Ram Temple at Ayodhya – Will Muslims Heed to Nazneen ?

“Ram se yudh karne wale Ravan ko logon ne maf nahi kiya toh Ram mandir todne wale Babar aur uske samarthakon ko log kaise maf karenge,” –  Nazneen Ansari ( President Muslim Mahila Foundation )

(When people did not forgive Ravana for fighting with Ram, how could they forgive the Ram Mandir destroyer Babar and his supporters), wondered Nazneen. Describing Babar as Mongol invader, she wrote that his ancestor Halaku killed thousands of Muslims and Khalifa in Baghdad in 1258, and Babar sowed the seeds of hatred by destroying Ram Mamdir in 1528. “Everybody know that the Indian Muslims have no connect with Mongols,” she said adding that those who oppose the construction of temple really are not well wisher of Muslims.

She further added , “Yadi Musalman apni tarakki chahate hain aur Hinduon se ijjat chahate hain to Ram janmbhoomi par mandir nirman ke liye pahal kare kyonki duniya janti hai Ayodhya Sri Ram ki hai,”

(If Muslims want prosperity and respect from Hindus they should come forward to build the temple at the birthplace of Ram, as all know that Ayodhya belongs to Sri Ram). The construction of temple would be the permanent solution of ending the hatred between the two communities. The BAP president Najma Parveen said that time has come when Muslims should present an example of communal harmony by contributing their share to the construction of Ram Mandir. “No one can play with the sentiment of crores of Hindus attached with Ram,” she said. – Source Times of India

Present state of Ayodhya Sri RamRammandir proposed

While crores of Hindus across the world have faith that Sri Rama was born in Ayodhya, it required the Allahabad High court to pass a Judgement that a temple existed in that site where the Babri masjid was built. Decades of excavations and the report of Archaeological survey of India proved without doubt that Babar had a nefarious interest in constructing the Masjid by destroying the temple, just as the Muslim invaders destroyed thousands of other temples. Read Hindu Temples What Happened to Them

Bharat has progressed but the leaders of the Muslim communities refuse to allow the muslims to get integrated into mainstream. It is clear that this to retain their control and power. Enlightened Muslims like Nazneen see through this game and are slowly speaking out.  We can only hope that the Muslim youth heed to her advise instead of toeing the line that their prior generations have.


1 thought on “Ram Temple at Ayodhya – Will Muslims Heed to Nazneen ?

  1. Krish

    It’s high time Indian muslims come out of seclusion and share in as well as contribute to, India’s development & progress through unity. The Ram mandhir at Ayodhya can be the turning point for a psychologically united India.


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