Conversion destroys religious harmony

Swami Dayananda is one of the few Swamis in modern era who very candidly talks of why religious conversions should stop. At a time when anybody who speaks or works against religious conversions is targetted by the media and the government, Swami Dayananda comes across as the brave and rare anamoly;

Uploaded an article that came in the print version of the New Indian Express, but is not to be seen in the internet version.

Conversion destroys religious harmony


4 thoughts on “Conversion destroys religious harmony

  1. mahesh

    swami vivekanan da also said to every hindhu that if a person is converted ,not only we lost a person and also there is one ENEMY adding

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  3. Swami Param

    Unfortunately, like many other Hindus, Dayanada does not have to worry about conversion destroying Hinduism, Hindus are actively giving it away! For example, many Hindus routinely allow Hatha Yoga (mis-labeled “Yoga”) to be divorced from Hinduism and taught by non-Hindus. Hindus allow the ongoing misuse of sacred Sanskrti/Hindu terms such as “Guru,” “Mantra” and “Karma.” Interestingly, at Dayananda’s Ashram, many of his students will tell you they are NOT studying Hinduism but Vedanta!

  4. Rajesh

    It is good to remember our freedom heroes because of whome we are njoing today. At times i feel that i would have been by that time to add my thoughts.
    —–Thanks to Ayush sir 🙂


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