Rising Bharat International News Feed: August 13th 2020

Relations with UK

  1. Virgin Atlantic to resume flights from London to Delhi, Mumbai from September 2

Key points:

  1. British premier carrier Virgin Atlantic on Thursday announced the resumption of its flight services to Delhi and Mumbai from London Heathrow, under the air bubble pact, starting September 2.
  2. Virgin Atlantic plans to operate three flights a week from Delhi to London Heathrow from September 2, while Mumbai services are planned to re-commence from September 17 with four flights per week, the airline said in a release.  Both the destinations will provide connections to New York JFK and will operate on 787-9 Dreamliner, it said.
  3. The flights to the two destinations in India from London are being resumed under the air bubble pact between the UK and Indian governments, British premier carrier Virgin Atlantic said.
  4. An air bubble is a bilateral arrangement with a set of regulations and restrictions, in which the carriers of the two countries can operate international flights.

(Economic Times, 13 August 2020) News Link

Relations with China

  1. अब तेल कंपनियों का चीन को झटका, चीनी टैंकरों से नहीं मंगाएंगी तेल

Key points:

  1. चीन कंपनियों द्वारा संचालित ऑयल टैंकरों (तेल पोतों) को नहीं दिया जाएगा ठेका
  2. तेल कंपनियों के पास पहले ही ग्लोबल टेंडर्स में फर्स्ट राइट ऑफ रिफ्यूजल क्लॉज
  3. तीसरे देश में भी रजिस्टर्ड चीनी टैंकरों को नहीं मिलेगा कॉन्ट्रैक्ट
  4. इससे भारतीय तेल कंपनियों की सेहत पर नहीं पड़ेगा ज्यादा फर्क

(Navbharat Times, 13 August, 2020) News Link

Relations with European countries

  1. जयशंकर ने जर्मनी के विदेश मंत्री से की चर्चा, कोविड-19 की स्थिति और टीके को लेकर सहयोग पर हुई बात

Key points:

  1. बृहस्पतिवार को जयशंकर ने अपने समकक्ष जर्मनी के विदेश मंत्री हेइको मास के साथ कोविड-19 की स्थिति और इसके टीके को लेकर सहयोग पर चर्चा की| दोनों नेताओं ने यूरोप और एशिया में जारी गतिविधियों की समीक्षा की

(Amar Ujala, 13 August, 2020) News Link

Relations with Pakistan

  1. ‘Pakistan repeating lies on J&K’: India slams article in Chinese paper

Key points:

  1. India on Thursday slammed Pakistani ambassador to China Moin-ul-Haque for his “lies and half-truths” on Jammu and Kashmir, and said terrorists “recruited, trained and armed” by Islamabad have disturbed peace and order in the Union Territory which is an integral part of India.
  2. “India’s concerted efforts to bring peace, stability and progress to J&K stand in stark contrast to Pakistan’s strategy, which is little more than a blatant and rapacious campaign of cross-border terrorism aimed at debilitating the region,” the Embassy of India in China said.
  3. “Terrorists recruited, trained and armed by Pakistan have disturbed peace and order in J&K, with over 450 incidents of terrorist-orchestrated violence taking place since August 2019, leading to several civilian casualties. And it is in fact Pakistan that has repeatedly effected administrative and demographic changes in territories that it has occupied illegally and forcibly in J&K and Ladakh,” the Embassy of India in China said.
  4. The Embassy made these remarks in response to an article titled ‘Urgent actions on Jammu, Kashmir needed’ published in China’s state-run Global Times on August 7.

( Times of India, 13 August, 2020) News Link

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