Aamir Khan Supports Medha Patkar – Supreme Court Warns Medha

New Delhi, Sept 30: It can be a major setback for social activist Medha Patkar and her NGO which led the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) agitation in Madhya Pradesh. The apex court on Thursday, Sept 29 refused to withdraw its scathing remarks against Patkar’s NGO. Citing the court’s decision, many started questioning – is not it a slap on Bollywood actor Aamir Khan who actively participated in the protest.

Announcing its decision, the court on Thursday claimed that the NGO, headed by Patkar, acted irresponsibly while accusing the state government of wrongfully grabbing land for the Omkareshwar dam.

Upholding the state government’s plea, the apex court in May 2011 had charged Patkar’s NGO over “misrepresentation”. Citing the affidavit filed by NBA, the court also made caustic remarks against Patkar and her group.

However, NBA moved the court following the remarks requesting to remove the remarks. The court, defending its stand, said, “We modify our order to the extent that from the facts on record the inescapable conclusion is that the NBA has not acted with a sense of responsibility.”

The court, however, claimed, “We direct that in future if any case is presented to the court by NBA, it may be treated with caution and care. As in the given case, where the NBA filed an affidavit accusing the state of wrongfully acquiring 284 hectares of land, which on spot inquiry was proved wrong.”



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