Jammu & Kashmir Interlocutors Report – Protests

Hyderabad – Dilsukhnagar :


J&K Interlocutors Report- Protest

“J&K interlocutors’ report that is biased, against the constitution and designed to gradually disintegrate Kashmir from Bharath must be refuted, rejected and thrown into dustbin in its entirety” said B. Narasimha Murthy of Jammu Kashmir Parirakshana Samithi (JKPS).

Speaking on the occasion of a huge human chain formed in the city of Hyderabad to protest the J&K Interlocutors’ report , he said the recommendations made by the committee speak the language of separatists. “Article 370 has been a major hindrance in solving the present problem yet the committee suggested making Article 370 a “special provision” from the existing “temporary status”, thus complicating the problem further. The committee mischievously tried to play around the semantics by repeatedly terming Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK) as Pakistan Administered Area,  calling Kashmir as a “bridge” between India and central Asia instead of asserting Kashmir as an integral part of Bharath, and advocating the re-enforcement of previous nomenclature of Chief Minister and Governor in Urdu which would eventually mean  Wazir –e-Azam and Sadr-e-Riyasat . All these dirty tricks are played to alienate Kashmir from Bharath” he said. He further questioned the very validity of the committee of which two members are directly connected to and enjoyed the hospitality of an ISI agent , Ghulam Nabi Fai, for over a decade now.

The program was organized by JKPS on 25th July during the busy working hours on a working day through one of the busiest routes of Hyderbad city, i.e. from Musarambagh to LB Nagar. More than 5000 people actively participated in the human chain formation and the chain uninterruptedly stretched for almost five kilometers. Despite such a huge gathering at such a busy route, the traffic was not disrupted at all because of the chain.

Other highlights of the prgramme were:

  • Huge groups of college students were seen voluntarily joining the human chain.
  • The entire stretch was filled tricolor flags with slogans echoing “Bharath Mata Ki jai”
  • People from all sections  took part in the programme.

2 thoughts on “Jammu & Kashmir Interlocutors Report – Protests

  1. Atul Thakur

    India and Indians should make a determination to get the kashmir in pak control back into India. Fight for ure land and throw/kill the terrorists that oppose it.

  2. prasad ksd

    Heavy youth participation in a national cause is a good omen for the Hindu society which is at a critical juncture as never before. Salutes to mother Bharati.


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