NGO Racket – Human Trafficking and Espionage

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The poor and deprived sections of Bharat are exploited in many ways by the NGO network. These gullible people are placed in the homes of bureaucrats, politicians  and other key places and are used for purposes of espionage for many years. It is a known fact that lot of these NGO’s act on the behest of countries owing their allegiance outside Bharat.

The recent case of Devyani Khobragade and her maid, Sangeeta Richards, throws suspicion on this aspect. The maid’s family was given dependent visa and moved to the US by the US government, two days before the arrest of Devyani. What does the maid’s family know that the US government wants to hide ?

An article by Sri Rajiv Malhotra throws light on the modus operandi on these NGO’s. The book “Breaking India” by him and Sri Aravindan Neelakantan is a must read to understand the various layers.

An article by Rajiv Malhotra in Niti Central written in Oct 2013 highlights this aspect :

Dramatic scandals routinely fill India’s media headlines about some poor victim from a remote area being exploited by upper strata Delhi elites. Yet there is no investigative journalism to uncover the inconvenient facts about certain NGOs that operate what amounts to a human trafficking industry. One reason for this conspiracy of silence is that the traffickers are linked with some politically connected NGOs that make noises in the metros ostensibly on behalf of the victims. In reality the noise made serves to cover up the sinister role of NGOs in this industry that brings Christianity to the remote villages in exchange for maids to Delhi.

The elaborate scheme works as follows. Christian missionaries in adivasi (indigenous, “tribal”) areas offer poor families an inducement that is hard to resist: If the family converts to Christianity, one of its young daughters will be sent as a domestic servant to Delhi or another metro.

The affiliated “agencies” in the metros collect placement fees up to Rs 50,000 per maid from the household that hires them. In between the point of “recruitment” and the point of placement there are intermediaries that “sell”, transfer and move the young, vulnerable person through the supply chain. Money is exchanged at each stage.

The agencies keep relocating the same girl from one employer to another every few months in order to collect their placement fee repeatedly. This disruption adds to the trauma of the young girl. The agency becomes, by default, her only hope of security, and in the process she becomes even more vulnerable to the agency’s exploitation. Delhi alone is estimated to have several thousands of such girls being brought every year. Read the full article at

Note : The arisebharat team does not recommend usage of the word “adivasi”. We prefer the word “vanavasi” which conveys the exact meaning of the word.

1 thought on “NGO Racket – Human Trafficking and Espionage

  1. Aradhana

    These are the hidden truths which journalist do not highlight due to their helplessness before the power and politics.


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