A list of temples destroyed in the Kashmir Valley between 1986-1996.

SRINAGAR1. Ganpatyar temple, Srinagar Stoning and Arson..

2. Bhairav temple, Maisuma Stoning and Arson.
3. Temple in front of Gurudwara at Amiradadal ransacked.
4. Shiv temple, Jawaharnagar stoning and arson .
5. Bhairav Mandir, Karan Nagar ransacked and Carpet burnt.
6. Shiv temple near secretariat stoning and arson .
7. Shiv Mandir, Chota Bazar-Local muslims rioters attacked the temple and police resorted
to firing to disperse the muslims.
8. Narayan Math Mandir in Tulsi Bagh arson and stoning.


9. Gautam nag mandlr at Sarnal – set on fire – heavy damage; 3 out of four rooms

10. Shivalay Mandir, Nai Basti – heavy stoning, ransacked.
11. Temple at Wanpoh on Khanabal-Qazigund Road – set on fire – heavy damage.
12. Another temple at Vanpoh – set on fire – heavy damage.
13. Temple at Aishmuqam – Idol damaged and temple ransacked.
14. Temple at Dhanbogund, Kulgam – set on fire – heavy damage.
15. Navgam temple, Shangas – Heavy stoning – heavy damage.
16. Achhabal temple near Navgam – Heavy stoning – heavy damage .
17. Temple in Lokbhavan village of Thana Qazigund –ransacked.
18. Second temple in Lokbhavan village of Thana Qazigund –ransacked.
19. Third temple in Lokbhavan village of Thana Qazigund –ransacked.
20. Forth temple in Lokbhavan village of Thana Qazigund –ransacked.
21. Harish Chandra Seva Mandir, Beejbehara – idols destroyed ransacked the temple.
22. Devi Mandir, village Karebal Beejbehara –Idols damaged and temple ransacked.
23. Shivalay Mandir, Janglat Mandi, Anantnag town –ransacked and heavy damage.
24. Temple of Dyalgam – ransacked and heavy damage.
25. Temple at Fatehpura village, Qazigund Tehsil – Temple was set
on fire – heavy damage.
26. Temple at village Siligam, Thana Aishmuqam – ransacked


27. Shiv Mandir at village Koil, Thana Pulwama – arson and looting.

28. Temple at village Trisal, Thana Pulwama –destroyed Idols, stole microphone. Boundary wall broken.


29. Kali Mandir in Jamla Kadal Mohalla, Sopore –arson.

30. Fatapura temple, Sopore – stoning.ANANTNAG 

31.Chandi Puiarl temple, Vyosu Thana Qazigund) – Arson and looting.


32. Sharda Devi temple, Yalkot (Thana Badgam) – arson and one part of the temple burned.

33.Shiv Temple, Sanghampura – (Thana Biru) – building damaged.
34. Shiv Mandir, Magam (Thana Vodura) – arson


35. Temple in Bandipore – stoning and arson
36. Temple in Bandipore – arson



1. Ram Mandir, Maharajganj, Shrinagar – arson and looting.

2. Shiv Mandir, Sarafkadal, Shrinagar – stoning and arson.BARAMULLA

3. Shiv Mandir, Bandipur – arson and looting – Heavy damage.

4. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Barmulla – Bomb explosion in Mandir.


5. Shiv temple, Shopian – Temple burned down and fully destroyed; heavy damage.

6 . Local tempIe in Tral – Arson and looting – Heavy damage.


7. Devi Mandir, Anantnag – arson and looting.


8. Basaknag mandir, Bhadrawah – arson and looting.



1. Shri Ram mandir’s Hall, Barbarshah Shrinagar – Bomb explosion.

2. Shiv Mandir Chota Bazar, Shrinagar, Mandir burned looted and fully damaged.
3. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Shrinagar – arson and looting.
4. Building of Ramkrishna Ashram, Chota Bazar, Shrinagar-arson


5. Suchcha Nath Mandir, Shopian – arson looting and burning– heavy damage.


6. Shri Ram Mandir, Badgam – destroyed; idols looted – heavy damage.

7. Rama Mandir, Udhampur – heavy damage


8. Supernag Temple – Idols looted and temple burnt.

9. Siv Mandir Kiratwar – explosion on 2nd Nov. – minor damage.
10. Buichhal Mandir – explosion on 10th Nov. – heavy damage.
11. Temple in Kulharad village – arson burning and looting, heavy damage.
12 Temple in Bharat village – arson and looting – heavy damage.



1. Arya Samaj Mandir and School, Shrinagar – Bomb explosion on 10th Feb.

2. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Shrinagar – arson and looting.
3. Arya Samaj Mandir and School Wazir Bagh, Shrinagar –Bomb explosion on 21st July –
heavy damage.
4. Shri Ram Mandir, Babarshah Shrinagar – Conference Hall attacked with rocket on 2nd
5. Shitalnath Mandir, Shrinagar – arson and looting on 18th Nov. heavy damage.


6. Lakshmi Mandir, Bijbehara – arson and looting on 4th August – Heavy damage.


7. Sharda Mandir, Kalusa, 8andipur-arson and looting. Heavy damage.


8. Handura Mandir – Idols destroyed and many Idols were taken away. Temple Precincts desecrated. Heavy loss and destruction.



1. Nagbal Mandir, Anantnag – Bomb Explosion .

2. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Anantnag – Bomb Explosion, – minor damage
3. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Anantnag – Grenade thrown


4. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Shrinagar – arson and looting of seven houses of Hindus and two

5. Shri Raghunath Mandir, Shrinagar –arson and looting.


1. Raghunath Mandir, Karafali Mohalla, Shrinagar – Stoning , Arson and looting.

2. Temple in Anantnag – Stoning , Arson and looting.
3. Temple in Shrinagar – Arson and looting.
4. Temple in Kulgam, Anantnag – Stoning , Arson and looting.
5. Shiv Mandir, Sherpore Kund – Stoning , Arson and looting.
6. Temple at Karichhama – Tang Marg, Baramulla – Stoning , Arson and looting.
7. Temple in Baramulla on Kungar Tang Road – Stoning , Arson and looting.
8. Shri Vishnu Temple, on the Bank of River Jhelum Stoning , Arson and looting.
9. Kuvi Utraso Temple Anantnag – Stoning , Arson and looting.
10. Temple of Chitergund, Anantnag – Stoning , Arson and looting.
11. Temple of Bana Mohalla, Shrinagar – Stoning , Arson and looting.
12. Karfali Mohalla, Shrinagar – Stoning , Arson and looting.
13. Samshan Bhoomi Temple, Karannagar, Srinagar – Stoning , Arson and looting.
14. Narsingh Bagh – Shadipur Temple, Ganderbal, Shrinagar – Stoning , Arson and looting.
15. Nandkishore Temple, Sumbal, Baramulla – Stoning , Arson and looting.
16.Temple of Pahalgam, Anantnag. Stoning , Arson and looting.
17. Temple, Verinag, Anantnag. Stoning , Arson and looting.
18. Second Temple Verinag, Anantnag. Arson and looting.
19.Third Temple, Verinag, Anantnag. Stoning , Arson and looting.
20. Fourth Temple, Verinag, Anantnag. Arson and looting.
21. Fifth Temple, Verinag, Anantnag Arson and looting.
22. Sixth Temple, Verinag, Anantnag. Arson and looting.
23. Temple in Tragaon, Kupwara – Arson and looting.
24. Temple in Pattan, Baramulla – Arson and looting
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A lot of details have been provided in 2 volumes that can be procured here:


19 thoughts on “A list of temples destroyed in the Kashmir Valley between 1986-1996.

  1. Yeshwanth Pai

    It is disgusting to see the list of prayer places and mandirs destroyed, pillaged as if we were living during the time of Aurangzeb. All this happened between 1986 & 1996. Why hasn’t our print media which would have gone bezerk had even a mosque was touched, not reported such incidents om day today basis. What was the party jn power ruling India, the corrupted Congress doing those days with the shameless PM-Mouni singh & co photoshopping with Yasin Mallik- the dreaded terrorist of those days who killed thousands of Hindus in Kashmir without any remorse? It s high time the BJP restored all these temples with gusto. One wonders, what yhese Moslems have against idol worship, so long as we dont have Mohammed as an idol?

  2. Dave

    Imran can write this kind of lies as n intellectual is worrisome for freedom loving world. Cerst he is an extremist intellectual and perhaps a paid journalist as well.

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  4. S V Sastry.

    Horrible,wether we r in India or else where.The only solution is Hindu Unity, Hindus have to come out. No cast groups in Hinduism,all the Hindus are one

  5. Ravindra Badonia

    It is the responsibility of Govt of India as well as we citizens of this country to re-build our lost holy temples and world

  6. Ravi

    Leave aside Congress – they thought they bought the country from the British and they own it and are are free to sell it!
    But what were the following doing then?!
    1. Human Rights activists
    2. UN Security Council – how many resolutions passed?
    3. Secular English press in India
    4. Western media
    5. Secular Bollywood owned by Bombay underworld
    etc etc.,

  7. Sanjiv Patel

    Hindus must be united, must not be self centered, must think about others and act, not wait for others to act.

  8. Tej Raina

    There isno mention of Shailaputri temple of Baramulla which was restored to present and original position by Indian Army after arson and removal of idol of presiding deity .

  9. Vinod

    Current government must allocate funds to rebuild all the 93 temples ransacked.. 2020-2021 budget time now

  10. Pingback: Amarnath yatra : down memory lane (Part-3) – PEBBLES AND WAVES

  11. Bhagvant

    In the name of secularism ..
    They will never leave in peace .. .. ..
    Whatever they believe will always show them red .. .. .. just blood red

  12. rajpatimishra

    The sad story of Kashmir is cultivation of Jihadis on our soil systematically by the state specially sponsered and paid by Pakis . The centre govt is equally responsible to give doles to the local admin and pisful abdullas on some way or other.

    These bastards ensured removal of the Pandits from valley , breaked our temples, raped and killed our mother and sisters including our brothers. This ghost will always be behind them in days to come.

    Modi govt must ensure their return, remove 370 and 35 A immediately. The UCC is the one step further solution to this filthy mindset including Population control measures at BharatVarsha.

  13. Shenoy Devram

    Why not insist for Restoration & Rebuild@ Local Govt cost as it was the duty of the local govt to protect all these temples, Book bloody Abdullas & Seperstists who did this very systematically.
    World level it will send a clear message that the terrorist activity is Accountable afterall these are 1000s if year old our Culture & Ethics, should it go in dust

  14. Ravikumar B N

    No body will tolerate such adocity, to demolish such brutal activities only the whole country is supporting Narendra Modi. One nation one law and nobody is above the law, this is what India wants now.

  15. Ashok Sopori

    Even after destroying so many temples and forcing all Hindus to flee from the valley,the Muslims there are Secular.


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