Karnataka Elections and BJP

Source twitter by Eminent Intellectual @total_woke_

Vote share of BJP & Congress in the Vidhan Sabha elections since 2003.

201319.90 36.60
2018 36.3538.14

Many on the so-called right are saying BJP lost Hindu vote because of Pasmanda, Maulana Modi etc. Is it true? Fact is Karnataka, especially rural Karnataka has a fixed Congress vote because of caste equations in the state. BJP has NEVER won more votes in Karnataka state elections than Congress. NEVER. So this election was always going to be tough. We all know their local performance and messaging strategy did not do as well. Congress OTOH had a clear attack strategy. They had pulled Muslim vote away from JDS using blatant communal pandering. Their calculation was it would not polarise Hindu votes beyond the 36% BJP achieved in 2018. Caste equations would hold. It worked. In 2018, 5 INC and 2 JDS Muslim candidates had won, this time 9 INC Muslim candidates won, but none from JDS. In the end Caste & Islam was a stronger factor than Hindutva. Hindutva failed to destroy caste in Karnataka. Funny thing is most who keep calling Maulana Modi are blatantly casteist themselves. Make this make sense.

Taking Hindutva to the less sophisticated is BJP’s job. And Modi is the leader. So I’m not giving a free pass to anyone and blaming the people. It’s exact opposite.



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