Role Models and Reel Models – Kamal Hassan as a reference

Happened to see an interview of Sri Kamal Hassan, the famous film actor on a TV show anchored by Smt.Jaya Prada titled ” Jayapradam” on 18th Jan 2011. He forms a chain of popular actors/ actresses who have been expressing similar views and given media space and attention .

His views on some key issues :

1. He commented on the Ramjanmabhumi issue. To a question” are you happy with the verdict”, He said” Who are the judges to pass a judgement. ? ” We the people of India shall pass the judgement.” He said “Me and Gautami were discussing about how a nice school must be constructed in the campus with many trees” …

I could not understand why he got worked up on the judgement when it went by evidence. Does he mean to say that the wrong must never be corrected, because it is the Hindu who has been aggrieved.

He then said that we must make many movies to arrest this growth of negative ideas… (meaning Hindu nationalist ideas)

It of course explains why he chose his movies like Dashavatara to propagate a lie that Vaishanavas and Shaivas killed each other in thousands and destroyed each other’ s temples and thereby making an argument that there was not much to complain that Muslims destroyed temples.

2. On marriage and Live-In relationship  – He says, ” Marriage as an institution will go but the family will stay”. He says” I am living-in for some many years and have no problem.” This is I guess after his 2nd divorce. He spoke about marriage as a contract to live together. Of course, this is because his understanding of Hindu concept of marriage is zilch.

To all the above, Jayaprada commented” Hats off ” !!!

BTW , he declared that he is an athiest

These are of course his personal views and he has a right to live and express his views as long as they do not bother the others. But, what is of major concern is that Hindus have lost the ” vichakshana” ( ablility to discriminate ) between  “role models” and “reel models”.

A popular film actor automatically becomes a role model in our society. His / her views are broadcasted by the mainstream media as if he/she is an expert on the subject. The views of actors like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Khushboo, Kareena Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat or Kamal Hassan are given media space and attention even though they are not experts in that field. The real experts meanwhile are relegated to the background. Note the number of filmstars who become MLA’s/ MP’s…to get an idea about what I mean.

I see a convergence in the ideas being propagated by films, film stars and newspapers, magazines demeaning the Hindu view and way of life by planting ideas in the minds of modern youth that take them away from the Hindu way of life..

The youth of Bharat must be taught to be able to separate the reel and real..

What are the ways to do this ? Any thoughts ?


12 thoughts on “Role Models and Reel Models – Kamal Hassan as a reference

  1. p.s.ganesh

    As I believe that the people who come accross as celebrities (eg. kamal hasan, amir khan khushboo etc.) are not to be compared with real models ,as the the former is paid as a model for advertising one venture which is due in a time frame. I would suggest instead of reacting to reel models comments and quote we shall concentrate on our ideological progress.The reel models play with the media affiliate themselves ,get against a popular sentiment/emotion to get into limelight.If we react to their comments their goal is achieved.
    A movie on periyar was released ,it flopped, a musician Sri illayaraja rejected to work for the movie at any prize. Applaud Sri illayaraja ignore the movie.
    Neednot demean ourself by giving value to words which is of a comeo and by a comeo

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Well said Sri Ganesh. However, what we believe is that the education of the masses enabling them to differentiate between wheat and chaff has to be done. An idea is very powerful and it is said that Ideological aggression when not countered in time, leads to physical aggression. While, the words of a small cameo has no relevance whatsoever, it is a pathetic state that words of popular film stars are taken seriously. In fact, most Hindus even base their understanding of epics based on films. It may be therefore worthwhile investing time in explaining to the youth of Bharat how to view reel and real models.

      There is an interesting article – “How to Destroy a Nation” – posted on the blog today. Do read it.

      1. p.s.ganesh

        The views are the same as is to educate the youth and exposing the expression made by the celebs.The view is that these people use it
        to create a euphoria.The expression and the context is left behind and the reaction is highlighted.
        The view is appreciate the nation builders (the small time protestor who protests inhis own way making small changes and sacrifices) and ignore the minority,The media wants rhetoric views ,protests,and replies for its TRP’s. Hence it goes against the majority sentiments and ideologies.
        These guys play god on such views.
        Appreciate to create and motivate REAL madels REEL models are mere tresspassers

  2. The Confused Orient

    As Dr SL Byrappe beautifully articulated in his marvellous literary piece “AavaraNA”, both “aavaraNa” and “vikshEpa” are being beautifully well executed by all Anti Sanatanis.

    What we need is to constructively and creatively contribute so that the damage they are doing can be undone. We need to find more means of of this process of “anaavaraNa” (Not the “anaavarNa” the final stage of removal of amaaya as in the Vedantic sense, but the one as mentioned below).

    PS “aavaraNa” – To hide the truth, to hide what has happened. “vikshEpa” – To depict or show what has not happened.

  3. The Confused Orient

    This reminds me of Sri Krishna’s message – “yad yad Acharati shrEshtaH stat devetarojanah; sa yat prmAnNam kurutE lokaHs tad anuvartate”.

    Whether we like it or not, these so called starts may or may not be “shreshta” in ture sens; but they do influence the masses, and hence we cannot just ignore or brush aside.

  4. sriram

    i myself understood about myself with my self inquiry and understood there is no existence of god – in that i appreciate the hinduism it is open to all most free religion this world has – but we also have barbaric relgion which has ruined the humanity christian and islam – i call them dangerours relgion of the world – in fact it should be banned by the UN . it has given misery , explotitation and death to millions of people.

    1. The Confused Orient

      As a mtter of fact, Hindu-ism isnt an ism, its a Darshan not a vad. Viashnavism may be said, as one religion among many. We have always believed and lived the thought “Ekam sat viprAh bahudA vadanti”.

  5. AK

    Jus now I said in another blog abt KH.
    He creates a scenario in all his films as hindu’s are in negative though /role & he (Atheist) will be good man / positive role.
    I think he’s following Dravidian politics style to win his movie (after continues flops), as they become strong after this (anti –hindu/hindi, Etc)….which won’t affect his profits/pay ………..

  6. arisebharat Post author

    28th Jan 2011: One of the readers sent this mail on a group
    Begin Quote :
    “In a recently released film starring kamalahasan, one song written and sung by kamal, was deleted at the last minute despite censor clearance. This song was highly offensive to hindus and hindu deities. A protest by 150 members of Hindu Munnani group in front of kamal’s office was enough to force the hand of kamal and producers to delete the offending song from the film.
    Full article on this praiseworthy effort and video interview of Mr.Ilango of Hindu Munnani can be found in this link. It is in Tamil.

    Can someone translate the news of tamilhindu in English ?

  7. Skanda

    The question is why does an athiest usually turn in favor of Christianity while he is hostile to Hinduism? This holds good not only for Kamal Hasan or pseudo secularists or communists (not that there is no overlap) but for most of the Indian athiests. In the west athiesm by definition means a non-christian sympathy. And in India athiesm means non-Hindu sympathy, and it does not mean “athiesm” as such.

    Secondly, there is a theism and atheism in the west, arising from the christian theism. In India there is no atheism as such, because the same Hinduism that has several schools of theology also has non-theistic schools. In fact three of its six canonical worldviews are Nireeswara (Vaiseshika, Sankhya and Mimamsa) or not accepting God. So while there is a meaning to atheism in the west, atheism in India is a poor, sub-standard, confused and ignorant copying of the west. People who think they are being atheist by not being Hindus, have no idea of theism and atheism. And Kamal Hasan is one of the several such confused folks, basically a product of British-Indian education.

    The point most of these people miss out is that once they say they no belief in Hindu system they lose the right to talk of Hindu temples and Gods. Did any Hindu offend him with his belief? If not then why is he trying to offend the Hindu beliefs? And who really is being respectful of others’ rights and beliefs? Kamal Hasan or a practising Hindu? Does he think he is talking of his backyard that he will decide what is to be constructed on a religious site? Freespeech becomes a perversion if one thinks he can talk of anything anytime – and Kamal Hasan is such a pervert.

  8. bpappu

    Rightly said Ayush-ji. Unfortunately, Movies are highly influential. They set the trends of the society, starting from accent, to dressing, to mannerisms, to conversational modes with different classes of people (elderly relations, peers and others) to forming opinions on the strata of society who is being mocked at in the movie, played by comedians…
    The only answer there is to make creative movies to combat it.
    One SankarAbharaNam has brought back almost diminishing culture of learning classical music in almost every family. It raised high respect towards our classical music. Couple generations have had the influence.


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