Donkey Business and Intellectual Business – A Tale of 2 Narratives

Story ka jawaab Story by Sri Ashish Naredi 

Edit Note : We are sharing two short stories here . The 1st one was by an apologist who responded to an article by the author with a story titled “Donkey Business”. Apparently, it was to make a point that anyone who exposes the Tablighi Jamaat activities is in effect also radical.

Story 1 – By The Apologist

– A donkey was tied to a tree.
– The Devil came and untied it.
– The donkey ran into the fields and started destroying the crop.
– The farmer’s wife saw this and shot the donkey dead.
– The donkey’s owner was upset so he shot the farmer’s wife.
– The farmer came back to see his wife dead, he went and shot the donkey’s owner.
– The wife of the owner of the donkey asked her sons to go and burn the house of the farmer.
– The boys went late evening and carried out their mother’s orders happily, assuming that the farmer too would have been burnt with the house.
– Sadly for them it wasn’t that, so the farmer came back and shot the wife & the two sons of the owner of the donkey.
– Remorseful, the farmer asked the Devil why did all this have to happen?

The Devil said, “I did nothing, I only released the donkey, but, all of you reacted, overacted and released the inner devil.”

So the next time before replying, responding, reporting, rebuking, or avenging a revenge, stop and think. Be careful. Many a times, what the Devil does is that it just releases the donkey in us TABLIGHI JAMAAT!!!


Intellectual Business

There was once a society which was very prosperous, honest, peaceful and trusting of everyone..
– But sadly, its neighboring society was exactly the opposite.
– The Neighboring Society (NS) was very envious of the PeacefulSociety(PS) and wanted to completely destroy it.
– So, it devised a clever plan. It created a story called the “Donkeybusiness” to teach people to not retaliate even in the face of gravest of harm by blaming everything on an imaginary Devil!!

#1. So, first, all the crops of the PS (Peaceful Society) were destroyed by the donkeys sent by the NS (neighboring Society). The people of PS were enraged. But they were immediately reminded of the story and the fact that the Devil was responsible and not the NS. So, they let it be and worked harder to cover the damage!

#2. Then in a few days the mother of the PS was shot dead! “An eye for an eye makes the world blind,” told the PS intellectuals, all of whom were bought out by the NS. So, again the PS was convinced and prevented from taking any action.

#3. Then in the third attack the homes of the PS were also completely burnt and destroyed. Now, the PS was completely enraged and wanted decisive action against NS. But then again the Story “Donkey Business” was narrated by their sold intellectuals. “See, real life is imitating the story,” the PS was told. “Plus you don’t have any evidence that it was the NS.” Accepting that they need evidence, the PS started hunting for evidence instead of acting against NS.

#4. Seeing this as the right opportunity to move in and takeover PS, the NS attacked with all its might and finished the last trace of anyone or anything of PS (peaceful society).

PS was once a very powerful society but with
– Entire food and business gone – they became very poor.
– With their mother gone – they couldn’t procreate
– With their homes gone – they had no place to live also.
– When there was #Time4Action , the society did not act as everything was blamed on an imaginary devil instead of the real one living next door!!
– And when the criminal next door attacked from front, there was nothing left with the PS to defend itself with!

They could do nothing but die in remorse and grief!! What was once a powerful society was lost only because of stories like “Donkey Business” and because the society had lost its power to think on its own and began trusting a set of intellectuals who could be bought by the enemies!!

Moral of the story
Whenever someone blames any thing on an imaginary devil and not the real life criminals living in the midst – Do think of the above story and check if you are being misled.

– Above all, cultivate your own ability to think, analyse and decide for urself instead of relying on other intellectuals – be they from Whatsapp university or any other famed university.





2 thoughts on “Donkey Business and Intellectual Business – A Tale of 2 Narratives

  1. Arun Sharma

    those who react are losers,
    successful once act for they are able ,
    and the view of one in action dissuades the once who have bad eye.


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