RSS, Bomb Blasts & Media credibility

The English Electronic media seems to have got into its latest ” Breaking News mode ” by linking the RSS ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) to the blasts in Ajmer, Mecca Masjid in Hyd . Channels like CNN-IBN, seem to be dead sure about the RSS involvement in terror attacks citing CBI information..and ofcourse they claim to have “inside information” from CBI & govt.  This is the typical ” spit and run journalism” that the Indian English media employs.

While this is going on, The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Tuesday described as “misleading” reports in a section of the media that some members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have been questioned by the agency in connection with bomb blast cases.  CBI Director Ashwani Kumar said they had not questioned any of the RSS leaders in the bomb blast cases.

What then is the credibility of the Media ?

The electronic media, by maligning an organisation that inculcates spirit of nationalism  and self pride among the countrymen, is playing  to the tunes of their unseen masters who remote control the media in India.

Who backs these mediamen ?

The strength for the anti Hindu stance of the English media seems to come from the anti Hindu Congress itself. Over the last 85 years, the RSS has been targetted by the Congress governments.

The First Ban of RSS by the Congress – 1948 :
The Sangh enjoyed very popularity due to the extensive service to Hindus that it rendered durign the partition. Pt. Nehru perceived the Sangh as a potential political threat, and under the influence of the Left parties was always on the look out for an opportunity to crush the RSS.

So much so that on January 29, 1948, that is just a day before the murder of the Mahatma, he thundered in Amritsar that he would see that the RSS is totally uprooted from the face of India. The assasination of Gandhiji gave him an opportunity to implicate the RSS and he did it. However, the Sangh was honourably acquitted by the Courts after fighting the case for more than 18 months during which time thousands of innocents were tortured by the Congress governments.

Yet the Propaganda continues ..
Inspite of this, the Congress leaders and the English media continues to spread the propaganda that Godse killed Gandhi on the behest of the RSS. Once Prof.Rajendra Singh (4th Sarsanghchalak of RSS) remarked during an interview, ” Godse worked in the Congress for many years..Can we then say that he was motivated by the Congress to kill Gandhiji because of his association with Congress.”

2nd Ban of the RSS by Congress – 1975 :
The RSS was once again banned in 1975 by Pt.Nehru’s daughter, Smt.Indira Gandhi during the in”famous” Emergency. The rest is history. More than 80000 sangh swayamsevaks filled the jails and launched a never before seen satyagraha against Emergency  under the leadership of Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan . The Congress government was forced to uplift the ban.

It must be noted that in the history of Independent India, this was the only time when the Free will of the people was suppressed and yet the Congress calls the BJP-RSS as fascist. It is the Congress which has always sought to implement facisit methods  to suppress contradictory voice to its own.

The Third ban on Sangh by the Congress was in 1992 during the Ramajanmabhumi movement when once again the Congress’s anti-Hindu nature came up to the forefront.

The Effort to Malign & thereby ban the organisation continues :
Once again, now as part of the agenda to “crush” the RSS, the anti Hindu forces have unleashed propaganda with terms like RSS terror and Hindu terror. They believe that by this, the discussion on Islamic terror will be muted and win the Muslim votes.  They would also be able to alieniate a big section of Hindus away from the RSS.

Bhayyaji Joshi’s statement, Sarkaryavah  (General Secretary) of RSS;

The General Secretary of the RSS, Sri Suresh (Bhayyaji) Joshi had issued a clear statement that the RSS opposses terror and terrorists. He insisted that RSS only believed in the Constitutional path. The RSS would not support or protect anyone indulging in violent activities.  The RSS believes in resolving matters by increasing public awareness. He has also indicated that the RSS is willing to co-operate in any investigation if it involves solving the cases of the bomb blasts but asserted that innocent Hindus should not be harassed.

But, this aspect is coolly ignored by the Media. Sri Ram Madhavji,   also clarified that Sri Devender Gupta was a Vibhag Pracharak in the RSS but moved on from the RSS.  Why then  is media going overboard on the involvement of one person in an alleged terror attack in an organisation in which more than 5-6 Lacs people come together in the shakas every day ? If bomb blasts was on the agenda of the RSS, even a dimwit could imagine what the situation in India would have been !

Indians who once believed the media to be the weapon of justice are seeing through the games that these media houses are nothing but business houses who are out to earn some fast TRP ratings.

Meanwhile the media continues to attempt to entertain the audience by their Breaking News once again.

There was a section in the Congress in 1948 that saw through this game of the leftists. Sardar Patel represented this section. On January 7, 1948, in a speech in Lucknow (U.P.) he said, “In the Congress those who are in power feel that by virtue of their authority they will be able to crush the RSS. But you cannot crush an organisation by using the danda. The danda is meant for the thieves and dacoits. After all, the RSS men are not thieves and dacoits. They are patriots who love their country.”

The time has arrived once again for leaders from various fronts to put an end to this Hindu bashing.

Update Oct 2010 :

Over the last few days, the ATS Rajasthan has begun on completing the task set by its Congress masters of maligning the RSS. Sri Indresh Kumarji’s name was dragged into the chargesheet.. They say, ” He is in the chargesheet but not as a suspect”. Whatever that means. Today’s news is that Sri Ram Madhavji may also be dragged into the controversy. In short, the anti-Hindu Congress is doing what it does best..” maligning the Hindu forces”.

Sri Soniji’s press statement is  available at




17 thoughts on “RSS, Bomb Blasts & Media credibility

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  2. Ashish

    Rahul says, common b/w simi and Rss is extremisim which is not wrong, who were the people who demolished babri masjid……at the time of earth quake in gujrat rss cadre helped victims by asking there religion first,is this the patriotism ur talking about,,,why didnot rss backed atalji when he was trying to remove narendra modi after gujrat riots,why did not rss oppose shiv sena when they beat innocent nort indians in mumbai………rss is extremist by their agenda …they wish to change the india into a hindu state as they do not believe in seculiarism…..

    1. arisebharat Post author

      It seems you choose to believe propaganda than really going into facts. How come you have access to what RSS told Atalji ? Are you God ?

      Reg, RSS reaction on MNS attacks on north Indians in Mumbai…The RSS Sarsanghachalak clearly stated that every Indian has a right to live in every part of the country and the RSS swayamsevaks will protect the North Indians in Mumbai… Also watch youtube video on RSS Sarsanghachalak speech in Mumbai

      I think the above links are enough to prove that you are making baseless allegations without doing proper homework. Also, if you had done even a google into what activities SIMI is into, you would not be saying this. To be convinced on what Rahul Gandhi is saying, you must first know what the two parties are doing. Rahul deliberately feigns ignorance for his political needs.. But what about common Hindus like you ? Don’t you have the responsibility to know what is the true picture of an organisation which has time and again stood up for the integrity of the country.

  3. Mithilesh Kumar

    You have the funniest media in our country the media is funnier than our politicians firstly in our country there is no media co held by Indians no doubt it is run by Indians and we are all know throughout the world how corrupt Indians are so let us not talk about them. If somebody is not making money out of the news then he is not a reporter. They are there to spoil the image of Hindus and the government will never use them for purpose of good reporting and money speaks very loud man once it roars then it cant hear anything see anything.
    In our country there is no power political/media/defence social or family above all is the power of money. Where there is media there is power.

  4. datta hosabale

    Befitting comment on the media’s credibility!
    Good piece indeed. In India it is media (some sections of it, of course) which conducts the trial and passes the verdict before the judiciary even decides to take up. And media has a habit of doing this without enough substance and also sans responsibility, a classic case of spit-and-run.

    How much of media should be relied upon/ How much of it be believed- a keen and vigilant public (reader or viewer) should decide.



    Has the meaning of Media Changed? The Media which is dominated by the church and controlled by Vatican is not a Media but a Propoganda Apparatus which has not credibility.

  6. Prasad

    Agree with your views. Thanks for bringing to your readership.

    At the risk of talking to people who already know…

    As told by many, we can convince one who has no bias. So, any attempt to compete with the english media will be a failed exercise. To match them, one may have to change one’s life style, principles and values. That is a long shot for those who resonate to what is written in this blog.

    Isn’t it true that extreme indulgence in one’s strength makes it a weakness?

  7. Shrika

    All Hindu organizations should get together sue these media houses their editors, owners. let couple of these shut down for spreading falls news.

  8. M.Rajagopalan

    The Indian news papers are owned by christians or muslims who are hindu haters and who use violence freely against hindus frequently.

    They need to be answered in their own coin l8ike the irqi muslim who threw a shoe at president Bush and the threats gicen by jihadis to swedish government for talking in a disrespectful way AGAINST MOHAMMED.


    We hould constantly remind others about these news media including CNN , being racist just like the media CNN , included
    keep on doing false anti hindu propaganda frequently .


    1. arisebharat Post author

      Most of the newspapers actually run on the fund collected from government tenders and employment news. You are right- the people must be educated on how to read and hear news. Put up your antennae and question any news whcih says, ” our internal sources”, special information etc..why should we believe a media channel that cannot substantiate its claim by evidence.

  9. aditya

    Media`s anti-Hindu, anti-sangh propaganda is not a new phenomena. Media always danced to the tunes of cong. But unfortunate thing is sangh has never, ever realised the need to counter this propaganda. And tried to do it.


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