Visit to 1857 Martyrs Memorial , Meerut

Photos in 1st Row: Mangal Pandey at museum; Plaque with names of the martyrs; Smaarak;
2nd Row : Mangal Pandey, Smaarak, Sadar bazar where common man attacked the Britishers;
3rd Row : Nana Saheb and Tatya Tope

Had the good fortune to offer my shradhanjali to the martyrs of the 1857 War of Independence at the “Shaheed Park” at Meerut. The 85 soldiers at Meerut fought the British at Meerut on 10th May 1857 . Mangal Pandey also belonged to the same regiment before he was transferred to Barrackpur. News of his execution at Barrackpur sparked off the battle at Meerut. What is very interesting is that the common man also executed the British soldiers at the Sadar Bazar, photo attached.

The martyrs memorial also houses a museum and a library which has paintings and models. If you are visiting Delhi, do make it a point to visit Meerut and pay your shradhanjali at the memorial.


2 thoughts on “Visit to 1857 Martyrs Memorial , Meerut

  1. arisebharat Post author

    Namaste Vijay

    Thank you for your comments on the blog. Do let me know how you would like to contribute to the blog.


  2. Vijay Dass

    You are doing a wonderful job, your patriotism is highly appreciated. Keep up the good job !

    Would love to see this blog grow.

    Can I also contribute a bit to it ??


    Vijay Dass


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