The Truth About ‘Saint’ Valentine

An article by True Indology on twitter.

Did you know? “Valentine’s day” is named after Saint Valentine . He was a Christian bishop and a physician. He refused to treat his own fatally sick mother because she would not give up her belief in pagan God Jupiter and get baptized. The disease killed her! #ValentinesDay

According to Legenda Aurea (compiled in c. 1275 CE), Saint Valentine was described as “destroyer of non christian pagan idols”

Valentine was abusing Non-Christian Gods and creating communal conflict. He was jailed. Romans wanted to release him provided he toned down. “What is your opinion on (our) Gods Jupiter & Mercury”- they asked. ‘Wretched and foul men.Filthy. Carnal. Of filthy birth’-He answered.

Valentine was a Physician. But he never treated his patients until they converted to Christianity. “Believe that Jesus is God. Destroy your idols. Get baptized and confess your sins. I will then treat your son” – he used to tell his patients. From Passio Valentini (6th cent)



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2 thoughts on “The Truth About ‘Saint’ Valentine

  1. easyritwik

    I am surprised to read the truth about Valentine day. Its out and out Christian in character, and worst, the day is celebrated instead of mourning, by feasting, on his execution day. Hindus should never celebrate this heinous day.

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