Desecration of statues on Tank Bund, Hyderabad

Heroes of Bharat are worshipped above the boundaries of states, region, caste and panthas since time immemorial. The legacy of the nation has been built by people from all parts of the country and they form the cumulative heritage of the land. A Guru Gobind Singh is never treated as only a Punjabi, A Sivaji was never perceived to be only a Maharashtrian, A Valmiki, A Vyasa, A Narayana Guru, A Kanaka Dasa do not represent only the region from where they were born. They represent Bharat’s tradition.

It is a very narrow mind which perceives the greatness of heroes through the glasses of region.
The demand for smaller states for administrative purposes is just. But, to detach ourselves from the legacy of our great ancestors giving a regional angle to them is foolishness.

Shalivahana on whose name a entire the Shalivahana Shaka is named, Sri Krishnadevaraya who along with his ancestors stood as a bulwark against Islamic invasions in South India, Annamaya whose songs are rendered by Bhaktas across the country, Siddhendra Yogi the founder of the world-famous Kuchipudi classical dance form more than 600 years ago, Ramdas who is quoted as an epitome of Bhakti, Rani Rudramma Devi , S. Radhakrishna – 2nd President of India, Nanayya, Kshetrayya, Molla, Yogi Vemana and many more are not merely regional entities. They represent the cumulative heritage of Bharat.

This vandalism is an insult of the collective wisdom of Bharat. This is a day of shame for the people of Bhagyanagar ( Hyderabad ) who allowed the destruction of these statues.

A nation is judged by the treatment it gives to the heroes of the land.

All nationalists must rise and raise their voice to make the leaders of the movement hear that we will not allow the vandals to create divisions among our heroes . A division of state need not mean division in the hearts of people.


19 thoughts on “Desecration of statues on Tank Bund, Hyderabad

  1. Saam

    “Discrimination” in any form leads to division. The days of drawing inspiration from our leaders are slowly fading out due to the materialistic instincts of human beings. Continuous Discrimination in any form (Caste,Creed, Gender, Region etc.,) is like a pressure in the pressure cooker which if not balanced properly would blast one day, when the blast occurs there is only destruction. Live students were burning, how many families who are very concerned of the statues of stalwards in their respective fields visit the dead parents or give condolences? We might have lost a future Stalwards. Idealogy which does not address basic needs of human beings is just a pass time. There are clubs for higher classes. Now there are clubs of middle classes.

    1. GLNMurthy

      Show me the photo while people hitting the statues….many at the location are informing that someone unknown did it-most of them were in mob psychic mood which created a unexpected disturbance

      1. upardhasaradhi

        HITTING is different from THROWING THEM on to HUSSAIN SAGAR?

        RAAJ NEWS covered that incident extensively and goto 100s of TELAGANA forums where people r proudly claiming they did it and they did it intensionally. TRS leaders were caught doing this planning 2 months back, so again dont come and tell its police who made TRS leaders confessed that they did it. Its all bull shit.

        At the end of the day, its a planned attack and people wanted to do it, did it, why do you blindly argues that no telangana guy will do it? u should be proud of something you wanted to do. This is the confused state the TELANGANA people are in. I dont want to generalize every common people here, its just there is some MOB who wants to do this in the middle of some peaceful agitation. As I was saying, calling for big marches such as this was wrong, you cant control emotions and now u cant say we did nt do it.

        The way TRS MLAs did cross voting only tells the mentality of those Political leaders. In the middest of all this strong agitation, how dare they can do it?

        At the end of the day, a separate state is on the CARd, some people say in June, CENTRe is going to form a separate state, so at least from today onwards, people need to be sensitive and get on to a peaceful dialogue and may GOD bless all the regions of AP state.

        Economically, socially and indusstrially, in the last 2 years, we went back and went back to where we were in 1980s. States like BHIHAR, GUJARATH r progressing well and taking all the companies, industies from AP.

        Earlier we used to get all companies and industries. so it’s high time.


  2. GLNMurthy

    No Real Telangana lover destroys the statues…telangana people like telugu the act is totally directed by present copngress government and police acted according to the directions
    Police want to divert the attention of the people from telangana and lagadapati want to save his money of investment in hyderabad

    on the day of million march its clear that KCR tied up with congress(with Lagatapati) to dilute the movement but telangana reached its peak and people ar eon march,no one can stop the movement-
    people on Tank bund can not throw somany staues within 1 hour its impossible -its known fact that on the day about 200 police is in mufti and police is not doing anything to stop the people doing this and they manhandled media and thrown cameras in to tankbund-
    Its impossible for the telangana fighters attacking on media
    police intentionally wanted to do this did it and lagatapati diverted successfully against BJP as culprit
    KCR is listening to Congress and TDP is listening to Babu but how these people can control BJP so all these trials

    House needs more rooms……..we can not eat in single plate,we need different plates to eat……..vegetables to be cut in to pieces…..
    for 10crores ,single state without proper decentralization creates all bussiness men and gundas like chandra babu grabbing madapur lands,jagan eating away all shamshabad lands,lagatapati lanco hills,rayapati business houses…..kiran kumar back controls……..and cine actors srudio business……..lets fight for telangana and make sure all these scoundrals disappear in state politics……….along with KCR and friends………..make grama swarajya possible by dividing more stastes

  3. upardhasaradhi

    Dear Raghu,

    There is no sudden change here. If you look at my previous posts, I always said the ball is in the Telangana leaders how they can transform the anger and frustration of the so called agitators into the right track. So there is no change in my words yet.

    On your words of 21 Seemandhra MPs important for Congress and UPA govt, they are also congress workers and if congress as a party takes a decision, they should and would abide by the final decision. I think the bottom line is congress would need to have a consensus within in its own party first and then within its allies.

    Very simple, if it want to take a decision, they can always convince everybody including their allies, the people here and in around and they have that capability.

    If it doesn’t want to give, it can make any excuses and show CBN, Seemandhra leaders as “BHUCHIS”, at the end of the day, everything is in their hands. So the easiest thing to do for Telangana leaders is divert the anger back to Centre, don’t arrange any such marches, which can be taken as advantage by the unruly elements and for the sake of their own agitation.

    At this time, I want you to note a point that what Congress & UPA did was a blunder in December, 2009 not to take the allies into confidence and not to take their own party men into confidence and why do they today blame other parties? Don’t you know that you need to discuss with UPA allies and the Seemandhra leaders before u make that announcement on that mid night by the Home minister? Why do you say only today we need to talk to others?

    In the process, you create a lot of hatred towards Seemandhra leaders that they stopped something you got on Dec 9th, 2009? This is really astonishing and why don’t you and intellectual Telangana leaders don’t understand such double standards from Congress’s side and direct you movement against the govt rather than creating the hatrad against the other region people and leaders?


  4. Raghu Yeturi

    Namasthe Pardhasaradhi garu,

    I suddenly see that ” the Ball” has moved from Telangana to Central Govt. from your previous reply to this reply and I am happy that there is a correct observation about the current situation. I will try to justify that the BALL is in central govt. further. Out of 42 MP seats of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana is having 17 seats of which 12 belong to Congress and Andhra+ Rayalaseema has 25 seats of which 21 seats belong to Congress. Currently, UPA govt. is having nominal majority and congress is depending on parties like DMK, Trinamool that can stab their backs i.e., pull out their support at any time. So, the 21 seats of Seema-Andhra are very crucial for the UPA. If the Telangana is announced, then there is always a threat for the UPA that it may lose the support of 21 influential congressmen. Seemaandhra leaders’ silence can’t be assured as their support. Also, the Jagan factor is always there to haunt. The Seema- Andhra leaders need to give assurance to UPA govt. that there will not be any problem to the central govt. in the event of Telangana announcement. This will make the central to easily pass the bill. For this, Central govt. need to cajole their leaders to support the bill which it is not attempting because it may backlash them in the current times of Jagan factor & elections in other states.

    As you said, the best way is to pressurize the central govt., which is what I guess Telangana leaders have tried to do through million marches though it has outcome in a bad shape. As I wrote in my earlier reply, we need to sort out the ways for peaceful protests to put pressure on the central and this can’t be done only with the Telangana region people/leaders but need to get support from other regions too and specially the leaders.

    Jai Hind

  5. upardhasaradhi

    Dear Raghu,

    Well, appreciate your time in answering back.

    I can only say political leaders will do only what they are expected to do and I guess Telangana leaders are seeing the words by SAMIKANDHRA leaders and trying to exgagriaite what they are saying.

    After Sri Krishna committee ‘s report came out, no Andhra leaders said they are against Telangana state and even if they are saying, they are clearly saying whatever Centre decides is fine with us, but settle this immediately.

    Not only Telangana MPs, but Seemandhra MPs requested the UPA govt, settle this forever and take a decision ASAP.

    So my humble request is instead of going against the Seemandhra people and its leaders, settle this with Central Govt. It’s a straight forward democratic decision, Telangana state will be formed by putting a bill in the Parliament and with BJP supporting it, Congress will have a ice walk if it has to give this, so it would be better if TELANGANA leaders and people pushes the right things at the right place, not increase more hatred against Andhra and it’s people and leaders.

    At the end of the day, BALL is in the hands of CENTRAL govt as Sri Krishna Committee is formed and all political leaders gave their stand to that committee, so it’s all on the writings. The need of the hour is wait for CENTRE’s decision and people have every right to agitate, but please please please do not get into the acts where the sympathy and main cause will be lost.

    On the development of Hyd and share, if you know the statistics, 75+% of the state‘s revenue is being spent in Hyd, so you decide on it. You are absolutely right, people need to look into the matters of revenue, expenditure region wise and I am sure Central govt must be looking into this after Sri Krishna Committee’s report, report is published and whatever people need to do, there needs to be a healthy dialogue, however you can’t just boycott the ASSEMBLY, Parliament and say I need State, nothing else, I don’t discuss anything else and conduct marches that spread more hatrated.

    I don’t want to go on and on as arguments and examples will increase, on the attack on Palamuru people, it may be on one of those only one such instance; however people would need to understand the context behind it; it came on the context of KCR, TRS’s hatrated statements that once TELANGANA comes, we will kick all andhrites out of hyd; with each family in other parts of the region having a friend, or a relation in hyderabad, it just hurts and the incident you r referring may be after math of those statements. You don’t again say there are some incidents this side and this argument will continue. So let’s not start talking about more and more indents and let’s get to the summary of my side of these discussions.

    It’s very very clear, whether Telangana is developed or under developed; the minds have separated and it’s just a matter of time that state will be formed; however now the struggle and moves and counter moves that who gets maximum benefit out of this split and within the Telangana region itself, all parties want to take control and take credit of it and that’s where you see all the non-sense that’s happening around.

    KCR, TRS , KK & Kondararam doesn’t represent whole of Telangana and same Chiru, Jagan, CBN, Kavuri, KKR, Rayapati, Lagadapati doesn’t represent the whole of their region; if this is true, they could have swept their regions in the last elections, so its time for some more voices coming out and intellectuals take control.

    Both sides need to sit out, come out with the issues that are separating them, solve one by one by a meaningful dialogue, you don’t need 9+ Crores people coming out and taking the law and order into their hand and solve this issue. What if tomorrow 5+ Crores of Coastal and Rayalasemma people comes onto the streets and say another “MILLION MARCH” and create one more law & Order problem. That’s the least one can expect on this.

    Instead, easier way would be pressurize the Central govt, let Central govt take this as a priority item and act as a centre point and more of a negotiator/mediator and let both sides discuss the apprehensions and solve one by one. I am sure there would be 100s of other things that comes into discussion when the meetings happens.

    -Pardha Saradhi

  6. Raghu Yeturi

    Namasthe Upardhasaradhi,

    Firstly, I appreciate for your statement saying, Andhraites too have a strong support for the separate state of Telangana. But, why it is that leaders are preaching the “Samaikhya-Andhra”? Why is this double standard followed? So, which region leaders need to be approached by whom and who need to solve this amicably?

    Next on the taxpayer’s money. Should we need to put an effort to see how much of Hyderabad development has benefited to various regions of the Andhra Pradesh in terms of employment? Also, what was the contribution of Telangana taxpayers & revenues in the development of the Vizag, Kakinada, and machilipatnam? Many power sector industries, ports, other industries flourished across several regions. I feel bad to quote this example that how much of the Telangana taxpayers’ money is spent whenever floods and cyclones occur across coastal areas. No doubt, all the regions of the Andhra Pradesh and for that matter, our other state fellows too have contributed for the development of the Andhra Pradesh.

    The problem currently we are having is that people of both the regions are falling trap of our leader’s voices. Since our leader has said that we have put so much of our money on infrastructure development at Hyderabad alone, we will be on the losing side since we need to start from zero again. Instead of thinking that way, why don’t we think about all the investments & expenditures done across the state over the period of state formation need to be compensated based on ups/downs among the regions equally. And I guess the central govt. may be looking in this way itself. Also, we can take the example of Bombay state division with Bombay becoming capital to Maharashtra and Gujarat finding a new capital. And we all are very much aware; Gujaratis have equal contribution in development of Bombay city right from the beginning.

    Next on the safety on Andhra people in Hyderabad in the events of state formation. I strongly believe, no government nor the political parties will allow such nuances as current events are all dramas or pressure tactics by the political leaders. And for a party similar to MahaNirman Sena to establish and people to support it to beat the non-regional party may not happen immediately (not ruled out as it depends on the political parties that rule the state). Now, what will be the guarantee that whenever a Telangana person goes to Vizag for picnic or Tirupati for pilgrimage is left unhurt as I remember Palamooru labourers were beaten up at Vijayawada sometime back in the name of Samaikhya-Andhra.I strongly believe that this will also not happen as hurting the people has come out of sudden emotions created by politicians and will be short-lived.

    Lastly, I wanted to say that we are so innocent enough that we can approach our leaders and solve the problem. If it is so easy, then Andhra leaders need to be approached and ask for the support in Assembly and Parliament for the Telangana as in your words, majority of Andhraites support Telangana.Andhra leaders need to be asked to stop double standards and directly ask about the justified division of the state which is not at all possible. And I am sure; this is not possible even on the part of Telangana leaders to be approached and ask for a justified resentment rather than beating people or damaging statues for the statehood. Current leaders always provoke and make the innocent/common people suffer and die.

    Jai Hind

  7. srinivas sharma

    Hi all,

    We , as indians are more tolerant and show to the other part of the western and eastern world about patience towards such activities. Modern day thoughts and ideas are more towards global community, exploring the new world with different magnitude. I strongly believe right now that there is no religion , caste, community and as far as physical boundaries, we have to share a common boundary with either an enemy or friend.Then where is the question of hatred in talking about community , caste , religion and a small piece of land for power.This is all Deep Bull ****. There is always one hero for us, all Indians. MAHATMA GANDHIJI. If we follow him , every thing is peace and harmony. Thanks he is not targeted.
    I deeply regret the act and pray to god that at least these people have good thoughts and maintain harmony among telugu speaking people in AP.
    (These are my views , but I apologise for those if these words hurts them.)

  8. AmarNadhReddy

    ఈ సంఘటన చాల అమానుషమైనది.
    సామాన్య పౌరుని మనోభావాలను ఏమాత్రం లెక్కచేయక చేసిన క్రియ.
    చరిత్రలో దురక్రమనదారులు, చాందసవాదులు , మూర్ఖులు మాత్రమే ఇలాంటి వాటిని చేయడం, ప్రోత్సహించడం చేసారు.
    మన మాటలు, ఆలోచనలకు, ఆదర్శాలకు, ఆచరణకు పొంతన లేకుండా పోతున్దనడానికి COSTLY ఉదాహరణ.
    Really not able to digest and move around.

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  10. s v ramana

    all the people who have participated and have given support to this cause and activity should feel ashamed of this mad and organized attack on the great people of our country (i don’t want to call them as statues ! ).
    the govt., should immediately resurrect them with great fanfare and all the parties should declare that this act is a condemnable one.

  11. Raghu Yeturi

    I don’t understand how to feel on this issue. It has hurt me in two ways. I felt bad for great heroes being treated in this way. At the same time, I felt bad also even for people who did this act getting abused (many articles referred them as shameless, senseless. .so on). But, can we think in this way? Did the people do this action left out of no options after trying all the possible ways in working towards the goal of Telangana? They hurt themselves by burnings, taking the floggings from police, huge clamourings, suicides, govt. employees pen down (delay in salaries made certain families suffer also) and even hurting the different region people including their own? The act they did now was on non-living beings. Of course, this act doesn’t guarantee Telangana. As the great children of Bharat, we always feel outraged about the violence.

    I once happened to hear that in Poland country, during the independence from Russia, they destroyed the Church constructed by Russia only to construct their own church. Note that the God is the same in both the churches. Was the thinking of these Telangana people who desecrated statues had similar thoughts in their minds that this was constructed by Andhra leader (NTR) only to show the Andhra leaders’ dominance and this dominance need to be removed because Some of the heroes’ statues damaged belonged to Telangana too like Shalivahana (whose capital is karimnagar), Rani Rudramadevi but not to deny that majority were from Andhra. Or, was it just the case of these people who destroyed don’t know the history of these heroes. There is no denial that these heroes remain heroes for all people across Bharat and need to be respected at all times. But, except few people, many of us have forgotten these heroes and their deeds. No wonder that so called heroes statues we are erecting now across state recently like the case of YSRs, Rajiv Gandhi’s, or Nizams..people might have forgotten that the original heroes(like Shalivahana, Yogendra Siddhi…) have worked for all sections of the people of the country and not for any particular region, religion, creed, caste…etc.

    So were there any other factors that could have stopped the people from doing so like about the fundamentals of knowing our original heroes and so on…?

    Jai Hind

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Dear Raghu,
      If the people do not know the history of their heroes. They must be educated. We must also note that the threat to destroy the statues is not new. KCR’s son, Taraka Rama Rao issued a threat to this extent earlier in 2010. It is not without reason that it is said that an intellectual aggression when not tackled in time leads to physical aggression.

      This is act defeats the very purpose of sacrifices of the people of telangana for statehood that you have listed. The vandals must realise that they have insulted the support of lacs of supporters of the Telangana state. The BJP and ABVP which want Telangana must chalk out their own strategy. They must separate themselves from the other selfish leaders of the movement who are only treating them as foot soliders.

    2. upardhasaradhi

      Dear Raghu,

      Most common people including Andhrites have a strong support and understands the heart and struggle of telangana people.They know a state has to be formed,however the issue here are the political leaders and if telangana people get arround of their own leaders and solve the issue,most AP common men shldnt have an issue.

      I think the situation now is that nobody is discussing whether the state is necessary or not, but how it needs to be formed.People r psychologically ready for a state for some reasons;however when divided people r loosing some rights and want those rights to be protected.Will u allow the Andhrites to continue to live in hyd or you will daily put a march and destruct the common and individual properties? What happens to Andhrite’s effort and share in the development of Hyd? If they need to go back, they need start from zero in their separate state as the development was Concentrated in Hyd and Tax Payer’s money from Andhrites also has been used to invest the infrastructure here and they need their share in that infrastructure and build the similar infrastructure in the new Capital. For it, people need a formula , like we will share hyd as a common capital for 10 years, have a new capital developed and shift the capital slowly. The options need to come out, discuss and solve this issue for ever, but are they allowing for a dialogue,you start abusing everybody who says this and start destructing everything.

      Hyd always can be a metro politian city like Mum,Delhi and any one can live here,come and go. So the ball is in TELANGANA people to convince their leaders and get the problem solved.They r only doing injustice to their own cause if they keep attacking the assets,other people’s sentiments and common heritage.Wt Srikrishna devaraaayulu ,pingali venkaiaha,Annamaiah did to TELANGANA????

  12. Meher

    Leaders like Kodandaram who claim the success should be pulled to court and make them pay for the damages and loss of public property. The same people (pink brigade) were part of the party who installed the statues on tank bund and now just for their selfish reasons they brought them down. More over It’s a complete administration failure and the home minister should take the responsibility and step down.


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