Organ donation as service to society

By Virag Pachpore

“The sole purpose of human life is to serve and to show kindness and the will to help others”

Nagpur, July 25: “Those people only live who live not for their own self but for the welfare of others”, so goes the famous adage. But there are very few who imbibe the spirit of this saying and lead the society by their own example. Our history is replete with umpteen such examples of individuals who have lighted the path of the posterity by the benevolent light of their sacrifice, devotion and service to the needy. But in the modern times of materialism and consumerism such examples have become a rarity. Dr Kishor Mohril, is one such rare personality to join this most exalted class in the present times.

A pathologist by profession, Dr KIshor Mohril and his better half Dr Lata are in their mid-sixties now. Coming from a middle class background both have led a contended life. “We have led a fairly good and normal life so far”, Dr Mohril shared his feelings adding “we have earned enough to sustain ourselves and our family”.

But somewhere there was a churning of emotions and ideas constantly going on in his heart. “I’ve an intuition that I should do something for the society”, the 64-year old doctor said. He shared his ideas with his wife Dr Lata and she too agreed to “my idea of repaying the social debt”. Suddenly, Dr Kishor hit upon the idea of donating his kidney to a needy patient.

“We both discussed the idea in detail. I am a diabetic and living comfortably with it for the past 22 years. We both agreed to the proposal. We also decided that either of us will donate kidney first to the needy patient with whom it matches”, Dr Kishor and Dr Lata said.

The Mohrils also discussed this idea with some of their doctor friends. “I told them to find out any such needy patient”, but initially there was no expected response”.

Kidney donation or for that matter organ donation is still mired in the thick of dogmas and social taboos. Even people are reluctant to donate blood which is comparatively easier. In our country of 125 crore, 500,000 die every year due to non-availability of organs. Out of them 150,000 people wait a kidney transplant but only 5,000 get one.

On a national level the statistic of organ donors is very poor as compared to other countries. In India this average is just 0.08 persons per million population (PMP) which is incredibly small and insignificant number as compared to the world average.

And Dr KIshor Mohril is one amongst tis miniscule minority of organ donors!

After a considerable search for a suitable recipient he found one in Neha Pande, a resident of Shivajinagar, who was suffering from kidney failure. She could get a new lease of life only if someone donated kidney to her. And here came Dr Mohril as if he was Godsend for her.

The operation took place on June 17, 2014 at Dr Sanjay Kolte’s hospital. But before that Dr Kishor Mohril had to clear all the screening tests and complete the legal procedure. “I was not aware of the stringent legal aspects associated with the donation of my kidney.” They asked me again and again to ascertain whether any monetary favours were involved, he said adding that he had to make them understand with great efforts that he was willingly donating the kidney and no such favours were involved in this.

Was he not risking his life? “No. After the initial care I am feeling better and resuming my routine life”, he said. And he is supported by a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine which mentioned that living kidney donors live as long or longer and enjoy better quality of life that the general population. It is the first study to follow on 3698 donors, some of whom have donated kidneys as early as 1963! The study mentioned that only 11 of out of 3698 developed severe kidney problems.

You can donate your kidney for your loved ones who have chronic kidney problems. But you can derive immense satisfaction by voluntarily donating your kidney and feel the ultimate joy. When I talked to Dr Kishor Mohril at his artistically decorated house, his face reverberated this ultimate joy and satisfaction.

How did his family members perceive this novel but risky idea? Said Dr Lata: “We have had lots of discussions on this issue. And I too felt like following him. We have decided to do something for the society and considered that this could be the best way of fulfilling our commitment to the society”.

“But I was not in favour of this”, said their son Gautam who is also a doctor. “Considering his age, his diabetes, (though under control) I did initially oppose his idea. His wife Anuya, a lecturer in an engineering college in the city, also echoed his views. “But seeing his determination and resolve, we gave in”, they confessed. “Now we feel happy and elated at his idea. His nephew Manjeet too voiced similar views. “I am so proud of my uncle, for he saved a life by voluntarily donating his kidney. He is simply great!”

Dr Kishor’s brother Kiran also reacted in a similar way. “I was aware of his decision, but came to know about it only when Kishore telephoned me from the hospital”, he said. Kiran has also pledged to donate his body to the medical college.

The girl whose life is saved is recuperating fast. For her and her family members Dr Kishor came as Godsend donor and saviour.

Organ donation is difficult and to donate voluntarily when life is going on smoothly is all the more difficult. But Dr Kishor and his wife Dr Lata and all their family members accomplished this mission.

Today, this ‘common man’ who accomplished a very ‘uncommon feat’ is healthy and twice happy. Not only is he leading a normal life but deep inside him, he experiences the bliss, the eternal joy of having given a life…a job only God can perform.

Source : Newbharati

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