Book Launch “Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad…Some Unknown Pages”

“The days of pushing are gone” was the proud shout of an young Hyderabadi student when some Muslim goonda attempted to break into a queue on September 22, 1948, after Police Action. “What a change! A week back, I would have been killed for such a statement!” he noted in his diary that day. For common masses, Police Action was Liberation, said Dr. Rahul A. Shastri, citing this incident.

liberation-struggle-of-hyderabad-some-unkown-pages“September 17, was a day of Liberation and Deliverance for the people of Hyderabad”, said Dr. Rahul A Shastri. “However much politicians seeking votes and historians seeking political favours may seek to revise, alter and rewrite history, for ordinary people, Police Action gave them a chance to hold their heads high with dignity and with pride of being an Indian. This was denied to them in Azád Hyderabad.”

He was speaking during the book launch of “Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad…Some Unknown Pages” translated by him into English from Hindi.

Marking 17th September as Liberation Day, Hyderabad based Pragna Bharati and Samvit Kendra mutually organised this book lunch program in the city.  Dr. Hanuman Chowdary, chairman of Pragna Bharati presided over this function.

Rahul ji added that the heroism of common people in all three parts of old Hyderabad, their emotions, turmoil and aspirations, as well as some hushed up stories Razákár oppression liberation-struggle-of-hyderabad-some-unkown-pages-1and atrocities are brought out vividly and dramatically in “Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad … some unknown pages” written by Acharya Khanderao Kulkarni. Acharya Kulkarni personally visited the historical places and spoke to participants and their families at length who bravely stood against the brutalities of Nizam and recorded their courageous heart wrenching stories in the book.

liberation-struggle-of-hyderabad-some-unkown-pages-3Justice Sri Gopal Reddy, former justice of Andhra Pradesh, speaking as chief gust of the event said, “It is for current generation to know the history of this geographical part and end of Nizam dynasty and introspect to do better than what our fore fathers have dreamed of doing after end of Nizam rule.”

“Not celebrating the Hyderabad Liberation Day officially is betrayal by the current government which came to power with a promise of respecting heroic fight of ordinary men and women against Nizam and his rule”, said 92 year old Padma Shri Dr  T.V. Narayana in his address to the gathering as guest of honor.

Dr  T.V. Narayana also questioned that when parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra are officially celebrating 17th September, why Telangana government is finding excuses, is it not to appease the some sections of society in Hyderabad?

Dr. Hanuman Chowdary, said the communists were having nefarious plans even after fall of Nizam dynasty in 1948 and were planning to establish the communist regime with the help of then Communist leader Stalin and they boasted to continue their armed struggle against India which was rightly dealt by then Home Minister Sardar Patel.

On this occasion, the 94 year old Dr. Padmavathi Shastri, resident of Hyderabad since 1947, who participated in the freedom struggle in her student days in Nagpur, was also felicitated.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks given by Sri Nagaraj Rao, organising secretary of Pragna Bharati, and followed by singing national anthem.


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