Open letter to cong leadership

Hans Raj Bharadwaj, the cong-appointed governor of Karnataka, is doing his best to not allow the govt do its job. Its time and energy are spent fighting the desperate JD and Cong first, and then handling the nuissance created by the guv next. Obviously there is nothing that he did as a governor for the state, nor did he at least hold from creating trouble for the government. His recall obviously is not to the liking of congress, after all he was appointed to do what he is doing right now.

There is a sharp decline for anyone to see, in the quality of governors and presidents appointed by the cong. While rubberstamp president is what Indira Gandhi reduced the position to, what is happening now is different – intentional appointment of people who are not high in character, who are not respected. Appointment of someone of the stature of Smt Pratibha Patil as a president of India, is not only an insult to the position but to the nation whose first person is not even a respected personality. Then HR Bharadwaj who is known for his contribution in helping the cong in the Bofors scandal, get appointed as a governor of Karnataka. And someone like KGB’s stature serves as a chief justice. Dinakaran who is known for his lack of honesty is foisted as a High Court justice in Sikkim. The list goes on and on, and is not limited to beurocracy or cabinet.

While congress has always favored people who can serve congress more than the nation, these appointments are not merely of people who favor congress. These appointments are of people known to be not high in character, known to be inefficient, and are men of low public image and respectability. This has not always been the case, and appointments done be cong earlier were of people with respect, although they were less than perfect. KV Krishna Rao, PV Narasimha Rao, for that matter even Manmohan Singh for the profile of a cabinet minister, were men of repute and respect.

Leadership of cong, what happened to you? Why have you fallen down so much, and what brought the change? As I thought over this, the answer was evident. The cong earlier had stronger leaders like Patel and Sastri. Even Rajiv Gandhi, though not a capable man, knew the importance of character. Today the congress leadership does not understand the value of character, because its top cadre hardly has countable men of character. And the one who heads the party, Sonia, does not come from a respectable background. Which is why she has no idea of what high character and respectability is. To dishonor a dead ex-prime minister of a nation did not seem wrong to her. To foist a person of ambivalent morality like Pratibha Patil did not seem to be the wrong choice for the first person of the nation, at least when compared to a giant character like Kalam. To understand the need for men of character, and its criticality to the security and development of a country, Sonia’s background, training and experience are just plain insufficient.

Eventually with all these insults, the nation is slowly waking up to what cong did to it. Cong leadership, are you waking up? Are you getting rid of your rotten top or setting up yourself to be thrown out? Choice is yours.


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