CEDA introduces e-learning in Sanskrit

CEDA introduces e-learning in Sanskrit

Special Correspondent

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CEDA) Bangalore, has
developed a syllabus for e-learning of Samskrit up to postgraduate level,
said P. Ramanujan, Associate Director of Indian Heritage and Language
Computing of CEDA.

Speaking at the inaugural of the two-day workshop ‘vaignanika sadas’
organised by the Samskrita Sahittya Parishad at Srimathi Indira Gandhi
College for Women here on Saturday, Mr. Ramanujan said that the syllabus is
learner-friendly. He said that the learners would be fully satisfied over
the teacher’s explanation being offered through the e-learning programme.

Mr. Ramanujan, who delivered a lecture on ‘on-line resources for e-learning
of Samskrit’ said that the CEDA had evolved a special font for handling the
Vedic text. “The font would facilitate easy understanding of the vedic
‘slokas’ and other hymns ,” he said. V. Kannan, professor of Mathematics,
University of Hyderabad, in his lecture on ‘Mathematics on Samskrit’,
highlighted the treasurers of mathematical formula and theorems codified in
Samskrit language, much ahead of the times of western mathematicians or
scientists. The principles of calculus were also rich in Samskrit language,
he said citing examples from the ancient texts.

V. Gopalakrishnan, principal of Saranathan College of Engineering, said
that Samskrit was a treasure house of information, arts and science.
Research programmes should be taken up so that Samskrit could be best
utilised for our country’s overall progress .

S. Ravindran, president of the Parishad, said that two samskrit scholars
N.V. Devi Prasad and Raghunatha Sastrigal would be honoured on Sunday.

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