Kerala Slides Into Medieval Intolerance

It should be realised here that the Nehruvian secularism and Marxism pampering fundamentalists is not mere vote bank politics. They both have ideological affinity to political Islamism and institutional Christianity. It is not uncommon for Muslim leftist intellectuals to become ideologues of Islamist movement when the latter becomes powerful. As early as 1942, a Muslim member of the central committee of the Communist Party of India asked its Muslim members to join the Muslim League in Punjab. One should understand that it was not opportunism. It is more because of the intuitive understanding of the synergy between Marxism and political Islam as totalitarian movements, which while making use of the existing freedom of speech for their expansion, strangle the same when they get their hands on power.

In Kerala too the same phenomenon got repeated. EMS Namboodiripad (1909-1998) carved out Malappuram district, after an explicitly communal demand made by the Muslim League, which would have disastrous consequences for not just communal relations within the state but also, over the decades, for national security itself. In 2006, the same year Kerala banned the movie Da Vinci code, Frederick Forsyth made an insightful observation on Kerala in his Al Qaeda-based thriller, The Afghan: “Once a hotbed of Communism, it has been particularly receptive territory for Islamist terrorism”.

In 2016, Kerala would notoriously lead other states in cases of radicalised Muslims being recruited for ISIS. Read More at Swarajya

2 thoughts on “Kerala Slides Into Medieval Intolerance

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  2. Dr. Rahul A. Shastri

    Reg. affinity of communists for Islam, the following may be added.

    1) Daniel Latifi, a communist lawyer not only joined the Muslim League before partition, but became its leading ideologue, drafting its manifesto, and manning its offices in Punjab. Although he resigned from politics and stayed back in India after partition, he became a specialist in Islamic law, even while he worked for trade unions in later years.

    2) Roger Garaudy, the leader of the communists in the French Parliament, for almost two decades, converted to Islam and wrote books denouncing the holocaust as a figment of imagination, and was awared a star of something by the Saudi prince for his services to Islam.

    3) From 600-800 AD, Iran was the hotbed of a revolution that believed in distribution of property and of women among the poor. Their banner was the red flag. This revolution had weakened the Iranian state so much that it fell without much resistance to Arab invaders. Also the wide appeal of this philosophy enabled most Iranians to accept the new religion since it also shared the property and women of conquered (uncoverting) peoples.

    re: links of communist with the church: the following may be noted.

    These were forged only after the death of Che Guevera, and first in Latin America. In other parts of the world, including in Kerala, the church was opposed to communism. However, in Latin America successful collaboration of the catholic church with the communists led to the emergence of left evangelism, which was represented even by some cardinals and popes.

    With the rise of naxalism, other churches also forged links with the nascent movement. The organizational and ideological logic and logistics of this link is not known to me.


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