Media Silence in India on Dead Sea Scrolls

The basis of Christianity is that there was a person called Jesus Christ who died on the cross and belief in him by all people for all times to come would wash away the sins of the believers. Those who do not believe in him are condemned to go eternal Hell.

While the above belief itself is hilarious, it is also a fact that weak minds in situations on weakness have believed this propaganda to wash away their sins and book an eternal seat in Heaven… 🙂 

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Qumran caves shook the foundations of Christianity by questioning the existence of Jesus himself. When there is no Jesus, what is the basis of Christianity. This was a great attack on the multi-billion dollar industry viz the church.

What is amazing is the extra-ordinary silence the English electronic media in Bharat has put up on this issue which created news world-wide. Is there a bigger story behind this silence by the English media…Does this not show the clout that the church has on the English electronic media. 

Dr.N.S.Rajaram says “The media in India has been almost totally silent on one of the major international stories of our time – the release, of famous Dead Sea Scrolls by the Huntington Library and the breaking of what is known as the ‘Scrolls monopoly’. One of the most significant archaeological finds of this century took place in 1947, at a place not far from Jericho in the Qumran region of Palestine. These are now famous, as Dead Sea Scrolls… The Scrolls are known collectively as ‘Qumran texts’…Most of the Scrolls came to be deposited at the Dominican controlled institution known as the Ecole Biblique – short for Ecole Biblique et Archaeologique Françoise de Jerusalem (French Biblical and Archaeological School in Jerusalem). The expectation was that the task of collating, editing, and translating the scrolls would be carried out by the experts of Ecole Biblique assisted by a battery of visiting scholars. Around 1950, when no one had any inkling of what they might contain, a few Qumran texts were released. Biblical scholars soon began to notice that they indicated that… Then Andre Dupont-Sommer, a distinguished Biblical scholar from the Sorbonne in Paris noticed that some of the Scrolls included references to… others, notably John Allegro, agreed with him. In a widely reported radio talk, Allegro went on to observe… this received wide coverage in the press including such important newspapers as The New York Times. [Late John Marco Allegro, probably the foremost Biblical scholar of his time] Unknowingly Dupont-Sommer (and Allegro later) had opened a hornet’s nest. All this was too much for Church authorities. [Allegro had examined the scrolls in original] They felt deeply threatened by the revelations of the Dead Sea Scrolls that went so far as to question the very existence of Jesus as a historical person. What then happens to Christianity – a creed that owes its legitimacy and authority as the teachings of Jesus Christ said to be God’s only Begotten Son? They felt it would only be a matter of time before the whole foundation of Christianity would collapse taking the Church with it. Fortunately for the Church, the Scrolls still remained firmly under its control, in the custody of Ecole Biblique – a Vatican controlled institution… Father de Vaux and other Catholic scholars made sure that no more texts were released. [Ecole Biblique head at that time was Father Ronald de Vaux, a French monk belonging to the Dominican order] Both the public and the academics were unaware of the fact that the Ecole Biblique, and therefore the Scrolls were under the secret control of the Vatican… this monopoly situation – with no outsider permitted access – prevailed from 1947 until 1991. Then, suddenly, events took a dramatic turn. On 5 September 1991, American newspapers reported that Professor Ben-Zion Wacholder of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati and his doctoral student Martin Abegg had used the secret concordance of Hebrew words prepared by the scholars of the Ecole Biblique (and leaked by someone) to recreate the texts with the help of computer analysis. They claimed 80% accuracy in their reconstruction. Less than three weeks later, there was a still more dramatic announcement. On 22 September 1991, the Huntington Library in California, which had photographs of all Dead Sea Scrolls, released them to the public. But the drama was only beginning… to the great surprise of everyone, within weeks of their release to the public by the Huntington Library, Eisenman and J. N. Robinson published, a two-volume edition containing photocopies of all the Scrolls manuscripts under the title A Facsimile Edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls. [Robert Eisenman, a well-known Biblical historian from California State University] Soon after, Eisenman and Michael Wise – the later an expert on Semitic languages from Chicago – published also translations of the 50 most important texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls with commentary under the title Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered: The First Complete Translation and Interpretation of 50 Key Documents withheld for over 45 years. Upon learning that Eisenman had contracted with E J Brill of Leiden (Holland) to publish his Facsimile Edition, the Vatican used its great influence to have the publisher back out at the last moment. Later, Biblical Archaeological Society of Washington published the two-volume Facsimile Edition. Less than a year later the Penguin edition of Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered also appeared. What Eisenman, Allegro, and other Biblical scholars found is that the picture of Christianity emerging from the Scrolls is the opposite of what has been presented by the Church. This means that the Church and its priesthood, for two thousand years, have been feeding as ‘TRUTH’ the exact opposite of the real truth. So, the Gospels, far from being a historical account of the life of Jesus, are nothing more than a fiction – even a pious fraud. But the Gospels distorted all this by blaming the Jews for killing their ‘Son of God’! …The Jews have been made to pay a terrible price for this fabrication. Its [Christianity’s] scripture and its history owe more to forgery and plagiarism than any divine inspiration. It is the most massive forgery and the greatest deception in all history. [Plagiarism: The practice of taking someone else’s work and passing them off as one’s own] The Church has known all this, for Pope Leo X (1513-21) admitted centuries ago: ‘It has served us well, this myth of Christ.’ This is what they tried desperately to keep secret by suppressing the Dead Sea Scrolls.” (Rajaram 1998)

Those interested in greater details may want to read Allegro, John Macro, The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Reappraisal (Second edition), Penguin Books, London, 1990; Eisenman, Robert and Michael Wise, The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, Penguin Books, New York, 1992; Vermes, Geza, Dead Sea Scrolls: Qumran in Perspective, Revised edition, S C M Press, London, 1994; Rajaram, N S, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Crisis of Christianity: An Eastern view of a Western Crisis, Minerva Press, London, 1997. 

2 thoughts on “Media Silence in India on Dead Sea Scrolls


    All religions are the same. the mahabharat is an fictionalised version of ‘ten kings battle’ in rig veda. That means Krishna is not a historical figure. Still people believe in Krishna. Rajaram is not an authority in history. His forging of ‘Harappan Bull’ into a horse is famously notorious.


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