Apology on Twitter but Misinformation on RSS continues on TV by CNN-IBN Editors



What is revealing is in fact that even a day after Sagarika Ghose ( Associate Editor of CNN-IBN channel ) tweeted her apology that she had misunderstood RSS Sarsanghachalak, Mohan Bhagwat’s comments, her TV channel continued to spread the mis-information. Rajdeep Sardesai (her husband and Editor – In- Chief IBN network ) ran a show with an interview with Abu Azmi’s son,Farhan Azmi on Jan 8th at 9 pm where the scrolls still showed Mohanji Bhagwat  as having made the same comments.

Therefore it seems that while they apologize on twitter probably to save their face on the internet, they run the TV program “India @ 9 ” and carry on the same lies. How low can they fall?

The TV Clips are below which are of 8th Jan 2013 were the same mis-information was continued is below .  Refer http://ibnlive.in.com/shows/India+At+9/314626.html    ( time 56 mins onwards )



In fact channels like the Even the P7 News 24*7 have gone to the extent of deliberately telecasting only the portions out of context ( where Mohanji had quoted Western theory of contract ) as if they were his comments. They have then hosted debates on the doctored videos. What low standards of journalism !

At least ANI had the decency to take some action but the others are incorrigible in their lies it seems.


Are TRP ratings the only reason why the TV channels exist ?  At a time when the nation is dealing with one voice about how to protect the dignity of women, these cheap antics by some sections in the English media who are at the helm of affairs is disgusting.

On the RSS :The RSS ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) is one of the few organisations in the country which is working towards building patriotism and values among the Indian youth. In fact in 2008, the RSS passed a resolution indicating its concern on the attacks on the dignity of women in India and urged its cadre to spread awareness and work for protection of the dignity of women. Refer – http://www.archivesofrss.org/index.php?option=com_prastav.

Also hear what RSS Sarsanghachalak said on the two occasions and the media has twisted his comments on both the occasions.

On Marriage : 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocvG7sGWfTQ ( while the content is clear, the title of the channel is once again clearly sensationalism)

What Mohanji actually said is in this video :

The full audio of the above is at

What Mohanji said about the Bharatiya tradition of respecting women.

Source Video

– Ayush Nadimpalli


2 thoughts on “Apology on Twitter but Misinformation on RSS continues on TV by CNN-IBN Editors

  1. skandaveera

    There is another BJP MP reported to be saying “rape of adults is understandable”. The whole trick is in the translation – he said “samajh mein aata hai”, which honestly must be translated to “comprehensible”, not “understandable”. “Comprehensible” only means imaginable – exactly what the MP said. But “understandable” to most people sounds like an approval – and this fiasco is entirely media’s doing. They also created nuissance on Asaram Bapu’s words when it is clear to any sane individual what his context is.

    When it is well known that media deliberately twists and distorts almost every statement coming from BJP/RSS or any other Hindu sympathetic organization, the way we should look at this issue should not be this narrow. Lifecycle of news items, how it is planned and timed etc, we need to be taking it more seriously. For instance all these anti BJP/RSS news items are timed with the news of firing on LoC – does that not ring a bell? The same, patriotic but no Hindutva trick we are tired off – but the trick succeeds as long as it is not countered effectively. And this way of taking up Mohan ji’s statement hardly amounts to countering.

    1. skandaveera

      With outsourcing of news collection, the main titles and slogans usually come from the sources themselves, rather than created by the channel/site/newspaper. For the most part this twisting is done at the source itself – PTI, Reuters. Attacking the second rate and secondary source involves a lot more energy, than the primary source. If anything, the pattern of news choice as I understand, is quite similar across – which means even that is decided at the primary source to some extent. And I do not believe Sagarika Ghose etc are any honest – they are vile and pretending. Does she not know that marriage is by definition a “social contract”?


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