Kerala – The Laboratory for Leftist Terror

#‎Shradhanjali‬ to Sujith.


Over the last few days, at ‪#‎JNU‬, the nation is witnessing the ideological convergence of ‪#‎BreakingIndia‬ forces. Down South in Kerala, the actual convergence of those Adharmic forces can be witnessed in action. These forces speak about “tolerance” & “Freedom of expression” but when in power, demonstrate the exact opposite and in extremity!  #LeftistTerror

A 27-year-old RSS worker was hacked to death in front of his aged parents at Papinesseri in Kannur district of Kerala, police said.

Sujit, who suffered serious injuries in the attack, succumbed to injuries before reaching hospital on Monday night.

His aged parents and a brother tried to stop the assailants, who stormed into the house at around 11.30 PM last night, and suffered injuries in the process.

Police said some CPI(M) sympathisers have been taken into custody for questioning

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Update on 17th Feb :

#LeftistTerror…and now bombs thrown on RSS office at Kerala

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