Shradhanjali to Rama Gopalan ji : The Founder of Hindu Munnani

The 60’s in Tamilnadu saw an era of pressure from so-called Periyarists & the rise of Dravidian politics placing “nireeshwaravada” or atheism as a central political identity. Anyone who claimed otherwise was pigeon-holed into being ” orthodox” – Brahmanical – Conservative – religious bigot. By the late 70’s it became a disease. It was under such trying circumstances that Sri Rama Gopalan ji , then Tamilnadu prant pracharak of Sangh was asked to take up the task of revival. He formed the Hindu Munnani. A devoted band of youngsters under his leadership spread across the length and breadth of Tamilnadu & revived the society. He infused dignity and valour in the Hindu society to stand upto the unjust policies of the State.

Today, politics in TN still seems to hover around “Dravidian identity “, it is devoid of the poison that it had. Their leaders can’t appeal on the outdated ideology. Lakhs of people today take sankalpa of Ayyappa maala, the Kavadi for Muruga, deeksha of Amman & Ganesh utsavs are celebrated with fervour.

The Islamic fundamentalist forces attacked him but he survived inspite of a fractured skull. He continued his mission thus for another 20 years since that attack.

We pray that the youth of the nation tries to learn more about the him & his extraordinary work in Tamilnadu. May he inspire !

#Shradhanjali to Rama Gopalan ji .


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