Historic Hanuman Chalisa recital at Hyderabad for Grand Ram temple


27th November , 2010 was a historical day in the history of Bhagyanagar ( Hyderabad ) with over 45,000 Hindus coming together to chant the "Hanuman Chalisa" at the NTR Stadium from 5 pm to 7 pm. This was part of the Hanuman Shakti Jagaran programs being run across the country. It is historical because the Bhaktas who came, did not come there to chant the Chalisa to seek some personal material benefit but because they came there to seek Hanuman's divine powers to ensure the smooth completion of a grand Ram temple at Ayodhya. The program was blessed with the presence of Pujya Sree Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swami, over 40 sadhus and sants of various maths and sampradayas, Sri Ashokji Singhal of VHP and Sri Bhagayyaji.

Sri Ashokji Singhal threw light on the overall issue of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir and the current status.

Pu. Chinna Jeeyar spoke about the need for Hindus to be assertive and not be cowed down when their religion is under attack. He also spoke about the value system that Sri Rama stood for and wanted each one of us to aspire to walk on his ideals.


The Preparation:
During the Kumbh mela, the sadhus and sants announced that Hanuman chalisa must be chanted by all Hindus with the sankalp to build a Grand temple at Ayodhya for Lord Sri Rama. For the last 3 months, the chanting at homes started and the first positive step was the court judgement that the birth place of Sri Rama is not disputed. However, some more clauses have been added in the judgement which act as obstalces to building a Grand temple. Moreover, the Muslim leadership does not seem to have seen the spirit of the judgment and are insisting on not giving up the land. Our conviction is that these obstacles will also go away….

For the last one month, the karyakartas of the Hanuman shakti Jagaran Samiti worked day and night contacting lacs of homes in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad educating them about the Ram temple issue and asking them to chant Hanuman chalisa at their homes. Lacs of Hindus participated in chanting of Hanuman chalisa everyday in their homes and came together as part of the Lakshagala Archana program.

Obstalces by Police:
There were last minute issues by the Hyderabad police who tried to stall the program. Two days before the program when the construction of stage was to be done, they said that we cannot give permission and the program cannot be held. The pretext – ” Dec 6th, is coming near and there could be problems”. This when the information has been given to the police so many days in advance . It is strange that the same police does not stall any programs of Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen ( MIM ) or any other Muslim program. The Samiti had to then move the court and the High court came down heavily on the police that protecting law and order was the duty of the police and what is wrong in having a program within a ground. Thus, the permission for the program was got but with the directive that we must close the program by 7 pm. It is ironical that the MIM organised a program yesterday on the Ayodhya verdict issue from 8 pm onwards upto midnight and why the Hanumat Jagaran Samiti was restricted to 7 pm is a matter of concern. Is it because the MIM holds 7 MLA’s and is the Dy.Mayor of Hyderabad. How can there be two rules in the same city for different communities ?

Jai Sri Ram, Jai Bajrang Bali
Anyway, when the Paramatma is with us, obstacles fall away and thousands of families and youth fired with the spirit of “Vajrang Bali” encompassed the NTR stadium. Cutural programs included some wonderful songs and a beautifully choreographed dance sequence. The roars of Jai Shri Ram reverberated and set the tone for the sankalp that we will ensure the successful completion of a Grand temple at Ayodhya for Sri Ram. Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji ended his speech with a poignant prayer for Ashokji Singhal. He said Ashokji has given most of his life for this movement and sought strength for him to see the successful completion of this movement.

The road map :
As per the samiti, Hanumat Shakti Jagaran programs will be held at all Taluka Headquarters across the country in the month of December as a reminder to the government that Sri Rama’s temple still remains at the core of the desires of crores of Hindus across the country.

Jai Sri Ram, Jai Bharat

27 thoughts on “Historic Hanuman Chalisa recital at Hyderabad for Grand Ram temple

  1. Atul Thakur

    A very great event. I would also humbly suggest to our Hindu Sadhus and saints and leadership to organize pure RAM mantra chanting. Our hindu scriptures extoll the RAM mantra. Everyone of them says that RAM mantra not only protects it resolves problems. Pure RAM mantra. Chant RAM together in a group. Chant RAM with one RAM in one breath. Do this together for 10-15 minutes. Then chant 2 RAMs in one breath for 10-15 mins. Then chant 4 RAMs in one breath for 10-15 mins. Send the RAM mantra to the temple. Let the RAM mantra clear the obstacles. I wrote and article on the RAM mantra and also the youtube video on how to chant it. I urge all the Hindus to try and and feel how it helps us against the Muslim infractions. We Hindus need to unite against the Muslim terrorists.
    The youtube link is as follows

    Atul Thakur

  2. Suman

    It was a commendable program… Still many people are unaware of the issue… Every Hindu must be educated about the injustice done to them in their very own country….. Hope the dream of “BHAVYA RAM MANDIR” will be realised soon…..
    Jai Shree Ram!!!

  3. Dr Gour Mohanty

    Let me very humbly tell you as regards the Struggle for India’s Independence the contribution of Muslims is not negligible but negative.The Secular Historians in collusion with the Congress Government in power have changed History and singing the glory of Muslim Contribution. And many Muslim writers of History have added Fictions to it. Because it is the Congress under Nehru which banned the Hindu Communities like Hindu Mahasabha and RSS falsly implicating them for Gandhiji’s murder , and what is more Nehru embraced the Muslim League justifying that Muslim league is different from the earlier Muslim League which demanded and wrested Pakistan.Since there is no scope for writing much at length let me quote from the so called Nationalist Muslim Maulana Azad’s INDIA WINS FREEDOM.Orient Longman 1988 Edition Page-246 “Pakistan was the creation of the Muslim League….I have already described how the Muslim League was originally founded to oppose the Congress.the League therefore had hardly any members who had fought for the independence of the country .They had neither made any sacrifice nor gone through the disciline of a struggle…”Hence the Muslim view after 15th August 1947, is aptly capsuled in the slogan “Haske Liya Pakistan, Ghuske Lenge Hindusthan” . And towards this declared goal they are steadily yet swiftly moving in a strategically planned manner .The unprincipled Vote-bhikaries do not bother.; the slavish Hindu nation suffers from paralysis under an overdose of Secular-opium .God ave the Hindu!

    1. Mithilesh Kumar

      We all agree to what you said now this going to far we don’t want to be refuge in our own country and I personally feel that instead we should stop this at any cost this country belongs to us Hindu and it is not a property any political party. And sir i sincerely warn this people that Hinduism is a very tolerant religion i think that is getting over and god forbid we are not aware of the reaction and my only request with all the Hindus please we should not lay low now being minority community when some can get so much of think age and political mileage why not we being majority. We have to vote out the political party who not protecting Hindu. We should also unite as Hindus not as regional Hindus And remember as we have one planet we also have one country.

  4. Atul Thakur

    Very inspiring. My suggestion is to chant the RAM mantra by itself. RAM mantra is the most powerful mantra. I have written a short explaination at this blog.

    If 500 people chant it together.. Just RAAAAMMMMM, then it will have a very powerful positive effect. Also pray that RAM bhoomi should become Hindu land, during chanting and pray for a large Temple built there. It will happen for certain.
    This week I will post how to chant in Youtube for every one.


    Atul Thakur


    It was simply superb, as I too took part in the Shree Lord Hanuman Jagran it was a great feeling. It was very apt to say that seeing is believing. We must unite sinking our caste and creed. Hindus should stop suffixing caste after the names like Reddy, Naidu, Pillai, Nayar shetty, etc.


    It was a fantastic event, I really go by Dr Gour Mohanty views that if we do not act as fast as we can then the time will not be far again Indians will be there own slaves. for the independence of our country Hindus And Muslims and many people from other religion had struggled but the reward was only given to Muslims By the country and then British rulers and that reward was Pakistan . Muslims have been rewarded for the effort they have made for freedom of Bharath. Our country and again they cannot demand more they have to live In this country as Indians and with our law and with no special treatment if they minority comunity that was their choice it was not ours. If that is exploited that is because of politicians that is of no fault of Hindus of this country This country belongs to Us and only for Indians and there is no Minority Or Majority that is all equal people should under stand the political games played by our politicians or Else this will be a major setback for the people I demand from all Hindus of this country weather they live in India or any country Join hand and strengthen our nations which belongs to us.HINDUS AND INDIANS.

  7. Anand Raja - Marradpally

    The event is grand success in Bhagyanagar, all the credit goes to the people how made it success in short period…. Hat’s off to them……. May such events take place for every 6 months , so that most of the Hindus should have a same ideology and vote for one common agenda…… Jai Shri Ram………

  8. Dr Gour Mohanty

    I feel happy and proud that you have boldly overcome the resistance posed by the police and the administration.We surely cannot ignore the fact that now with 7 MLAs of the so called Minority community they have the upper hand.In September at Deganga of 24 Paragana only 60 kms from Kolkata one Muslim Trinamul MP created havoc and made life miserable for the entire Hindu community .We have the bigger task of infusing the pround Hindu feeling and sentiment among the Officers in the Police and the Administration , so that they do not behave nor act as slaves of the Minority .These shameless creatures are responsible for Muslim-Raj in eighty percent Hindu India where Hindus like Kashmiri Pundits become refugees in their own country!

  9. Ravi-Marredpally

    Nice blog Ayush ji..hey Satyask! good point, but pl. note that we never forget mother sita- Ram ji is incomplete without sitamma hence we prefix his name with “Sri” – which is the name if Lakshmi (Sita) we never say “Hey Ram” like Gandhi did! we say “Jai Sri Ram”

  10. Bhoga

    I was there and delighted to see such a huge gathering of Hindus.
    The author has brought about a Historical aspect of this grand event, which is to be reckoned, as a good unique identification.

  11. Nagaraj

    This is what I had written to the Commissioner of Police and marked it to various news agencies when I heard that a conditional permission was granted: It goes thus:
    It was amusing to see a newsitem “HC permits mass recitation of Hanuman chalisa” after being denied permission by Police commissioner citing that the situation is tense after the post Ayodhya verdict.
    Its unfortunate that a petitioner had to approach the High court to arbitrate in the matters of purely religious concern after denied permission. How the recitation of Hanuman chalisa destroy the peace and tranquility is the moot question? Will the Commissioner be bold enough to similiarly deny permission at the Idgah for a religious gathering?
    Should Post -Ayodhya verdict tensions be a yardstick to prevent a particular religous denominations and how long? Is it perpetual,infinite ,ageless and endless ?

  12. satyask

    If I may make a suggestion. It is Sitamma whose blessings you need to build a temple in in Ayodhya.

    With Her divine blessings the temple will build itself

  13. dhruva

    it was a festival to all ….nver seen such a huge crowd and huge dias ….. awsome arrangments….. hatsoff to all adhikaris who has worked hard for this sucess…………… jai sri ram jai hanuman


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