Interrogating Macaualay’s Children

A new book titled as “Interrogating Macaulay’s Children” was released on 4th March 2018 at Jagriti Bhavan, Kachiguda. This book focuses on the positive aspects of Bharat as documented by scholars from across the world in the last 5 centuries. It also thereby negates the low image of India as propagated by forces motivated by British officer Macaulay and his idea of India.

“Interrogating Macaulay’s Children” is written  by Sri Satyadeva Prasad and published by Centre for Integral Research, SAMVIT KENDRA.  Dr. Gopal Reddy Member UGC, Sri Venugopal Reddy Chairman Jagriti Prakashan Trust and Sri Prasanna Deshpande released the book.

Sri Satyadeva Prasad ji is a regular contributor of articles to AriseBharat.  The book is available at Sahityaniketan, Barkatpura, Hyderabad.

Contact : Sri Rajgopal – 9290127329

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