Globalised dollar and dollarised world is a time-bomb ticking

” The continuing game of globalised dollar and dollarised world is a time-bomb ticking. Yet, the US and the world are lost in the bliss of honeybees fallen into a honey pot. Neither of them can get out of it nor can either survive being in it longer. The 2008 crisis did shake and wake up the world to the risk. Yet, the US, hallucinating recovery by pumping phony money into banks which is like giving “yet another drink to the already drunk”, still believes in dollar’s TINA (There Is No Alternative) status.

Asian societies with non-Western lifestyle need to stop and see where the highly leveraged US living on debts funded by others’ savings is headed, and plan to de-risk themselves. If they casually accept the status quo, they may eventually have to commit Sati with the US. But the US may still survive, doing down others like it did in 1971. ”

An excellent piece by Sri Gurumurthyji – Wake up call to the nation !

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