Nomination of Sonia should be scrutinised


The nomination of Ms.Sonia Gandhi as a candidate for Lok Sabha from Rae Bareli is liable to be rejected because her name does not appear in the Home Ministry records of all registered citizens of India. There is a name of one Ms.Antonia Maino, born in Luciana, Italy, who has been granted citizenship of India in 1983. But Ms.Sonia Gandhi claims, according to Lok Sabha records, as having being born in Orbassano, Italy. Moreover there is no G.O or official notification which is required, that Sonia Gandhi is the changed name of Ms.Antonia Maino.

Moreover, Ms.Sonia Gandhi, even if she is Ms.Antonia Maino, has not submitted an official certificate from Italy Internal Affairs Department that she has formally renounced her Italian citizenship. This is a mandatory requirement for grant of Indian citizenship. Hence on these two counts Ms.Sonia Gandhi must produce proof of Indian citizenship at the time of scrutiny of her nomination forms. Otherwise her nomination papers must be rejected.

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