Stories of Hindu victims in Delhi riots- Feb 2020

We are aware that mainstream English media has been projecting a totally one-sided picture of 3-day Delhi riots that took place in Feb 2020, going to the extent of calling it a pogrom. Western media has gleefully picked up these stories to plant Hindu-phobic stories of Delhi riots. They have totally ignored terror against Hindus, the acid and petrol bomb factories, stone-pelting, attack and gruesome killing of Police and Intelligence officers, and the build-up of `jehadi speeches’ of over 2.5 months leading to deliberate orchestrated riots, which were timed to the visit of US President Donald Trump to Delhi. Senior journalists too revealed that they are being scouted by western media for slanted selective Hindu-phobic stories of the riots.

We acknowledge `Know the Nation’ which presented the following tweets with pictures which speak for themselves.

Read some books on the doctrine and history of Islamic imperialism in India. 

The Story of Islamic Imperialism in India

Jihad : The Doctrine of Permanent War

The Genocide that was never told

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