Denigration of Hindu Gods in Karnataka by Christians

Real reason for attack on Churches & the truth behind the news –


The Following are the list of abuses from one such book – Satya Darshini – distributed by the missionaries of New Life.  This book is in Kannada  and the translation of the abusive passage is as follows.

3.       The only place where attacks took place apart from New Life Prayer Halls was at a small prayer hall in the premises of Milagres Church in Mangalore, where some miscreants had damaged a Jesus idol.   The VHP and the Bajrang Dal have condemned the attack at this place.  Following this incident, a Christian mob gathered and the situation went out of control as the mob started pelting stones and disrupting traffic.  The police was forced to intervene and this resulted in unsavoury violence.
4.       Since the past two days, it is not Hindu-Christian clashes that are taking place.  In fact, it is more appropriate to call it”Christian- Police” clashes since the Christians holed up in Churches have engaged themselves in pelting of stones and disruption of traffic.  The Police were forced to enter the Church  to clear the mob and they found arms inside the Church.
5.       Incidents of Stabbing were reported in around four or five places across Mangalore district.  In fact, an activist belonging to Shri Ram Sena was stabbed which led to a bandh call by Shri Ram Sena – a Hindu outfit that is not connected to Sangh Parivar.
6.       The VHP and the Bajrang Dal have condemned the desecration of Jesus idol at the prayer hall adjacent to the Milagres Church in Mangalore.  They have also clarified that they are not against the Catholic faith and the Churches.  However, they have clarified that the public outcry would continue as long as illicit conversion activities and blasphemy of Hindu gods take place.
7.       Even the Kandhmahal  murder — which involved the killing of Hindu monk  Swami  Lakshmananda by missionaries – seems to have caste a shadow on this incident since the general public seems to have seen through Christian aggression.

8.       It may be recalled that there was a public outcry against illegal prayer halls in Davanagere district last week.  In that case, the administration had closed the unauthorized prayer halls that were mushrooming in the region.


Karnataka State Home minister  VS Acharya  is also a blogger.  Here are the some news/views, direct  from his blog –  
This has photos of Christians attacking Policemen.

· Urvashi – the daughter of Lord Vishnu – is a prostitute.  Vashitha is the son of this prostitute.  He in turn married his own Mother.  Such a degraded person is the Guru of the Hindu God Rama. (page 48)

· When Krishna himself is wallowing in darkness of hell, how can he enlighten others?  Since  Krishna himself is a shady character, there is a need for us to  liberate his misled followers. (page 50)

· It was Brahma himself who kidnapped Sita.  Since Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were themselves the victims of lust, it is a sin to consider them as Gods. (page 39)

· When the Trinity of Hinduism (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) are consumed by lust and anger, how can they liberate others.  Their projection as Gods is nothing but a joke. (page 39).

· When Vishnu asked Brahma to commit a sin, he immediately did so.  How can such a “evil brahma” be a Creator of this Universe?  How is it possible for both the sinner and the entity which provoked the sin to be gods?  (page 39)

· God, please liberate the sinful people of India who are worshipping False Gods  that believe in the pleasures of  illicit ‘Vyabichari’ relationships. (Page 39).

2. All the 16 incidents that took place were not attack on Churches.  In fact, unauthorized prayer halls were attacked where the blasphemous pamphlets were distributed and aggressive proselytisation was taking place.  These 16 incidents were not localized but took place across three districts of Mangalore, Udupi  and Chikmagalur.

3 thoughts on “Denigration of Hindu Gods in Karnataka by Christians

  1. paradisica

    i remember an incident when i was doing my engineering in a small town in andhra pradesh. i along with my friend was waiting for a doctor to open his clinic one evening. a dark man who was looking very odd in a black blazer (that was a hot summer evening) approached us and started talking about religion. i thought he had come for some time pass, engaged my self in a discussion with him. slowly he started saying things offensive about hinduism, mostly irrlevant and false theories like the ones george has reproduced above.

    he went on to say funny stuff about jesus and how he is the only true entity to be worshipped and that he is the greatest and purest. for someone who never had any experience in listening to such rubbish, i was initially taken aback.

    as is common with many homes my home also had a picture of jesus along with tens of other hindu gods. my grand parents had always taight me that god was one but worshipped in many forms. most of my hindu friends had similar wisdom flowing from their grand parents. on sundays, coconuts were offered to jesus like they were offered to goddess lakshmi on fridays. that being the back ground that i and my friend came from, we failed to understand why this man was denigrating all other gods just to extoll the one he beleived in. as i look back on it now, i feel that this is the worst kind of terrorism; the one that pollutes minds and results in greater damage than any conventional acts of terrorism can.

    the man however went on unabashed. he told us he read various books on hinduism and that he knows more about hinduism than any hindu. i told him he might have read a hundred hindu books and scriptures but hehas not understood hinduism one bit. one has to be born a hindu to understand hinduism. a hindu never denigrates the beliefs of others. thats fundemental to his psyche.

    the man then started showing his true colours. he offered us free engineering books and equipment if we visited the church of the denomination he belonged to. we were aghast on knowing that not only the church he was talking about distributes such largesse to students who fall prey to such propaganda but the man who is an agent in a sense also gets his commission for each and every person he sends to the church.

    i didnt know terms like “forced conversion” or “conversion by luring a man” but now as i think about it, i dont find it difficult to understand what those terms mean now and link it with my experience.

    i just wonder at the greatness of the sankaracharya of kanchi. once i was told a christian from america fell flat at his feet and said “swami, i am a catholic. i help everyone around me without expecting anything in return. i believe god has given me this bounty only to help others. after seeing your work and the ideology of hinduism, i want to convert ot hinduism. please help me.”

    to it the great sankaracharya replied, “you are already a hindu. now continue being a good catholic”.

    nothing more needs to be said.

  2. Shankar

    Well, “why hatred against Christians” is answered by yourself, by your unwarranted, uncalled for mentioning of Puranas.

    “why hatred against Christians” is an insincere question. If there was sincerity, facts would be seen. The fact that conversions happen, the fact that insult of Hinduism is a prerequisite for those, the fact that violence done by Christians is carefully and dishonestly hidden while violence on them (which is a retaliation but not an initiation), is exposed and people start all kinds of propaganda around them, cannot be ignored if there was sincerity.

    It is true that the attacks are not because of a single pamphlet – it is because of continued misbehavior and trouble created.

    If there was sincerity, facts about how Christianity spread in the world, could not be missed – they spread by eliminating Gnostics and Pagans in the Europe, by eliminating millions of Jews, by eliminating millions of native Americans.

    Today they spread through lies. About service, tolerance, forgiveness. They do not see how the Swamy in Orissa was killed, for opposing conversions, not accidentally but after continued attempts to kill him. They do not see how their forgiveness is nonsense and dishonest.

    The very fundamental point of what right do you have to to go to Hindus, to interfere with their religion, to speak of their Gods and Goddesses instead of minding your own business, is so far not answered by one single person who tries to mudsling on Hindu organizations for their “hatred”.

    It is basically because Christians cannot mind their business but are always keen on mudslinging on Hindu scriptures, it is basically because they interfere with others’ lives, that there is friction. It is basically because of this interfering and even invading attitude that there is displeasure in Hindus. Mind you, Hindus – not just RSS.

    The only one way, if one is sincere, to talk of any peace, is that people mind their own business, not talk of others’ religion, symbols, Gods, practices. However, I have not seen an honest person so far, who does not hide one side of the story.

  3. George

    Well, I wondered why there is so much hatered against Christians recently. So much hatred that they have to be killed, burnt alive, their homes destroyed, churches, orphanages, nursing homes, leprosy homes, schools etc and more than 50,000+ people forced to flee from their homes and forced to never return unless they reCONVERT to Hinduism. Why this hatred?

    I am more than certain that all these attacks are not because of a pamphlet in Mangalore and certainly not because of the murder of the swami in Orissa as the Maoists have confessed since the beggining that they killed him many many times over and over again.

    The more you try to look at it, the you realzie that it’s just driven by pure hatred and fear because Bajrang Dal, VHP leaders et all are seeing that many people are turning to Christ. They fear that many people see something in Jesus Christ and turn to Him leaving their former religions.

    Will VHP and Bajrang Dal also attack Araya Samaj???

    Satyrath Prakash written by Swami Dayananda Sarawasti of Araya Samaj teaches the same thing quoted by this booklet.

    So who are you really attacking? Just Christians right? and why? is it really because of these booklets whose contents are even taught by Hindu swamies.

    I am quoting from the book:

    The Vaishnava sect took its birth 150 years after Raja Bhoja. The founder Shathakopa was the son of a professional prostitute. In his time the movement achieved some successl his successor was Munivahana the son of a scavenger. He was succeeded by Yavanacharya who was born in a Mohammedan family. The fourth was Ramanuja, a Braahaman by birth. He propagated this creed. The Shivites had the Shiva Puran, and the Shaktas their Devi Bhagvat Puran, so the Vaishnavites their Vishnu Puran.

    The authors did not publish these books in their own names, but instead fathered their publications on sages, and seers like Vyasa fearing that no one would attach any weight to what was published in their own name. These books should appropriately have been names Navina (i.e., of recent date). But there is nothing to wonder at if a poor man named his son Maharaj Adhiraja (Emperor), and if a thing of recent origin was named Sanatan (ancient). The contents of the Puranas bear on them the stamp of the internecine warfare of these sects.

    Mark! It is written in the Devi Bhagvat Purana that a goddess named Shri, the mistress of Shripur, was the author of the universe. She also created Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadeva. She willed and then rubbed her hands and lo! There was a blister out of which Brahma was born. The goddess asked him to marry her. Brahma replied, “Thou ar my mother, therefore, it does not behove me to marry thee.” This enraged the mother goddess and she reduced her son to ashes. She again rubbed her hands and produced another son in the same way. She named him Vishnu. The same proposal was made to him with the like result. He too was reduced to ashes.

    A third son was brought into being in the same way. She named him Mahadeva and made a proposal of marriage to him. Mahadeva replied, ” I cannot marry thee, unless thou art metamorphosed into a different woman.” She did the needful. Then Mahadeva asked her, “What do these two heaps of ashes signify?” The goddess replied, “These are the mortal remains of thy brothers. They did not obey my orders and were therefore reduced to ashes.” Mahadeva replied, “What shall I alone do? Bring them to life again and produce two other girls and let the three of us marry the three of them.” The goddess did what was asked of her and thus the tree couples were married. What a shame! The fellows did

    PAGE 364

    not marry their mother but married their own sisters!!! Can this action be regarded morally justifiable?

    Thereafter the goddess brought into existence Indra, etc. (Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Indra, were appointed as palanquin bearers of the goddess). Many such yarns have been spun out (in this book).
    It might be asked (of the Shaktas), “What was the body of the goddess like? Who were her parents? Who was the creator of that Shripur.” Should they say back in reply that the goddess had no beginning, it could not be right because whatever is the product of combination of elements must needs have a beginning. If the marriage if a mother with her son be a sin, why should not the marriage between brothers and sisters be regarded likewise?

    Just as in the Devi Bhagvat Purana, Mahadeva, Vishnu, Brahma, etc., have been spoken of disparagingly whilst the goddess (Devi) has been exalted, in like manner in the Shiva Puran the Devi, etc., have been held up to contempt. All these have been described therein as the servants of Mahadeva who is proclaimed their Lord and Maser.

    Anyway, whatever happened, we Christians think that VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS et al hate Christians for being Christians. Well, no problems with that. We expect to and will suffer many things for Jesus Christ sake. We are used to being persecuted for our faith. Jesus Christ told that if anyone hates us for His sake, it is because they hated Him first. Jesus Christ told Saul who was persecuting the early church violently while on the road to Damascus “Saul, Saul, why doest thou persecutest me?”.

    We are comforted that all these attacks against Christians in different parts of India are personally felt by our Lord. Jesus Christ is hurt when a Christian hurt.

    We don’t expect to be loved. But you can expect us to still show the Love of Christ. Forgiveness is always the biggest healer in everything.

    God bless,


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