Hindu Temple Desecrated- Violence in Saidabad, Hyderabad

 A day after the Hanuman Jayanti, it seems that the Muslim leadership of Old City, Hyderabad  is back to its old trick of polarising the society… and as usual the miscreants are running free.

In the early hours of Sunday, 8th April 2012, the bhakts ( devotees) ofthe Hanuman temple at Kurmaguda, (in Saidabad ) were in for a shock. They found that the green colour had been splashed on the walls of the temple.  When they opened the doors of the temple, they found that large pieces of beef ( Cow meat) were thrown inside the temple from the grills. 

The naturally agitated Hindu youth protested against this sacrilegious act. The Muslims who are a majority in that area launched an offensive on the Hindus and both sides engaged in a duel of stone fight. Sensing trouble, the police indulged in lathi charge and also fired tear gas hurting many of the protesters. At the same time, the Muslims grouped themselves into a larger group and more or less occupied the main road of Saidabad armed with stones and swords.

One of the expectations from administration is security and punishment of the wrong doers. The ruling Majlis party whose Mayor himself is a criminal ( an accussed in 7 criminal cases )cannot guarantee the security of the Hindu temples. It seems that the administration is responsible only for the protection of non-Hindu sites . The Hindu society has to be vigilant and protect itself. .Meanwhile the tension on the spot continues ….

Update on the issue : The political establishment framed false charges against the Hindus stating that it is the Hindus who committed this sacrilege. False cases were foisted on Hindus esp those were protesting. 

Update on 3rd May 2012 : Police resorts to 3rd Degree torture to foist false cases on Hindus in connection with the case. Shame on the government’s cheap and appeasement tactics.


Magistrate calls for explanation from SIT in temple desecration case

Nagaraju's arms seen badly injured in Hyderabad on Wednesday.— PHOTO: NAGARA GOPAL

Nagaraju’s arms seen badly injured in Hyderabad on Wednesday.— PHOTO: NAGARA GOPAL

The Madannapet temple desecration case took a twist on Wednesday when one of the four arrested persons, N. Nagaraju, complained to the court that the police tortured him forcing him to confess to the offence.

The magistrate sought explanation from the Special Investigation Team Inspector, Murali Krishna, following the allegation while directing the Chanchalguda prison superintendent to extend medical treatment to Nagaraju at the OGH.

The 14{+t}{+h}Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, R. Radha Devi, said Nagaraju can also be taken to any private hospital for treatment.

Nagaraju, 29, GHMC sanitation contract supervisor from Kurmaguda, was arrested along with three other Hindus of the same locality, five days ago on charge of creating communal disturbances by planting cow’s legs in a temple and sprinkling paint on the temple wall in the first week of April. The quartet was accused of desecrating the temple at the behest of Niranjan Yadav and Srinivas, of the same area.

Nagaraju and his associates, Kiran Kumar, Ramesh and Dayanand Singh, were later remanded in judicial custody. The case took a curious turn when the Madannapet police brought Nagaraju from the prison to the court seeking his custody in connection with some communal cases registered in 2010 following outbreak of violence after Hanuman Jayanti rally.

Nagaraju’s lawyer, K.K. Sagar, had already filed a petition stating that the police had picked up his client from the residence on April 23. He was taken to the Hyderabad Police Commissioner’s Task Force office in Secunderabad where he was tortured for five days, the affidavit said.

They collected a false confession from Nagaraju using third degree methods, the lawyer said. “They tortured and threatened me to own up the offence. I am in no way connected to the case,” Nagaraju, who could not raise his arms and had difficulty in walking, told the magistrate. He maintained that he didn’t dare to reveal police torture when he was produced before the magistrate five days ago as the police warned him of foisting more cases against him. The magistrate directed the Chanchalguda prison superintendent to submit the medical certificate of Nagaraju and furnish a report on his treatment on Friday.

Saidabad becoming a haven for Islamic extremists

Saidabad in Hyderabad has been in the news continuously for the

last decade with a number of ISI agents, SIMI & TTSI activists & a

few other terrorists being arrested.

2003 – 

Four suspected ISI activist arrested. Zameeluddin Ahmed

of Santoshnagar, Abdul Samad of Mallepally, Manzoor Siddiqui

a resident of SBH Colony in Saidabad and Maulana Mufti Akbar of Karimnagar.


2004 –

DJS activists attack policemen.

http://www.djsindia.org/djsnews.htm#Activists of the DJS attacked policemen as they reached Sayeedabad

This organization was later banned for planting bombs in the churches 

2008 – It was also notorious for the incident when a number of burkha clad women

stormed into a police station ransacking it.


July 2008

Source – SATP – Terrorist Outfits – SIMI

Police arrested Mohammed Muqeemuddin Yaser, a former SIMI member,

from his residence in the Saidabad area of Hyderabad. Yaser, who is a

MBA student, is also the eldest son of Maulana Naseeruddin,the

founder president of Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Shaan-e-Islam (TTSI).

Yaser’s younger brother Raziuddin Naser, a suspect

in the twin blast cases in Hyderabad in August 2007, was arrested

by the Karnataka Police in January 2008 for planning terrorist

attacks in Karnataka and Goa.

SIT sources said “Yaser was an active member of SIMI.

Now, he along with some other former SIMI activists of the city

has formed a group which downloads jihadi material and religious

killing videos from the internet and distributes disks to extremist

religious groups in the country.”



2011 –

Attacks on Ganesh processions

 2012 –

Also, minority groups within the Muslim society like the Ahmediyas are

also unsafe due to the bullying of the dominant Summi groups here.

Saidabad is also been in the news for the dominant Muslim Sunni groups

attacking the Ahmediya mosques.


Few other reports  on the issue : 9th April 2012



Update : Jan 25th, 2023 :

After a long battle of 10+ years, the court acquitted the 26 Hindu youths. Lawyer Karunasagar ‘s tweet is below.


We are happy that the Hindu families who faced harassments for the last ten years can now breathe easy.

The big question now remains as to who committed this drastic act ?

and Why were the real culprits protected by the establishment ?


34 thoughts on “Hindu Temple Desecrated- Violence in Saidabad, Hyderabad

  1. mahesh

    There is no security for majority(Hindhus) of people. This Co”Angrez” and MIM are playing Vote Bank Politics.
    Co”Angrez” wants Only Power, they never bather about A large society which made them to get the power. And not taking any action against ISI agents, terrorist(Kasab, Afjal Guru)…

  2. Kaleemuddin

    Dear Atul,

    U seem to stuck a point “the temples were descrated” like a small kid
    inspite of repeated explanations by media and rocky on the blog u seems to repeat ur sentence. Either ur brain washed to such an extent where ur covering the ill things about ur liked people and publicise the ones u dont like
    i myself condemn the happenings in kashmir or pakistan or any other part but that cannot be a reason to cover ur saffron agenda’s or to legalize it
    suffered are muslims and many other minorities in india so where do the question of “the temples were descrated” exist.
    saffron lobyist are clear with their hatred and their non violent agendas which are not seen by you….

    1. Atul Thakur

      Dear Kaleemuddin,
      I am not stuck anywhere. I am pointing out that we cannot talk abt other issues when the issue is desecration of the temple. Let me cover a topic that is postive. Inspite of ure tone of writing the email, I really liked that u condemmed the happenings in Kashmir or Pakistan and I assume the temple desecration too.. I would really hope that there are more Muslims in India who would stand up and condem such dispicable acts and help the police to catch the guilty.
      Now let us look at the facts. Muslims in India an nearly doubled in population. They r free to practise their religion and do business in India. The movie industry is a good example of it. Kashmir was doing very well until Pakistan started sending their terrorists to Kashmir and started terrorising the people there. On the other side Hindus are being harassed in pakistan and Bangla Desh, forced to convert.. So what grounds do u have to discredit the saffron clothes ? None. If muslims were being harassed and pushed out of India then Muslims would not do as well in India !! Simple fact. Please do not discredit saffron clothes as that is Holy in our religion. So there is no agenda to put Muslims down. If there was then the muslims would be forced out of India to Pakistan or to Bangla Desh.
      So u r watching the wrong media coverage !!

  3. sameer

    Hey U Idiot Atul Thakkar,
    Try to go into the details first and say something regarding any thing. The truth is revealed by the Andhra Pradesh Police that Hindu miscreants were involved in these incidents and end of the day we muslims are blamed for those which we didn’t do it or will never think of doing these bad things. People like you creates differences and hatred in one’s heart. Be truthful and be just, and we muslims know this and islam doesn’t says to comment anything bad of one’s religion or belief.

    1. arisebharat Post author

      @ Sameer, please refrain from using expletives. This site is meant for a discussion. If you have a point, you are free to post it with evidence. But words like idiots and fools are not acceptable. There are so many comments that have been sent which are abusive of each other, but the moderators did not deem it right to approve them due to their abusive nature. We ntice that you seem to be trying to put across a point and give you an opportunity to withdraw your addressal of using abusive words and re-post it again

    2. Atul Thakur

      I agree with the administrator of the group. Sameer, u have proven with ure expletive words that Muslims are a violent race. U have no acceptance of any one else’s view point. Clearly ure comments are totally false. Only Muslims can do such dispicable acts. Let us take Pakistan. Sunni Muslims are blowing mosques where Shia’s predominantly pray !! That much intolerance they have for one another leave alone other religions.

      I just state the facts. U have to recognize the truth. Don’t dig ure head in the sand when clearly someone from the Muslim community did this act. If u as a Muslim care for other religions especially Hindus then ure first statement would have been that such acts are dispicable and that Muslims denounce such acts. Can u say that ??? Probably not. If not then for sure u r guilty in supporting the person who did this terrible act.

      Hindus are by far a very accepting religion. We have accepted Muslims in India and that is clear from the muslim population growing in India. That is ok. All that is expected from the Muslims is to follow the law and be respectful to Hindu religion and customs. When Hindus pray accept and rejoice that they are praying to the same Higher energy that everyone prays to.
      Can u do that !!! If not then ure actions are not what ure words are.

    1. Atul Thakur

      I agree that all Indians must unite. However the reality is that Hindu temples were descreated. Not mosques. So Hindus must unite and Muslims must support them.
      Reality is that the Muslim r not supporting the Hindus. They do not want to see the muslim who did this barbaric act punished. That attitude bring the comment that “ALL HINDUS MUST UNITE”. Sad but true. Hindus have to stand up for their religion so that no other religion can take over our Sacred Religion

      1. Rocky

        Yes I do agree with you. We need to elect politicians who are educated, liberal and at the same time logical. We cannot have one set of rules for people of one religion and another set of rules for people of another religion.

        Even countries like US are liberal democracies. While the law enforcement machinery of US has protected the rights of innocent muslims in the US, they have not shied away from punishing anyone who has done wrong.

        I certainly do not agree with your assessment that ‘Hinduism is in danger’. Certainly not. In fact Hinduism is doing much better worldwide than it was doing a few centuries back.

        There are more number of Hindu temples world wide than there were about a century ago. Similarly in places like Bangalore I have seen so many temples come up during my stay of 4 years there.

        This scaremongering of ‘Hinduism is in danger’ must stop. This is merely a slogan created to help the recruitment drive of pseudo-hindu violent organisations like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal etc. which do not have any shame against using violence against innocent civilians as long it serves their dirty political agenda.

        Think about it. This is similar to the recruitment of Muslim militant organisations which keep saying ‘Islam is in danger’. (For instance, many Islamic organisations got recruits simply by showing the Gujarat riots videos repeatedly to young Muslim people and crying ‘Islam is in danger’.)

        Bal Thackerey created the violent group of Shiv Sena by proclaiming that Marathi manus is in danger from South Indians.

        Let us stop this nonsense, based on selective abuse of data and news events to create cycle of violence and counter violence.

      2. Atul Thakur

        Folks the issue is not which party is good or bad. The issue is Temple being desecrated !! How is Modi relevant here ?

        This is an issue of Muslims in majority in a section not tolerating other religious practises.. How can they say that Muslims is a tolerant religion when they do such dispicable acts.

        I would like to hear every one first agree that this action of desecrating the temple was a very low down act and the guilty should be punished.

        Modi in my view is a very competant leader. He has made Gujarat a vibrant economy and people are doing very well in this state. He cannot be blamed for the riots. The riots were probably caused by intolerant Muslims who instigated the riots. Modi is the CM of the state and cannot be there. Like we cannot blame the leader of Pakistan for innocent Hindu men that were shot. This is not to say that the guilty should not be brought to justice. They should be brought to justise and the full reason for the riot should be revealed !!

  4. Rocky

    The Indians are thriving in logical environment consisting of well governed systems, the world over – in USA, in UK, in Australia etc. In most of these countries the Indians are among the higher income groups. If the Indians are able to perform and achieve high levels of prosperity in these countries it means the same system, if established in India can easily lead the billion strong India to a superpower.

    No need of minoritysm or special treatment of minorities. No need of cultural policing and mumbo jumbo of marathiwadi and bhaiya. All these divisive agendas need to be kept aside. These are examples of inferior thinking.

    Law breakers of all religions should be sent to jail and punished as per their crimes. And this would include not just Congress criminals guilty of abysmal corruption but also the BJP goons guilty of killing innocent Indians (even if they are Muslims), Shiv sena dogs who are guilty of killing fellow Indian Muslims and even fellow Indian south Indians and UP bhaiyas. Let us also protect the innocent Kashmiri Pandits from the militant demons who want to uproot them from Kashmir.

    This is my vision for India. One India for all Indians from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, irrespective of their religion, caste, gender or language. Will simple straight forward non-violent people like me be able to see this dream in my life-time?

    1. arisebharat Post author

      @Rocky, any person who is guilty of working against the constitution must be punished irrespective of his background. For realising a dream, we must work towards it. At the same time, the government must be non-partisan and put down extremism with an iron hand.

    2. Atul Thakur

      The issue here is descrecation of the Temple !! That is the primary issue. Ure issue should be to decry such terrorist, deplorable, low class act probably by a fanatical muslim who could not see Hindus worshipping in their own way. It has nothing to do with what happed a 10-15 years ago. Stay in the present and decry such acts.

      1. Rocky

        Let us work to create a political party consisting of working professionals who are logical in their thinking, liberal and at the same time fearlessly apply the law of the land.

        Indians have thrived in the presence of such logical clear rule of law in America, UK and elsewhere. In America there are close to 3 million Indians and they are among the highest earning groups in America.

        We need a liberal, logical and uncorrupted group of leaders. I would propose Nitish Kumar, Chandrababu Naidu or Manohar Parrikar as possible good candidates. Similarly people like Manmohan Singh who have personally good level of integrity should be considered.

    3. Atul Thakur

      Agree with this synopsis. What we need in India is justise system to work quickly. e.g. Why is the terrorist Kasab still languishing in jail ? His trial should have been done by now and he should have gotten the death penalty !!
      Let me courts run 24 hrs a day and finish up the backlog. Let the people start having faith in the justise system. Then things will improve.
      If anyone desecrates the temple then bring him/her to justise. Let them get jail time and let them clean the temple and bow their heads to the idol in the temple.

      1. Rocky

        Although you have agreed with my synopsis, I noticed that in the last line you have said anyone desecrating temple should be brought to justice. To me that shows bias.

        I would re-state that anyone who desecrates ‘any place of worship’ should be brought to justice.

        I am certainly against those who want to demolish babri masjid on the pretext that it was built on an old temple.

        For me the ethical compass is very clear. We cannot try to re-wind the clock back to hundreds of years back.

        If Babur was alive today, let us punish him through our justice system for demolishing the place of worship (assuming indeed that he had built the mosque on the ruins/by demolition of a temple).

        If the mosque has been there for hundreds of years, it is not ethically just to demolish it by using the brute force of ‘majority justice’.

        Remember that the greatness of civilisation is not how it treats the majority of the population, but the true greatness of a civilisation is how it treats ‘minorities, children and women’.

        That is why I could never consider the Islamic or gulf countries great, because although some of these countries have lot of money and are developed in the material sense, their treatment of minorities and women are extremely dismal.

        You have mentioned about Kasab which I agree with promptly, without any reservations. Absolutely. Both Kasab and Afzal Guru must be punished.

        However I am also for the punishment of those who were responsible for large scale deaths of Muslims in post-Godra riots and the death of sikhs in the anti-sikh riots. Why are you maintaining a silence on them?

        According to me Narendra Modi is guilty of grave collusion. Please read the detailed report of an officer from the government of that time


        Read the various (14 factual points) mentioned by this officer, at the risk of being called a ‘congress agent’ or ‘pseudo-psecular’.

        Read the second, third and fourth paragraphs where he has also outlined the brave Hindu officers who did what was required of them under true dharma.

        These are the people whom I am proud of. These are the real Hindus who have stuck to their dharma. Despite knowing that they will be punished/penalised by Modi and the BJP government at the centre, these officers risked their careers by maintaining law and order.

        Of course, needless to say, all those people who were guilty of burning the train should be punished under the rule of law. I am totally in favour of putting with an iron hand any rowdyism by anyone whether he is Muslim, Sikh or Christian or Hindu.

        That is why I am clearly for the creation of a new party.

        I am against Congress because it shows a shameful tendency not to apply the law if the criminal is a Muslim. Also congress is terribly corrupt.

        I am also against BJP because many of its functionaries have an ‘Us and them’ philosophy. They consider Hindus as belonging to the ‘us’ group and other Indians to be of ‘them’ group. THIS DIVISION OF INDIANS INTO ‘us’ and ‘them’ is NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME.

        To me only all Indians can only be divided into 2 groups – law abiding Indians and non-law abiding Indians.

        All Indians irrespective of religion, caste, creed or region must have the right to live, practice their religion or beliefs without fear of any type of mobs. If they have done wrong, they must have the right to be tried by fair trail and not be killed, burnt or lynched by angry mobs.

        WE NEED TO BUILD A 21st century India, not an 18th CENTURY AFRICA or 10th century ARABIA.

      2. Atul Thakur

        Let me start by agreeing some of ure points. I agree on your following points, punish Kasb and not that the muslim majority mistreat the minority.
        Here is the point. The issue is descretation of the Hindu temple. Let us first focus on this grave crime. The muslim who did this dispicable deed must be brought to justice. I think u would agree on that. Please don’t dilute this issue with other issues. Focus on this issue.
        Now since u did bring up Modi let me add here that there is a major propaganda against Modi by the Muslims to bring him down. Modi has been the most effective leaders of Gujarat and in getting it economic independance. He is advocating alternate ways to generate energy. He is on the list of THE TIMES to be the man of the year.. He was the PM of the state and the communal riot got out of control. He should be blamed as much as the Pakistan Governor under whose rule the Hindus got butchered in Pakistan. The issue is that while we talk bad abt Modi and get away with it, people in Pakistan donot even talk abt Hindus suffereing in Pakistan !! They accept it as normal and only because they r Hindus !!
        On the issue of one India. I agree with the synopsis. However if u r a Hindu then focus on hindus first. And do see what the Muslim majority generally do. Muslims are on the rise in India and if they come to power India will face the the same consequence as the other arab world that we dislike. Our children’s future is at stake. Moderate muslims r not doing anything to stop the fundamentalist muslims. The way to counter such imperialistic growth of Muslims is to make Hindus strong. Support Hindus and make them strong so that India can become a strong nation. If Hindus are weak and allow Muslims to roll over them then I am afraid that next generation of Indians will see a much weaker and terroristic prone India.. None of the Indians want to see that India.

      3. azk

        one question- have you ever been to gulf countries? any of dem atleast?
        I have so many relatives living in Gulf and dey r very much happy living der specially women so stop telling things u have not seen as you have seen or experienced them!!! Just listening to western media what dey tells and accepting dat looks so much idiotic brother!!!! Dat is the same media which tells india means naked, ugly, poor people but we know der is much much more to india nd the beauty of india is something dey can never ever imagine!!!!

        Such incidents happen in each and every part of world, done by people of all religions. SO START HAVING A BROADER VISION AND UNDERSTAND THIS THINGS.

  5. true hydi

    Dear THAKUR,
    Funds donated by TOGADIA is being utilises after he left its all about money which he has given to you people to show the plastic strength created by furious money and sentensed used by TOGADIA.
    They are utilising u people so beware


    1. Atul Thakur

      I was not clear in what u meant. Kindly explain. I don’t think that this is about money. This is abt Temples being descreated and most likely by Muslims.

  6. syed

    all is lie on this site….

    refer any official news paper of hyderabad to know the truth…

    who has done and what they have done..

    1. Atul Thakur

      Syed. Is it true that the temples were descrated with beef ? Is it true that Muslims in a majority do not allow other minority religions to thrive. e.g. Pakistan and Bangla Desh. Why can’t Muslims allow other religions to co exist. Look anywhere in the world. Most trouble is created by Muslims. I donot mean to insult u just stating facts.
      I would love to see Muslims adjusting with Hindus esp. where muslims r in a majority.
      If any miscreant did the horrible job of descreting the Temples then that community should step forward and make restitution to the Temple. Then a good dialogue to coexist peacefully can take place.

      1. Mohammed Mujtaba Iqbal

        My Friend,
        I am a Muslim and I do not have any feeling of hate towards you. Islam says all humans are brothers and sisters, moreover we live in a same country we all are related to each other. Quran is not a religious book of muslims it is not even the property of muslims, it is for humanity. tell me my bro have you ever read Upanished or have u ever seen a dalith reading Upanished. u will see islam offers equality. Mohammed PHUB was a prophed for all not of muslim. god is for everyone and not for muslims. hope I have answered your questions. you have just encountered politics. hindu’s nor muslims wants to fight we all want piece and harmony.

    2. Atul Thakur

      Dear Sir,
      This is in reply to Mr. Mohammad Muktab’s mail. Dear brother this is a reply with lots respect to u and ure religion.

      I am a Hindu and proud that Hinduism offers so many unique ways to worship God. There is a path for everyone in my religion. Even for Dalits as u say it. A dalit can meditate, do Yoga, do yajana, do chanting, or many other forms of worship. Our Hindu way of worship and way of life was primarily disrupted by the Moguls or Muslim rulers esp. the fanatical ones. This is just history. Hindus are in the process of fixing this issue.

      Now to talk abt Muslim religion. I was glad to hear that according to u Muslims respect every religion. If that is the case then why are Muslims not letting other religions prosper esp. in muslim dominated areas like Pakistan, Bangla Desh etc. Why throw beef in the temple ? Why not be happy that another religion people are worshipping the same GOD that Muslims worship ? Also why are women treated as inferior in muslims ? Why do women have to cover themselves with burkhas and not men ? Why are men allowed to have 4 wives and women not allowed to have 4 husbands.. Lots of questions on the equality issue. There is a lot of disparity in Muslim religion between men and women and also between different sects of Muslims.i.e. Between shia and sunni.
      My dear brother, I am glad that u brought this topic up. Cause through dialogue we can understand each other and create a better world for ourselves and our children free from terrorism and such terrorists acts.
      Please join hands with me and say that the beef throwing in the temple was a vicious, delplorable, terrorist act and that the person who did it must be brought to justice.
      Reasonable muslims must stand up against such terrorist acts by fanatical muslims to create a better world.

      1. azk

        1) There is no evidence or proof that muslims have thrown beef in temple. Can’t hindu extremists like RSS ppl do it? It’s kinda look funny when u ppl believe dat they painted green colour on the wall nd thrown beef inside so it ws done by muslims.. So ur dis point is totally baseless.. There are people in both religions who can do such acts for personal gains and benefits!! Der r few so called muslims who can do similar acts in masjid!!!! But telling for sure dat dis was done by muslim is totally baseless nd wrong!!!!

        2)Women are not treated inferior in Islam as you thik- you can see dis short video of 7mins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OIR8aBPLIc&feature=related but treated inferiorly in hinduism.. here are some verses frm VEDAS(not mentioning verses which r sexual or may b hurting).. there are many odrs which i can mail you if u want!!!!!
        “Almighty God, you have created this womb. Women may be born somewhere else but sons should be born from this womb” – Atharva Ved 6/11/3

        “O Husband protect the son to be born. Do not make him a women” – Atharva Ved 2/3/23

        In ‘Shatpath Puran (shatpath Brahman)’ a sonless women has been termed as unfortunate.

        ‘Rig Veda’ censures women by saying:
        “Lord Indra himself has said that women has very little intelligence. She cannot be taught” – Rig Ved 8/33/17

        At another placein Rig Veda it is written:
        “There cannot be any friendship with a women. Her heart is more cruel than heyna” – Rig Ved 10/95/15.

        ‘Yajur Ved (Taitriya Sanhita)’m- “Women code says that the women are without energy. They should not get a share in property. Even to the wicked they speak in feeble manner” – Yajur Ved 6/5/8/2

        Shatpath Puran, preachings of the ‘Yajur Veda’ clubs women, ‘shudras'(untouchables), doga, crows together and says falsehood, sin and gloom remain integrated in them. (14/1/1/31)

        In ‘Aiterey Puran’, preaching of the ‘Rig Veda’ in harsih chandra -Narad dialogue, Narad says: “The daughter causes pain”

        3) Hinduism also tells a women to cover herself and guide her modesty and it’s still followed by many hindus in rajasthan, marwaris etc. The brain of people have been infiltrated by western media nd pornographic films.. ISLAM DOESNT SUPPORT EXPLOITATION OF BODY, DEGRADATION OF HONOR ND DEPRIVATION OF SOUL TO WOMEN IN NAME OF HUMAN RIGHTS!!!! Do u think showing skin makes a woman superior?? Its just two different thinkings nd u cant tell dis is wrong nd dat is right.. In india wearing saree is modesty even though belly is visible but in some customs showing belly is a bad thing.. so it just dpnds on culture nd country!!!!! And if in HINDUISM WOMEN ARE ALLOWED TO WEAR WHAT DEY WILL DEN Y DO WE SEE EVEN HINDU GROUPS WARNING WOMEN NOT TO WEAT WESTERN DRESSES ND SKIRTS? (recent guwahati incident is an example of this- hindu guys have molested the girl bcoz she was wearing skirt and they have warned girls to dress properly)

        4) Islam is the only religion that tells ‘MAXIMUM’ number of times a man can marry is 4 and dat too only under some conditions and when he can treat all of dem equally.. and dat too if during the nikah with first wife if in the nikah paper if girl mentions he shdnt marry sumone else den guy cant!!! And now coming to hinduism can you tell what is the maximum number of wives a hindu person can have?? ITS INFINITE.. YEAH DATS TRUE.. HINDU PEOPLE OF INDIA GETS CONFUSED BETWEEN HINDU RELIGION AND INDIAN CONSTITUTION- CONSTITUTION TELLS ONE WIFE BUT NOT HINDU RELIGION!!! How many wives or gopis did krishna had?? MORE DAN 16000, DASHRATH HAD 3 WIVES!!! so next time you should have to think about this before telling about 4 wives theory!!!!!

        5) We muslims have stood up against fanatical muslims for long now.. and clear the misconception that muslims support all muslim fanatics!! they don’t represent Islam for us!!!! have you seen muslims taking out candle march or anything to support osama bin laden or Saddam Hussein when they were captured or killed? Muslims only tell a point that America has created both of dem- Osama was a CIA agent before and dey made him to be used against USSR nd Saddam hussein against Iran!!!!! So U.S. is a bigger terrorist who makes nd breaks smaller ones whenever it wills!!!!

        Islam tells us to fight under a condition when others attack your land or ur religion then fight with them and kill them till they are defeated and if the odr community wants to be in peace with you den sign a treaty so that both religions can live at one place without interfering.. so its more of defence or fighting back and similarly even hinduism tells to fight if u right even if its against ur relatives!!!! If anyone just reads the half part of them then its idiotic on his part coz it wil be like ‘fight with ur relatives and kill dem’ in hinduism and ‘fight with odr community nd kill dem’ in Islam..
        There are people in both communities who for der own benefit wants to see only half of what is said and follow dat but that doesn’t mean any religion supports that!!!!

      2. Atul Thakur

        Well azk.. First of all why r u afraid to use ure name ? Is cowardise taught to u ? Use ure real name. And stop quoting from Hindus scriptures without understanding them.

        Having said that let me say that it feels good to hear that moderate/educated muslims stand up against the terrorist muslims. Now can u stand up and say that whoever desecrated the temples is wrong and should be punished ? Say that in ure reply !!

        On the terrorist comment, do not blame the US or the west for creating Bin laden. Bin Laden went to US asking for help to fight the russians. They gave him help to fight the russians not to become a terrorist and to make Afghanisthan a terrorist breeding ground !! That was all Bin Laden’s doing. U should write here in ure reply that Bin Laden was a terrorist. That will prove that moderate muslims are against the terrorists.

        Now on the women comment. Hindu women have been free very free. Hindus pray to goddesses. There is a deep spiritual meaning to it. Whatever the norm in the past abt Dashrath having 3 wives is not followed now by Hindus. If anyone assaulted a women/girl then there are laws for it. The people who assaulted the women in Guhati must be caught and brought to justice. Hindus are not justifying this horrible atrocious act. We denounce this act. These men are probably muslims who cannot tolerate a woman skirts !!

        The troubling face abt Muslims is that they justify clearly ridiculous theories. e.g. A man should have 4 wives or a women/girl should cover themselves up.. That is racism against women.. U say that women are happy in Islam. Then why are u afraid to let the women go without fear and wearing appropriate clothing like men ? Let them go out without covering their face or head. If any man acts in a bad way then punish the man.. Why punish the women.. Ok. Try this. U should wear a burkha every day for 7 days and go out to do normal work. Make sure that none of ure skin shows even if it is windy and make sure that u walk so that no to attract the mens attention even in a burkha.. How would u feel ? Hope that u get the point.

        Now on the reality of fighting and middle east. Open ure eyes and read the papers. Where ever there are muslims there is fighting, discontent and disharmony. Take Egypt, Syria, Africa, Pakistan and on and on. Where ever there are Hindus there is peace and growth. So what does this show. This shows that Muslims are on the wrong path. They are intolerant and when they are beaten they cry for help. When they are in majority they cannot appreciate another religious activity. Like in Baraelli a simple religious chant of “HAR HAR MAHADEV” (A very powerful mantra) could not be appreciated by the muslims there. They started a riot there killing innocent people..

        I donot say this to inflame anyone or to hurt anyone’s feelings. I say it as I see it. I would appreciate a good debate on this topic without resorting to name calling. I have kept it civil and expect people to use civil language and use their full name.

    1. Atul Thakur

      Hindus need to stand up against the new majlis leadership. Economically do not purchase anything if possible from them. Create competition for them so that economically they do not rise.

  7. Atul Thakur

    This is terrible thing to happen to Hindu Temple. It has to be Muslims who did it. Muslims must pay money to clean the temple. The people responsible must be punished. Hindus have to stand together. Write to the media and condem the Muslims responsible of this act.. Write to the politicians and write to the police

  8. likeanyone

    Hindu must get united and retaliate other it Hindus who is going to trash down. We must elect out the Congress first in 2014. There is a lot of anti-Indian and anti-Hindu political parties who’s sole objective is money. DMK (Tamil Nadu)+CPI (Kerala)+CPI(West Bengal)+Congress = Death of Humanity in India and also death to Hinduism and Hindus.

    1. Atul Thakur

      I agree that Hindus need to unite and anyone soiling their temples or places of worship should be dealth with a firm hand. Jail time or time to clean the temple. Let the guilty one clean the temple and bow their head to the idol in the temple. !!

    2. Rocky


      Your prejudice clearly shows. You have named every party except the BJP. I have personally come across BJP leaders who are equally if not more corrupt.

      Even auto drivers in Bangalore know about Yedurappa, his land scams, his illicit relations with a lady MLA etc. Similarly the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra or the Amma’s party in Tamil nadu are absent from your list. (Please check the wealth of Thackereys. How did they make so much money?)

      So please stop thinking of one or two parties as the cleanest. And in any case, cleanliness from corruption alone has no significance. Hitler was supposedly honest, but mentally perverted in his thinking and blamed jews for all the problems.
      Similarly, Modi is a competent administrator but his blood is stained with the blood of innocent Muslims (even women and children). (I am for punishment of terrorists of every religion without delay… but killing of any innocent Indian (whatever his religion) by organised mobs is not acceptable. Due process of law must be followed.)

      Of course if you are a brain-washed member of one party I can understand your stance.


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