Indian Science & Technology and Education System – Dharampal

Dharampalji writes

Since Independence in 1947, it is this question of reconstruction of self and society on the foundation of our priorities, values, tradition and culture that seems to have completely eluded us, particularly our scholars, administrators and politicians. We appear to have forgotten that we can look back and learn from our own past. And based on that experience, construct our own unique identity within the context of our own affairs as well as that of the rest of the world. What do we as a nation – without leaning on others’ ideological and material crutches – want? Do we have ingenuity or not? Can we make our points-as against aligning with one sort or another? I have a point to make as Indians?

His works include “The Beautiful Tree ” and “Indian Science & Technology in the Eigteenth Century” among a host of other writings.

For any serious student of India, they are a must read.

Download “Indian-Science-and-Technology in the 18th century

In case you are short of time, atleast read the Introduction of 36 pages of the book to get an insight. We are sure you will ask for more.

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