Developing Bharatiya Languages Is Not A Negative Idea

Hindustan Times in its Oct 30th, 2016 edition, published an article stating ” English is not shackling us: Disregard RSS, embrace the language”.  It gave a caption stating “The organisation ( RSS ) feels imposing Hindi is the only way Bharatiya culture can be inculcated in the people” ;

The author is either not aware or is deliberately giving a twist.

There is not single document in the RSS literature which insists on Hindi as the only language. The RSS is of the view that all Bharatiya languages must get its due and its stated view is that “All Bharatiya languages are national languages” ( read Guruji Golwalkar on Language problem ) . Since there needs to be a link language, Hindi is encouraged. Lakhs of youth in hinterland are disadvantaged just because Bharatiya languages don’t get their due.

The RSS view is to learn as many languages as possible and speak/write them well. Learn foreign languages including English but more importantly connect with your our country through Bharatiya languages, give the languages their due and develop technical literature in them too.

Authors like the ones in HT have a strange mind-set. Anyone talking pro-Bharatiya languages is automatically bracketed as if they are retrograde having backward ideas. Being pro-Bharat doesn’t mean being anti-others. But it seems the stakes for anti-Bharat brigade are so high that they try to stem pro-Bharat efforts.

  • Ayush Nadimpalli

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