Swami Shivanand & Swami Nigamanand – Heroic Guru & Shishya

Our Puranas and epics have many stories about Shishyas fulfilling the wishes of the Guru. This is a heroic story of a Guru working towards fulfilling the mission of his shisya.

Swami Nigamananda had fasted for over 4 months in protest against the illegal mining and quarrying near the River Ganga at Hardwar.  His fast was unheeded and he laid down his life by fasting on June 14th 2011.

His Guru, Swami Shivanand, took a sankalp (vow)  that he would not let the martyrdom of his shishya go waste.  The 65 year old guru sat on fast from November 25th onwards leading to massive public uproar. Today, on 7th Dec, 2011, the government issued orders banning mining on the river Ganga near Hardwar. 

For ages, the River Ganga is held sacred by the Hindus and it has vast medicinal properties as well. Protecting the Ganga is the sacred duty of all people who claim to be the inheritors of this glorious land, Bharat.

Our pranaams to both Hutatma Swami Nigamananda and Swami Shivanand for the grit they have shown. It is unfortunate that in our country, we are having to either go on streets OR go on fast for natural justice. This does not ode well for the future of the country.




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