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Ayodhya Ram Mandir Bhoomipuja: Leadership the Bharatiya Way

यत्र योगेश्वरः कृष्णो यत्र पार्थो धनुर्धरः। तत्र श्रीर्विजयो भूतिर्ध्रुवा नीतिर्मतिर्मम।।

Maa. Dr. Mohan ji Bhagwat & Sri Narendra ji Modi – Two leaders who have demonstrated the Bharatiya way of how huge missions are lead . They represent a great tradition that Bharat stood for.

” Bharat’s tradition of leadership. One shows how to awaken society without any recognition & other takes the reins & puts the vision into action. #RamMandir4Bharat #Telangana4RamMandir




August 5th is a milestone : Ram Mandir and more

  • Dr. Ratan Sharda

Rebuilding of Ram Temple has re-ignited our memories buried deep under the embers of forgotten history.

August 5, 2020, is a historic day for many reasons, not just a day on which the rebuilding of Ram Mandir will begin. August 15, 1947, was supposed to be a day when we broke away from colonialism and rebuild Bharat on the lines on which it had gained prominence in the comity of nations for centuries before foreign invaders slowly choked out its spirit in different ways.

Unfortunately, it did not happen. We were told that India was never a nation but British had made it into a nation and Nehru ji was trying to create a new idea of India, so we can stay united. With this single argument, we were trained to forget our entire knowledge-based heritage that has at least 8,000 years of documented history.

August 5 will be a milestone in post-independent India which will be remembered for —

• Rebuilding of the Ram Temple at the very site where it was destroyed

• Restoring our pride in our ancient perennial history and civilisation

• Snatching back the right to interpret our history from colonial historians and their

fellow travellers – the Marxist historians

• Decolonising our minds

Visit Mathura and your heart bleeds when you see the real janmsthan (birth place) of Krishna embedded in the peripheral wall of the giant mosque Aurangzeb built by destroying the Krishna Janmasthan temple. You visit Kashi Vishwanath temple. Before you bow to the sacred Jyotirlinga in a temple rebuilt by Ahilyabai Holkar, your heart sinks looking at the original sacred Nandi bull staring vacantly in the direction where the original Shivling was consecrated eons back – converted to mosque by Aurangzeb.

Hindus waged a sustained battle to restore Ram Temple to them for 492 years in the very location where it existed before it was destroyed by Mughals. Apart from a legal fight, we saw a mass movement like none, including the freedom struggle, when millions of people came on the roads in a peaceful manner starting in 1986 and culminating in 2020. A movement sustained in different phases for 30 years before it reached the final stages in courts of law. It was a first in Hindu society that the society rose as one irrespective of caste or creed – whether poor or rich, from north to south and from west to east – to get back the land where original temple existed. And, finally emerged victorious.

Our freedom struggle was an outcome of many factors. When all the factors came together, we were free. But it was a victory that came at a huge loss – loss of one third of our land and millions of lives. It was a parting kick from our erstwhile colonial masters. We are still bleeding. But refusal to go by colonial justice and lectures by their leftovers about Ram being everywhere, Hindus kept the battle on and finally won it against the entire system seeped in colonial thoughts arrayed against them. Hindus refused to be shamed by Left-Secular groups and settle for something demeaning like Mathura or Kashi that would bleed our hearts and drain our emotions when we visited these temples.

The colonial historians and their lackeys had created a narrative that Hindu society had nothing to offer, that Bharat was a naturally endowed land populated by orthodox, casteist, ignorant lethargic people who knew nothing beyond caste and superstition. They had no history to call their own and they had no knowledge to call their own. The entire idea was to strip Indians of their self-respect, their pride and their knowledge systems.

The enormous knowledge base Bharat had in every possible branch of philosophy, art and science was stolen or stripped off its Bharatiya roots. Muslim invaders destroyed universities, temples and knowledge system structured around them and our sense of self-esteem by destroying our centres of faith, our murtis. The official records tell us that even after burning the Nalanda University and destroying Taxila and Vikramshila, burning libraries of temples and priests; Bharat, even today, is left with 3 million manuscripts in Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit!

The bleeding of our economy that began under Muslim invaders was fine-tuned by British. We were impoverished while colonial masters prospered in every sense. By the time British were challenged by us, they had created a huge West educated populace seeped in western world view that saw India only as a land of widow burners, casteist and orthodox backward looking society, with no intellect of its own. We were told that Kalidasa was Shakespeare of India though Kalidasa was born centuries before Shakespeare. We were told Chanakya was India’s Machiavelli though he mastered the statecraft thousands of years earlier. And we accepted it. Only calling card that Bharatiya people were left with was caste system.

Rebuilding of Ram Temple has re-ignited our memories buried deep under the embers of forgotten history. In a way, the people-driven struggle prolonged by Marxist historians gave us time to dig up our true history, the cruel history of Muslim invaders’ atrocities and loss of our national identity that any Indian would be proud of.

Suddenly, temples and their histories have become centres of attraction and wonder for our youth. Taj Mahal is not the only wonder, but we have 1000s of such wonders. Indians have discovered how their temples were pillaged, populace looted, raped and converted. It was the history that our Left –Secular historians wished us to forget. The struggle for Ram Temple turned out to be a struggle to rediscover our self-identity.

This struggle for restoration of pride was not against anybody, it was for restoration of our rights over our land, our history. Thus, the long litigation instigated by left historians forced us to re-discover the truth behind Mughals and Tipu Sultans, the truth behind poor cap stitching devout Aurangzeb. Historians who had been banished from the university shelves, the selfless researchers and public intellectuals like Dharampal were brought back. Young Indians rose to fill in the gaps in our history with meticulous research and rebuilding of our true history, highlight our heritage and challenge the narrative set by British and their copy cats, the Marxist historians. The first Indian to call out the fakery of Aryan Invasion Theory, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, was rediscovered.

This renaissance we see in Indian intellectual scene is the result of Ram Mandir movement. And, this is the reason why the entire Left and so-called liberal class was opposed to Ram Temple tooth and nail. They understood the repercussions of this movement. This is the reason why RSS became the prime hate symbol for the Left-Liberal all over again. RSS not just created this environment but went onto inspire an entire generation to snatch back the initiative from these groups to restore history and heritage in proper perspective.

This churn in the sphere of knowledge has finally led to decolonising our minds. There had been attempts by our leaders beginning from Swami Vivekananda to decolonise our minds. It has been a continuous exercise since then. But ideological adversaries had major advantages – head start since the time of British, absorbing the tricks of the trade taught by the British, inferiority complex of the ruling class represented by Pandit Nehru and his readiness to outsource the intellectual battle ground to the Left and providing them huge resources vis-a-vis a weak Bharat rooted intellectual class that was kept out of the powerful elite and never allowed to use any resources.

Thankfully, there were organisations like RSS, great indigenous, rooted leaders like Madan Mohan Malaviya, Dr. Ambedkar, KM Munshi, Rajagopalachari and many others who kept the flame glowing for the right moment. Veteran RSS thinker Ranga Hari says your view point depends on your stand point. It took years to change that stand point from western land of Greenwich time to Ujjain based Indian timelines of Mahakaal. As the stand point changed, the view point changed too. Now the view point will be defined by Ram Mandir. This is the historic time when real decolonising of Indian mind has begun. Bharat will no more be apologetic about its past, nor about the path it chooses to regain its glory.

  • Dr. Ratan Sharda is an ERP consultant, an author & a free lance columnist.

For a comprehensive site on Ayodhya Ram Mandir, visit

For a detailed video on the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhumi movement , check out these videos :


  • Ayush Nadimpalli

The government of Bharat banned 59 Chinese mobile applications, including social media platforms such as TikTok, Helo and WeChat, to counter the threat posed by these applications to the country’s “sovereignty and security,” it said in a press release late on June 29th. . ShareIT, UC browser and shopping app Clubfactory are among the other prominent apps that have been blocked.

The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, part of the MHA, has sent an “exhaustive recommendation for blocking the malicious apps.  There are 30 Crore unique Indian users of Chinese apps installed in the 45 crore smarphone users. 

Popular apps in Bharat.

  • 3.2 crore users of TikTok.  
  • 5 Crore users of Helo App.  Both Helo and TikTok  are owned by Byte Dance.
  • 5 Crore downloads of ShareIt

While the reaction by people at large is positive, there are some pseudo intellectuals who pose questions like “ What can a ban on Apps do ? “

For this let me take you to a story of 2001.

In 2001, an Internet Service provider “Now India” launched an aggresive marketing campaign offering internet connectivity at an aggressive price. It attracted huge customer base. However, a strange fact came to light as the software was being installed. A tool called “Unicenter” was getting automatically installed as a “Remote control tourble shooting tool”.  This was not listed in the End User agreement.  Normal users could not see the tool at all.  This tool gave the service provider direct access to the personal computer of the user. When this was raised, ‘Now India’ denied and was confronted with proof.

“Now India ” turned out to be a subsidiary of a Hong Kong based group headed by an entreprenuer who had close links with Chinese establishment. “Now India” had listed a foreign participant called Pacific Convergence ( Mauritius ) ltd. Inquiries revealed that this too was a subsidiary of the same Hong Kong company . The internet traffic was being routed through the two serviers of yet another ISP and reached the gateway of another Chinese company in Hong Kong. ( Source : Will the Iron Fence Save A Tree Hollowed by Termites ? by Arun Shourie )

Sadly, when this was initially brought to the notice of the establishment, the whistle blowers were brushed away as being paranoid.

Strategic Paralysis:

Sun Tzu says ” To Fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence. Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting .” For this, they have what they term as accupressure points, points which are critical points which can destablise a nation.

China has been working to develop devices though which it can cut off leaders of the enemy counrty from the people. leaders from each other, headquarters from field commanders, field commanders from soldiers. The point is to hit the “brain, heart and nervous system” of the enemy causing strategic paralysis.  The more modern a society gets, it gets integrated systems , the more it depends on technology.  Mark A Stokes in his RAND report “China’s strategic modernisation” notes ” Engineers have conducted feasibility studies on introducing viruses ( bingdu ) into adversary’s computer systems from long distances via wireless”.

It is precisely for this reason that many of the Chinese hardware companies and apps were already banned from strategic locations in the defence, surveillance and space initiatives of Bharat

But how does usage by consumers threaten security?

The answer lies in botnet & AI.   A botnet is a string of connected computers coordinated together to perform a task. That can be maintaining a chatroom, or it can be taking control of your computer.

Botnets are the workhorses of the Internet. They’re connected computers performing a number of repetitive tasks to keep websites going. It’s most often used in connection with Internet Relay Chat.

While many botnets are legal & useful, the illegal and malicious botnets gain access to your machine through malicious coding. In a few cases, the machine is hacked, while in most cases a “spider” (a program that crawls the Internet looking for holes in security to exploit) does the hacking automatically.

More often than not, what botnets are looking to do is to add your computer to their web. That usually happens through a drive-by download or fooling you into installing a Trojan horse on your mobile / computer. Once the software is downloaded, the botnet will now contact its master computer and let it know that everything is ready to go. Now your computer, phone or tablet is entirely under the control of the person who created the botnet.  Once the botnet’s owner is in control of your computer, they usually use your machine to carry out other nefarious tasks. Common tasks executed by botnets include as per Norton anti virus:

  • Using your machine’s power to assist in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to shut down websites. 
  • Emailing spam out to millions of Internet users.
  • Generating fake Internet traffic on a third-party website for financial gain.
  • Replacing banner ads in your web browser specifically targeted at you.
  • Pop-ups ads designed to get you to pay for the removal of the botnet through a phony anti-spyware package.

The short answer is that a botnet is hijacking your computer to do what botnets do — carry out mundane tasks — faster and better. Hackers groups in China work in unison attacking enemy websites whenever they want to make a point.

Use Agreements in Apps :

In most cases, we sign user agreements, through the tab “I agree” while installing apps. This gives the company hosting the apps to get access to the data on our mobile. We give them access to phone contacts, SMS, audio files, videos and notes. Some apps also have access to the clipboard. Now, on many occasions, we copy passwords, user ids and paste. In such cases they are stored on the clipboard. Getting access to the clipboard means, getting access to our sensitive information.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning :

It is not only Chinese apps but even other companies use Artificial Intelligence to gauge consumer  behaviour. Do an experiment, Search for hotels and then leave it. After a few hours, you will get offers of discounts of hotels near you. App companies earn crores using and selling our data travel , food, clothes and other choices. In most cases, we would have already signed our agreement when we press “ I agree” in the installation.

These are the perils of over dependence of technology. It is therefore important that the software that we install on our machines & mobiles are from dependable sources which we can rely on.

One country which we cannot rely on with our data is CHINA.

Chinese Army  Invests

The Chinese army , known as PLA makes strategic business investments too. This is something that people of Bharat cannot imagine due to the structure of our Bharatiya army which is independent of politics & business.  We must be clearly aware of firms that are being offered doles for working in Chinese markets.

China uses every person that they can get their hands on – tourists, scientists, princelings, personnel of firms that are profiting from or hoping to profit from operations in China. They invest on lobbyists, journalists media  , a visit by a scientist, providing a service at a low cost . This determined pursuit as well as the method – espionage and theft using multiple sources – continues to this day.

United States of America has always been wary of the Chinese threat. The TIME magazine reports, FBI keeps a tab on over 3000 companies in US suspected of collecting information for China.

So Why Do Some “ Intellectuals” Oppose the Ban ?

China is investing 1.3 Billion US Dollars in media propaganda worldwide. A significant amount goes to journalists, foreign civil servants,  think tanks and others who are furthering the Chinese agenda.

As per a WION News report, Xinhua ( Chinese News Agency ) has 170 foreign bureaus. China radio controls 30+ radio stations in 14 countries.  China is investing in creating 100+ Global Think tanks.

We know that those pseudo intellectuals are actually on the payroll of the Chinese propaganda machinery.

While the Bharatiya armed forces will give a fitting reply to the Chinese armed forces, the little we can do is to do a stepwise lockdown on Chinese apps, software and hardware in a phased manner finding Bharatiya Or other alternatives in case we don’t have a Bharatiya alternative as of now.

List of the banned Apps

References :

  1. Will the Iron Fence Save A Tree Hollowed by Termites ?
  2. TIME Magazine

First Published in Organiser on 10th July 2020 : Link

59 Chinese Apps Banned by GoI

Here is a list of 59 apps banned in India:

1. TikTok
2. UC Browser
3. Shareit
4. Clash of Kings
5. Likee
6. Shein
7. Kwai
8. YouCam makeup
9. Helo
10. Baidu map
11. DU battery saver
12. Mi Community
13. CM Browers
15. APUS Browser
16. Virus Cleaner
17. Club Factory
18. WeChat
19. Beauty Plus
20. Newsdog
21. UC News
22. Xender
23. ES File Explorer
24. QQ Mail
25. QQ Music
26. QQ Newsfeed
27. Bigo Live
28. Parallel Space
29. Mail Master
30. SelfieCity
31. Mi Video Call — Xiaomi
32. WeSync
33. Weibo
34. Viva Video — QU Video Inc
35. Meitu
36. Vigo Video
37. New Video Status
38. DU Recorder
39. Vault- Hide
40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio
41. DU Cleaner
42. DU Browser
43. Hago Play With New Friends
44. CamScanner
45. Sweet Selfie
46. Wonder Camera
47. Photo Wonder
48. DU Privacy
49. We Meet
50. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
51. Baidu Translate
52. U Video
53. QQ International
54. QQ Security Center
55. QQ Launcher
56. Vmate
57. V fly Status Video
58. Mobile Legends
59. QQ Player

The real Chinese map – NewsX shows a mirror to China

NewsX, a leading Indian news channel has released the real Chinese map which shows the original area of China and the territories and lands which it has illegally occupied and now claimed as its own. The map being shared widely on social media #RealMapOfChina was trending on Twitter.

The map released by NewsX shows ‘China Proper’, the area which is traditionally China and without the regions it has occupied. The other areas shown in the map are Chinese Occupied Tibet (COT), Chinese Occupied East Turkestan (COET), Chinese Occupied South Mongolia (COSM), Chinese Occupied Manchuria (COM), Chinese Occupied Yunnan (COY), Chinese Occupied Macau (COMa), Chinese Occupied Hong Kong (COHK), Taiwan, and Chinese claimed parcels and spartleys.

The map also depicts the McMahon line and occupied areas of Bharat. Chinese Occupied Ladakh (COL), Chinese Occupied Shaksgam (COS) and Chinese Occupied Pamir Valley (COPV) are the areas belonging to India shown in the map. NewsX has requested cartographers to use the map in place of the one shared by China.

Some researchers opine that the Han ruled China is even smaller if the old regions of Goetsu, Hokkien and Cantonia (renamed as Guangdong by China) are not considered as they were not part of traditional China. There have been several freedom movements in China from citizens of these regions which have been occupied by China during the last century.

Among these freedom movements, the Tibetan independence movement, Manchuria independence movement, Shanghai independence movement, Cantonia independence movement are the prominent ones. China has crushed all these movement with brutal force, torture, extra-judicial killings and concentration camps.

Source : – Link