : DNA – Daily News and Analysis