“Do not score political points”, Mr. PM?


Many of the times when our PM makes statements on non-finance matters, he ends up being on the wrong side of commonsense – saying the Muslims should have first right to resources in India or calling Pakistan a victim of terrorism for instance. One can ignore his statements if he was a routinely blabbering congress leader, but he is a PM who sets the tone for the state.

The most recent is when he says BJP should not try to “score political points” through ekta yatra. The first thought in my mind was obvious – how does it even demand a political advantage if an Indian tries to hoist Indian flag in India! And how does it even demand the need for anyone to try to stop them? Unless they admit that there is some strongly anti-national, anti-constitutional sentiment? And in case such thing really exists, it makes such a yatra imperative and puts all the responsibility on the governments to encourage it and not try to stop it.

But as the PM said, such a thing would give some good name to BJP, which the PM or his party cannot stand. And this seemed nothing new to me – as a matter of fact congress could never stand any compatriot’s popularity in the past century. Congress had annoyed the greatest of leaders like Netaji, Bhagat Singh, Savarkar even during the freedom struggle, with its one-up-manship. It had problem standing any non-congress (and non-Muslim) movement by its side. And after independence, the Hindu Mahasabha was completely sabotaged and destroyed, its leader Savarkar booked in false case of Gandhi Murder. Congress banned the nationalistic RSS more than once – in spite of the fact that it was known for its unmatched service to the nation. If congress can harm compatriots in the most critical phases of the country’s struggle, then it is not surprising that it will do so in relatively less tense days for the country. As long as congress is nervous about someone getting a better name, it can go to any extent to marginalize them.

At the same time, the initiatives of congress itself are invariably weaker than those of the other nationalists. Savarkar’s role during second world war and the mediocre efforts of congress at the same time, is the best example. That also tells us why he and his party were targeted to be eliminated by congress soon after independence.

And if it was a congress initiative today to hoist national flag, they would have no problem – it would be patriotic, not “political”, what not. But they cannot stand if an initiative comes from someone else, especially someone who can take the advantage to the nationalistic side.

So, Mr. PM, are you afraid that your government is not patriotic enough to encourage flag hoisting or that someone else will get good name?

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