Behind the hype of Christmas

Contributed by Prabhala

Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who is believed by Christians to be the son of God. Christmas is a big holiday season in Europe and North America and other nations. The economics is huge. USA alone spends about 600 billion dollars in the season. Although the festival is celebrated with much fanfare and happiness in Europe and NA, the attendance at churches is decreasing in these countries. In contrast, Church attendance is 90% in Latin American and Christian African and South East Asian nations. Hence, in order to spread its gospel, the church to has identified hotspots in Latin America (Brazil), Africa (Nigeria), China and in South East Asia (Indonesia, India).

Although in India, official statistics estimate 2.5 % of the population to be Christians, general consensus places the figure at about 5-6%, while scarier estimates mention much higher figures. Predominant presence of the Christians in India is in south and north-east of the country but the church has successfully broken into North India and neighboring Nepal in spite of anti conversion laws in some states of India and in Nepal.

Churches in India get hyperactive during Christmas. All sorts of public gatherings (called Prayer and healing meetings, 2nd coming of Jesus gatherings etc.) are organized across the states (more importantly in central and south India). It is a big occasion for the churches to raise money, travel to the hinterlands of the country in the guise of singing groups and of course induce conversions. The recent arrest in Madhya Pradesh of carol singing groups trying to convert people is a case in point –

Churches go overboard in the celebrations. In the coastal states miles and miles of stars are everywhere. Pamphlets, Gifts, Books are distributed and gatherings organized. Political leaders are eager to join the celebrations to protect their vote banks.

The ongoing inculturation in India is a serious issue. If it is not addressed in time it can tear apart the social fabric of the country. Over the years, the church has got smarter; they understand that if they accept Hindu culture, traditions merge them into Christian practices; the process of converting Hindus can be hastened. Hence, they are now using Hindu culture, customs and dressing methods to to entice Hindus into their fold. Increasingly we find that –

  1. Gradually churches are now being called temples – They are now called “Devuni Gudi” in Telugu. Church architecture is being replaced with Hindu temple architecture
  2. Candles are being replaced with Hindu Oil lamps
  3. Churches are using Hindu worship methods – Sahasranamam to Jesus
  4. Churches are now being called Ashrams
  5. Fathers and Sisters are calling themselves as Acharya and Sadhvis
  6. Bharatanatyam is being taught in Christian schools replacing Vedic mudras with Christian mudras

The above methods were deployed earlier in Christianizing Europe, Latin America and Africa.

“Christianization (or Christianisation) is the conversion of individuals to Christianity or the conversion of entire groups at once. Various strategies and techniques were employed in Christianization campaigns from Late Antiquity and throughout the Middle Ages. Often the conversion of the ruler was followed by the compulsory baptism of his subjects. In some cases there was evangelization by monks or priests, organic growth within an already partly Christianized society, or by campaigns against paganism such as the conversion of pagan temples into Christian churches or the condemnation of pagan gods and practices.[1] A notable strategy for Christianization was Interpretatio Christiana – the practice of converting native pagan practices and culture, pagan religious imagery, pagan sites and the pagan calendar to Christian uses, due to the Christian efforts at proselytism (evangelism) based on the Great Commission. “  Source – Wikipedia

Clearly India should stand up to the continuous attempts to destroy its culture and hijack its people from their roots. The church is pulling no stops to take Christians in India away from their ethnic identities and cultural values. It is using propaganda to distance our people from their age old practices.  It is now or never for this country to stop this inculturation.



Where Woman is Goddess – Nari Puja in Kerala

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता:।
यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफला: क्रिया:।

Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devata,
yatraitaastu na pujyante sarvaastatrafalaah kriyaah

Where Women are honoured, divinity blossoms there, and where ever women are dishonoured, all action no matter how noble it may be, remains unfruitful.

In addition to the special place that women have in Hindu society, a tradition of this nature is worthy of study.

Allapuzha: Environmental activist Vandana Shiva participated in the Nari Pooja held in Chakkulath Kaav, a unique event held every year in this temple. She had, in fact, visited the temple as a special guest, but after the Pooja she said, “I have never seen such a ceremony anywhere and it has really touched my heart.”

This is a ceremony woman is considered Goddess, seated on a special ‘peetam’, her feet are washed, flowers offered and ‘arati’, performed, and then she is garlanded  by the Chief Priest.  Every year, a special person is chosen by the Trust for Naari Pooja, and it has been first time they chose an environmental activist.

Others who had earlier participated in Naari Pooja include singer Chithra, actress Manju Warrier, Latha wife of Rajanikanth, Parvathi wife of actor Jayaram.

Source : Matrubhumi

Semitic religions do not have the vastness of Hinduism – KK Muhammed

The renowned scholar and researcher of historical and archaeological,K K Muhammed said,”Hindu extremism is just an allegation without a merit. Semitic religions do not have the vastness of Hinduism. Hindu extremism is a term coined to inflate individual instances and added that it was high time Semitic religions stopped their extreme and radical views. There is a planned stand and effort by some to ridicule Hinduism scandalizing it under the label of extremism in order to build a cultural defense against their own religions.

He added that even the Godhra carnage and Akhlaq carnage are the consequence of situation-based reaction and not organized ones, and noted the continuity of this country as secular itself is due to Hindus being a majority.

Source : JanamTV

Knee Jerk Reaction is a Neurological Disorder – 2G Spectrum Verdict

Editors Note : This is a note received over whatsapp. Unfortunately, since there was no name of the author in it, we could not carry her/his name . As of now Anonymous.

Knee Jerk Reaction is a Neurological Disorder

I am witnessing enormous righteousness from ignorant Right Wing people after the 2G verdict. They are cursing Modi. Some are insinuating a DMK alliance. Some even connected non-existent dots to his courtesy call to Karunanidhi as a striking-deal meeting. Some are asking what is stopping Modi government from prosecuting opposition leaders and some have already decided to punish him in 2019.

I started this article saying, “Knee Jerk Reaction is a Neurological Disorder”. Let me elaborate. The whole 2G case hearing and major proceedings were over before 2014 May. The case was conducted by Supreme Court appointed Amicus Curiae overseeing the CBI investigation. In essence, all the important proceedings were over before Modi came to power. This government was handicapped by the fact that, it was not allowed by the Courts to interfere in any way with the investigations.

When the Supreme Court pronounced the 2G contracts were corrupt and cancelled all the allotments, it is clear there was corruption. So where was the problem ? The problem was with arbitrary criminal conspiracy charge sheets filed by CBI. The courts could not agree with the criminal conspiracy theory and that is how the charges were dismissed because no evidence to substantiate the charges were produced. Was it deliberate ? That is anybody’s guess.

Now, many right wingers are cribbing, Modi has shown reluctance to fight corruption. Reluctance? You want Modi to go and beat these people up, drag them to court by the scruff of the collar, produce evidence in the court and and win court cases followed by slow motion walk ? That happens only in movies. In real life, it is India. That India, where there is an ecosystem painstakingly cultivated by the Congress. The ecosystem isn’t easy to byepass. Our judiciary is built brick by brick by Congress. You can’t change the system just overnight. There are too many checks that prevent the executive interference in judiciary while unfortunately the judiciary can do anything.

Modi is running a BJP government with 90% Congress people in government machinery. He can’t sack them all. Reforms in a country as vast as India will take at least 10 to 15 years. If we aren’t ready to give that time and the support to Modi, if we start suspecting and abusing Modi like many idiotic right wingers are doing, we deserve to be ruled by Congress forever !