Mohd Junaid fakes attack in Hyderabad Old City leading to tension


A 21 year-old plumber, who faked an attack to give an impression he was robbed, kept city police on tenterhooks throughout Sunday night. The incident sparked protests by locals of Kalapather and MIM leaders at the Kamatipura police station on Sunday night while BJP leaders staged a protest on Monday morning at the old CP office in Purani Haveli alleging police are harassing a particular section of people.

Around 10.30 p.m on Sunday, Mohd Junaid ran into Amzadullahbagh locality with bleeding injuries on his left shoulder and thigh. A resident of Chintalmet on city outskirts, Junaid used to reside in Chandulal Baradari earlier.

When locals inquired about injuries, Junaid claimed he was attacked by five unknown persons after inquiring his name. Soon locals gathered and marched towards Kamatipura police station along with Junaid and lodged a complaint. Junaid was initially shifted to the Osmania general hospital and later to Asra hospital in the Old City.

“During our investigation, Junaid gave contradictory versions about the attack. At times he claimed the attackers ran away after attacking him and later said the attackers came on motorcycles. We also inspected the scene where the suspected attack took place and inquired with locals which made us suspect foul play,” South Zone deputy commissioner of police Manish Kumar Sinha said.

Meanwhile, a large number of people gathered at Kamatipura police station demanding action against ‘attackers’.

Investigation which went on till Monday morning led to Junaid finally spilling the beans. “Junaid was not in a position to give money he is supposed to give his elder brother, Mohd Zameel every month for taking care of the family. Junaid decided to stage a drama of robbery and faked the attack,” Manish Kumar Sinha said.

In the meantime, police took nearly 35 locals including some BJP workers into custody for questioning. Speaking to reporters, Junaid claimed his intention was just to create an impression that he is robbed of Rs 2,000. “Once I went into Amzadullabagh locality in Kalapather, locals gathered and they forced me to tell the attackers initially attacked me. I didn’t intend to create any rift between the two communities,” Junaid said.

Police, however, said Junaid was trying to shift blame on the public. “We can’t say actually whether he wanted to create disturbance or not, but his action created a lot of mistrust between two communities,” the DCP said adding cases under Sections 153A (promoting enmity between different groups of communities) and 203 (giving false complaint) have been filed against Junaid.

Meanwhile, BJP workers led by Baddam Bal Reddy staged a dharna in front of the Old CP office protesting arrests of the party workers.

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