Ambedkar Support for Sanskrit as Official Language

The narrative of Dr.Ambedkar’s life over 3 decades has been hijacked by the very forces that Dr.Ambedkar warned the nation about. These forces try and paint every aspect of our national life as oppressive, unjust and evil. It is fashionable for these forces to use Dr.Ambedkar’s photographs on their books and then fill the books with hatred. Unfortunately, many gullible Hindus fall into this trap. It is true that Ambedkar was incisive in his criticism on some aspects of our national life but at the same time, he believed they were anomalies and had faith in the innate genius of our nation.

One aspect of their narrative is to spew hatred on #Sanskrit since it is so innately connected with this nation’s ethos.  When it was brought to light that Dr.Ambedkar had infact supported Sanskrit as Bharat’s official language in 1949, they called it a lie and asked for proof. So here it is

Newspaper clippings of 1949

Newspaper clippings of 1949

The constituent assembly discussions on many subjects esp this one are very revealing and brings to light the views of various leaders who were part of the finalisation of the Constitution. They are a must read for any serious reader trying to understand India post-Independence.


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