Political Thoughts in The Vedas

Arise Bharat

The following is an excerpt from  the book “Political Thoughts in the Vedas”. The book has been translated into English by a team. ( Original in Hindi by Dr.Shiv Acharya, book titled ” Vaidik Parampara me Rajanaitik Tatvachintan); The translation project was guided by Sri Sriram Sathe, the famous historian who felt that it the thoughts presented in the original are very pertinent and should be circulated within the English audience. The book is approx 150 pages and is priced at Rs.100/-. Anybody who is interested can contact me at Ayush.Nadimpalli@gmail.com Or contact Sahitya Niketan @ 040-27563236 ;


The Vedas are like an endless ocean. Only the people who delve into the Vedas with devotion can find proper explanations on its various aspects. In my childhood, my father taught me the Mantras for Pushpanjali of Lord Shiva. One of them is

Sāmrājyam Bhaujyam, Swārājyam Vairājyam, Pārmeştyam Rājyam…

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