Google mis-represents India on google maps

This is the map that we get when we go to where the entire Jammu & Kashmir is shown in dotted line which basically means that it is disputed. Any person who has read the history of India would know that J&K has been a part of India for ages and that it is an integral part of India.

It is true that both Pakistan & China have occupied parts of J&K and claim it as their own. But on what basis are they showing the entire J&K as disputed ? Is it just because Pakistan raises it in international fora ?

This is gross mis-representation by google and must be protested by the Indian people and the GOI.

3 thoughts on “Google mis-represents India on google maps

  1. vijay dhanappagl bedkiha karnataka

    j and k belongs to not Only to kashmiries but it also of indians.laxmi u r right.i wil show this map in my school and village.

  2. Nagesh Kallol

    We participated in EXCON trade fair in Bengalooru during last week of Nov. Many companies from China participated in the trade fair.

    Apart from business talk, I discussed (thro’ interpreters)with the Chines Participants regarding their Govt’s bullying attitude towards Bharat. Most of them approved my views & told that their Govt does such acts to please Pakistan.

    Our Govt must warn China towards manipulating & misrepresenting our country’s Map & not to allow them to carryout any business deals till our map is set right.

    Jai Hind. Vande Mataram


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