Madanlal Dhingra – Challenge to British

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Madanlal Dhingra was a handsome youth inspired by Swatantraveer Vinayak Savarkar. He sought revenge from the British on the inhumanly treatment of freedom fighters and also the poor.

Dhingra courted arrested after assassinating Curzon Wylie. His last statement in court is a must read for all patriots given below. He left his body on 17th August 1909.

” I do not want to say anything in defense of myself, but simply to prove the justice of my deed. As for myself, no English law court has got any authority to arrest and detain me in prison, or pass sentence of death on me. That is the reason I did not have any counsel to defend me.”

“And I maintain that if it is patriotic in an Englishman to fight against the Germans if they were to occupy this country, it is much more justifiable and patriotic in my case to fight against the English. I hold the English people responsible for the murder of 80 millions of Indian people in the last fifty years, and they are also responsible for taking away ₤100, 000, 000 every year from India to this country. I also hold them responsible for the hanging and deportation of my patriotic countrymen, who did just the same as the English people here are advising their countrymen to do. And the Englishman who goes out to India and gets, say, ₤100 a month, that simply means that he passes a sentence of death on a thousand of my poor countrymen, because these thousand people could easily live on this ₤100, which the Englishman spends mostly on his frivolities and pleasures. Just as the Germans have no right to occupy this country, so the English people have no right to occupy India, and it is perfectly justifiable on our part to kill the Englishman who is polluting our sacred land. I am surprised at the terrible hypocrisy, the farce, and the mockery of the English people. They pose as the champions of oppressed humanity—the peoples of the Congo and the people of Russia—when there is terrible oppression and horrible atrocities committed in India; for example, the killing of two millions of people every year and the outraging of our women. In case this country is occupied by Germans, and the Englishman, not bearing to see the Germans walking with the insolence of conquerors in the streets of London, goes and kills one or two Germans, and that Englishman is held as a patriot by the people of this country, then certainly I am prepared to work for the emancipation of my Motherland. Whatever else I have to say is in the paper before the Court I make this statement, not because I wish to plead for mercy or anything of that kind. I wish that English people should sentence me to death, for in that case the vengeance of my countrymen will be all the more keen. I put forward this statement to show the justice of my cause to the outside world, and especially to our sympathizers in America and Germany.” Original Case Image

“I have told you over and over again that I do not acknowledge the authority of the Court, You can do whatever you like. I do not mind at all. You can pass sentence of death on me. I do not care. You white people are all-powerful now, but, remember, it shall have our turn in the time to come, when we can do what we like “.

A pamphlet issued by the Indian revolutionaries in London on 17th Aug 1909 titled “The Challenge” by Madanlal Dhingra. The pamphlet was issued as his last words before going to the gallows.

“I admit the other day; I attempted to shed English blood as an humble revenge for the inhuman hangings and deportations of patriotic Indian youths. In this attempt, I have consulted none but my own conscience; I have conspired with none, but my own duty.
I believe that a nation held down in bondage with the help of foreign bayonets is in a perpetual state of war. Since open battle is rendered impossible to a disarmed race, I attacked by surprise; since guns were denied to me, I drew forth my pistol and fired.
As a Hindu I felt that a wrong done to my country is an insult to God. Her cause is the cause of Sri Ram! Her services are the services of Sri Krishna! Poor in health and intellect, a son like myself has nothing else to offer to the Mother but his own blood and so I have sacrificed the same on her altar.
The only lesson required in India at present is to learn how to die and the only way to teach it, is by dying ourselves. Therefore I die and glory in my martyrdom! This war of Independence will continue between India and England, so long as the Hindu and the English races last (if the present unnatural relation does not cease!)
My only prayer to God is: May I be reborn of the same Mother and may I redie in the same sacred cause, till the cause is successful and she stands free for the good of humanity and the glory of God!”

-Vande Mataram-
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1 thought on “Madanlal Dhingra – Challenge to British

  1. Rahul Shastri

    It can be said that who ever sees only one side of history will enter into blinding darkness….
    So is it with out freedom struggle…
    The efficacy of the moderate methods of Gandhiji and the Congress depended crucially on the great sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Azad, Dhingra, Azad Hind Fauj, RIN revolt etc. Neither one side was capable winning freedom for us on its own.
    It is another matter that the two eyes of Bharat refused to look at each other. But only that way can man see clearly. Otherwise he becomes cross eyed.
    We should not mistake the ostensible dislike and rejection of each other, for a separation at the roots or the fruits. Extemism and moderation were always united in the roots with mother India, and the fruit of freedom came because the two served to reinforce each other…
    The greatest lesson that the freedom struggle teaches us is that one should learn to clap with two hands … without cutting off one or damaging the other …


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