Precious and Pious Personality, Sri Rama Chandra!

Sage Valmiki asks Narada, “Who is the one person in the world…with high attributes – affable to everyone, valiant, virtuous, principled, thankful, true to his word, determined in his deed highly adept, benign to all beings, scholar with adorable ability and admirable personality, and who is pleasant to look at who is a courageous one, who has controlled ire, who is non-emulative, non-jealous and by whom, even the gods are afraid, when angered in a battlefield?” [SIXTEEN prime qualities] –

गुणवान्   (guṇavān ; वीर्यवान्   (vīryavān ) ;  धर्मज्ञः   (dharmajñaḥ ) ; कृतज्ञः   (kṛtajñaḥ ) ;  सत्य वाक्यो   (satya vākyo ) ;  धृढ व्रतः   (dhṛḍha vrataḥ ) ; चारित्रेण च को युक्तः   (cāritreṇa ca ko yuktaḥ ) ;  सर्व भूतेषु को हितः   (sarva bhūteṣu ko hitaḥ ) ; विद्वान्   (vidvān )   समर्थः   (samarthaḥ ) ;  एक प्रिय दर्शनः   (eka priya darśanaḥ ) ; आत्मवान्  (ātmavān ) ; जित क्रोधो   (jita krodho ) ; द्युतिमान्   (dyutimān ) ;  अनसूयकः  (anasūyakaḥ ) ;  बिभ्यति देवाः च जात रोषस्य संयुगे.  (kasya bibhyati devāḥ ca jāta roṣasya saṃyuge ) 

In response to Valmiki’s question, Narada gives a beautiful, powerful, and impactful synopsis named: Samkshepa Ramayanam. Hear the shlokas here .

This synopsis lets one quickly experience the life of Rama Chandra. An interesting aspect that one can observe throughout this historical epic is how he captivated everyone through His qualities. These qualities are the reason why He is worshipped till date.

Sri Rama Chandra was admired not only by one section of people but all sections. He was adored by everyone not only in his physical presence but also in his absence.

He was loved not only by human beings but also all other beings and nature. He was revered not only in the past but also worshipped in the present and will be in the future.

He impressed not only his friends but also his foe like Ravana!

Maha Vishnu descended as Rama (vibhava avatār) to pacify sages from the atrocities of Rāvana. How did He do that? Definitely not magic, only through qualities of a perfect human being!

He was an embodiment of primely 16 glorious gunās (qualities).  The true sampada (wealth) of the Rama avatar constituted His mesmerizing qualities, and of course all the abilities driven by those qualities. Such incarnations are also therefore called ‘vibhava avatāra’ .

How is this knowledge about vibhava avātaras beneficial to us?

If you want to lead a life making the right choices, then Sri Ramayanam is your guide !

– From the pravachana (discourse) of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

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