Balasaheb Deoras – An Inspiration forever

Balasahebji Deoras

An inspiring incident from the many inspiring incidents from the life of Balasahebji Deoras.

Two tours undertaken by him, after being affected by paralysis and ill-health are very inspiring. The ban imposed after Ramajanmabhumi was lifted in 1993. There was a bomb blast by jihadis at the Madras Karyalaya. The front room of the Karyalaya was damaged. Eleven persons including the residents of karyalaya and visitors had died in the blast. Whole country was stunned. Sri Srikanth Joshi who was was his sahayak says that, The moment this was heard by Balasahebji he wanted to visit Chennai and console the surviving members. However, due to his health condition, Doctors did not agree to move him. Balasahebji was mentioning to everyone who came to visit him and feeling bad for his helplessness. Every time he was seeing me (his sahayak, Srikanth Joshi,) he was telling him that he wanted to go to Chennai.After a few days, the doctors had permitted him to go to Chennai on the condition that he should go to Hyderabad from Nagpur and take 2 days rest and then if he does not have any problem he should fly to Chennai. Accordingly, after taking 2 days rest at Hyderabad he flew to Chennai. He was taken on a wheel chair.

Balasahebji in wheelchair

Just before landing at Chennai one of the Air-hostesses spoke to him. For anyone, it looked as if he was going for a special treatment . She asked him as to which hospital he was going to. He said “I am not going to any hospital for treatment. I am coming from Nagpur to visit and console the relatives of the people who died in the recent bomb blast”. She was surprised at that. She apprised his health condition and age. He cannot walk, his right side is paralysed. His age must be around 80 years. There was a tube attached for passing urine and a urine bag was hanging by his side. In that state, such a long journey? The aircraft landed in the Airport. She bought a wheel chair. She and Srikanth Joshiji together could put him in the wheel chair with great difficulty. A car was stationed at the end of the airport to pick up them up. She took the wheel chair up the car and helped him to sit in the car. She touched his feet after he sat in the car. She said, “Your are really a Mahatma. At this age, in this condition and with all the troubles you have come to share the grief of the people. I have never seen such a person in my life. Really you are a Mahatma.” . and turned back.

The car went into Chennai.It was about 10.30 in the morning by the time we reached our place of stay. Balasahebji pressurised me to take him to the Karyalaya. He was informed that at 4 pm the family members of all the people who died in the blast have been informed to assemble at that time and Balasahebji could meet all of them at that time. He calmed down after that.Doctors had examined him and were worried. His blood pressure was 180/110. He was given tablets to reduce the BP. Doctors were wondering as to how to take him to the Karyalam. By afterooon his BP had risen to 220/120. Doctors expressed fear that if this condition remains, he may have a heart attack or could be paralysed once again. Balasahebji was questioning the delay. He was asking as to why they were not leaving. Then Sri Srikanth Joshi informed the doctors that they have to go to the Karyalam and there is no escape from it. In case his health deteriorates, they should be ready with emergency services and oxygen. If he remains here, his BP will further raise. Doctors had to agree.

We took him to karyalam leaving everything to God. Seated in the wheel chair Balasahebji approached the photographs of the martyred svayamsevaks. He offered floral tributes to each one. He put tilak and lit the lamps. He offered dhupam. He was shaking with grief. He looked around the damaged karyalam with tears flowing from his eyes. Nearly 200 svayamsevaks and families were seated in the shamiana, among them were relatives of the martyrs such as mother, sister, brother, father , etc.They were introduced to Balasahebji. Balasahebji spoke for some time with great difficulty. “I have come to meet you. In fact I should have come earlier. How can I console you ? How can I reduce your grief? I am the Sarsanghachalak, head of the institution. I should have come first. I should have come and consoled you first. But doctors did not allow me to come. I have come as soon as they have allowed me to travel. Please pardon me. This kind of murder of svayamsevaks causes a lot of grief. It is impossible to fill the gap. I have come to meet you. My health condition is not good. Still it is my duty to meet you. I also share your personal grief. I can understand your grief.”All the family members of the martyrs were moved by this and some of them spoke “By your coming our grief has reduced. Even in this condition, you have come this far just to share our grief. This is what we want. You are really like God. You are really a Mahatma.”Babasaheb was not allowed to talk much. His speech in Hindi was translated in Tamil. After the Prarthana, he was taken back for rest. Doctors heaved a sigh of relief and checked his BP. It was 120/80 just normal.”

That is the life of Balasahebji.

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